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  1. What Are You Wearing Today?

    I could use some fashion advice please. I went shopping this weekend for a country club wedding March 3rd in Texas. Does this dress work? Groom first told me it was somewhat formal, then revised to cocktail attire. Nothing was noted on the invitation and the wedding is at 4. Another friend mentioned I could dress it up with jewelry, is it too casual? This dress is a 16. I pulled multiple 22's before my friend convinced me to leave the plus size section...I wore a size 13 in 6th grade. And it has pockets! The shoes are navy.
  2. 2 year update

    Thank you so much for saying that, you are absolutely right, all arrows are down in my chart!
  3. 2 year update

    We made it! You are rocking at goal!! Seeing these pictures together in a row does help, there is a lot less human standing there...
  4. 2 year update

    Thanks! Once I find something that works, I want to repeat it so this is a change. Leftover turkey eggroll in a bowl for lunch today.
  5. I had my two year follow up with my surgeon today. My BP is 116/72, at one point it was in the 150/160's regularly and I was medicated. My weight is 252, I started at 426. My BMI is 39, it was 66. And a whole lot of inches! The appointment gave me a lot to think about. Possibly reducing my protein from 110 average back down to 80. To stop drinking two shakes a day and get those protein grams from real food. They really pushed switching things up to get these last 55 pounds off. The surgeon also talked pretty seriously about plastics. My belly hang is significant, he guessed I would lose 20 pounds to have it removed. He is concerned I will have to be pretty miserable to lose beyond another 20-30 pounds without getting my excess skin removed because that is where I carried my weight. I think my next steps are to contact insurance and see if anything is covered and have a consultation with a plastic surgeon. I don't have the budget for the whole thing but could swing some if some was covered. There is nothing saying I have to move forward but more information is always better. The thought of a quote I can't afford and another year of not losing worries me. I lost 12 pounds in my 2nd year. That was tough to see on paper. But my attitude is positive, I can put my heart in it to lose more than expected. I can work on acceptance too if I get to a bad mental space about it. My goal is 5 pounds per month. This is starting, day of surgery and today.
  6. What are you eating today?

    B: premier caramel in my coffee, flourless monster cookie L: 4oz chicken, Gouda stick, 1oz peanuts S: protein granola bar D: cheese and turkey stick Finally a day under 50 carbs, whew.
  7. Not losing as much as I thought.

    I am in a similar situation. I am a week away from 2 years out and still have 60+ pounds to lose. My goal this year is to lose five pounds a month and get this done. I stopped weighing, tracking and counting last May to the end of the year. The good news is that I maintained my 170 pound loss that whole time but it left me feeling pretty crappy for wasting that much time. It's hard to stay in the game when the number to lose is bigger than some starting weights but I'm hoping with small goals I can pull it off. You look great, keep it up!
  8. Professional head shot update

    Thank you! It does, the trick is to make sure the second nature is still following the guidelines that worked for you to get this far! Falling back to pre-loss habits is not the second nature you are looking for
  9. Professional head shot update

    Thank you. I stopped losing my average 10 pounds per month in July so that would have been around 17 months out. I also wanted a break from focusing on the weight loss as my number 1 priority. That was my decision and I still get my protein and water in but have been less diligent about carbs. I think I could get back to losing if I get back to the rules 100% which is my plan after the first of the year. That was not necessarily a wise choice but the tool is still there and I have learned what works for me to lose. What is amazing to me is that I can eat a wrap or a few tortilla chips and still maintain a 170 pound weight loss. I think a person has the ability to lose beyond that window but it takes more focus.
  10. Professional head shot update

    It has gone so fast! Now, it seems like such a normal part of life. It used to consume every thought and decision and now it's reality. It amazes me how I can maintain this weight. Of course I would love to still be putting up big losses since I'm not at goal, but to maintain here feels pretty darn good!
  11. Professional head shot update

    Thank you, that is a wonderful compliment. Same to you!
  12. Professional head shot update

    Thanks! I really do.
  13. An update from August 2015 to a few weeks ago for my professional headshot. I am so blessed to have the support to have my VSG. I feel great coming into the new year as I begin a new position at work!
  14. Drinking with Meals

    I always order a water when out to eat. My husband usually drinks it for me ☺️ and it helps to keep the odd waiter looks to a minimum.
  15. My signal was not being able to catch my breath. I think I was eating too fast, but there was a pretty clear sign in the first few weeks that I had pushed to far bc I was only able to get shallow breaths. I now tend to sneeze when I have had just enough. It's amusing.