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  1. I've just started researching but was wondering if anyone had a surgeon they liked in Louisiana? I'm looking at skin removal and breast reconstruction. Thanks!
  2. Thank you, I like posting here to keep it real for myself. This is May 2015 to recent.
  3. Stick with it! Somehow this little lady turned four and this is the improvement in my life she motivated. The year my niece was born, I weighed over 420 pounds and my blood pressure was through the roof. I didn't want to be the aunt sitting on the sidelines of her life begging her to come see me. Instead, I had the VSG and found my life. She now wishes I lived next door so we could play every day! Life, divorce and a new job have moved me 12 hours away from her and her brother but she knows how much she is loved. I've lost 185 pounds and somehow still manage to drop a few here and there. I'm sticking with it.
  4. I had some puppy chow this week (cereal coated in chocolate, peanut butter and confectioners sugar) and didn't need dinner. It made me feel very weird! High sugar and fried foods at first just make me feel really full but then gross... We are always learning new ways to participate!
  5. I am preparing to move 12 hours south in October and tonight was a company outing at a baseball game. There is a Ferris wheel that I have wanted to ride for years but never would out of fear I would embarrass myself because I was too big. I checked it off the list. And the entire thing didn't come crashing down!
  6. I stuggle with my ankles too! How are they not going down with the rest of us? You are rocking this!
  7. Yes! I keep hoping that 80's look of showing most of a shoulder comes back in!
  8. Yay for all the positive! My iron was too low at the last blood drive I went to so I'm jealous you are out there being healthy and saving lives!
  9. All the feels. Hugs to you with tears in my eyes. Any visit to a nursing home takes a ton of positive self talk to get me to get out the car. This is such a beautiful memory for you to carry with you.
  10. Ugh, me too! But I'm willing to say yes to invitations anyway, I used to say no to anything when it was too hot because I knew I would flop sweat, over heat and get light headed. As I long as I hydrate now, I can attend multiple parties at 90+ degree days. I love being more adventurous in going to new places because I'm less self conscious, I can fit in all the booths and chairs now. Crossing my legs is also on my list. Message me if you have specific questions, I see our start weights are in the second range. This board is great support.
  11. Totally water weight. It seems if I have a fun weekend mine will jump Monday and settle back where it goes by Wednesday. Have a couple low carb days with higher water intake and you'll be back in your sweet spot! Awareness is key!
  12. Oooh, a big derby hat! It would be fitting today!
  13. Thank you so much for your bravery posting the pictures. This helps me mentally prepare for what might be in my future. Also, no drains sounds great! My thoughts are with you as you heal.
  14. I'm from a really tiny town so we go in waves. This year i will have 3 weddings. Some years it is 5-6! Oh the bra shopping was a nightmare. I hadn't tried strapless since I was a 46 bust. Went to Lane Bryant and tried three styles...and about nine sizes. I was exhausted but I think they will stay put! The experience definitely put a check in the "I need to get these fixed pro column." My husband was terribly confused by the whole thing as I kept going up and down to find the right combination of band and cup since they didn't have the one I needed in the style I wanted. Thank goodness it was 40% off, so was everything at ON!
  15. Another wedding next weekend...and I'm back for advice. Does this work for an outdoorsy, casual event? Old Navy size XL. Blows my mind this fits...
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