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  1. St Francis Memphis

    I have been both excited and nervous about setting a date for my bypass. The one thing I was sure of was how much I liked my surgeon. However, after going to my pre-op appointment, I just don't feel like we click. I honestly need someone who will take their time and explain everything to me, and she seems rushed and a bit detached to me. I've also found out that we only see our surgeon on our yearly anniversaries. Other than that, we see the nurse practitioner who seems a bit terse. I see other people writing about how great their relationship is with their doc and how reassured and safe they feel with them. I also hear of books being given or recommended and detailed surgical manuals with all you need to know before, during and after. Now I'm questioning everything. I need to feel like I have a real support team. While I have my own psych who is great, he's not a Bariatric specialist. I don't like feeling like my questions are taxing. Beginning to wonder if I'm doing the right thing. Maybe it's just nerves talking. Anyone from Memphis or elsewhere have similar situation? How did you handle it? I'm also open to Memphis people telling me that I've misread the situation and am being overly sensitive because of past poor experiences with docs and a beaten up sense of self. Need some insight or encouragement here!
  2. Hi! I'm using the name Choose Hope with regards to my WLS journey. For way too many years, I've chose food, despair, depression, shame and diet battles. Never thought I'd look at surgery, but I think it's the best way for me to choose hope for my life. I'm in my mid fifties and worry about undertaking something this big at my age, but I'm hopeful that the next twenty to thirty will outshine the first 50+. I live in Memphis. Dr Virginia Weaver is my doctor. Surgery will probably be August. Am 85% sure I'll go with bypass. The rearranging of my digestive track and potential nutritional issues does make me nervous, and then I lean toward sleeve. (Why did you pick sleeve or bypass?). Look forward to meeting people ahead of me in the process who I can learn from and to sharing the journey with you all. Choosing Hope!!!
  3. Dr Virginia Weaver

    Hi! I'm planning on having WLS with Dr Weaver at St Francis Hospital in Memphis. Pretty sure I'm having bypass, although the thought of a sleeve still rolls around in my head. Would love to hear the ins and outs from someone who had/has Dr Weaver or been through the St Francis program. Thanks!!