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  1. Hoping you are well!

  2. I definitely have put it out there with the acid thing! I was "hungry" all the time so I thought. That acid and those hunger pangs sure make it seem so.... But yes, I found something that works for me! It's been 3? Years? That seems so not right and I now rarely deal with any acid maybe 1 x per month.
  3. I think you will do great being that your last surgery went well without any complications! Blood clots can happen to bodybuilders, runners anyone! It was still worth the results in the end in my option! I went into Victoria's Secrets today to get a new push up bra she brought me at least for nothing would push up hahaha because my breasts are already where they should be there's no loose skin to do the Ole Pole from the bottom up and out of the bra! So I went with something that's actually without padding and very little wire and everything sits where it should be so I am so happy even though I've had a lot of bumps in the road no pun intended!
  4. I really think dry skin was a big part! Have had wound vac since maywirh no "real shower" so stitches were not soft enough to absorb or be brittle enough to come out easily with a tweezer
  5. My potien was upped to 100 before and after surgery wore a binder after surgery and over my wound vac..... I'm thinking its our bodies rejecting these darn stitches!
  6. I had both at the same time. Arms were bruised but not painful it was really the tummy tuck I felt. 3 to 4 weeks of healing time but I wasn't working at the time
  7. Cherryl, I had surgery April 14th, I have a wound vac also from having a post body lift and scare revision under my left breast from my September surgery which you can ready under my well I did it..... Post. So why complications with this surgery in April and not September when I had 4 surgeries this one was one with a revision?? Don't know..... My back scare line was healing fine and then one day boom I got a seroma 5 weeks after I was healing?? THEN I noticed my revsion scare was red, irritated and had a few holes. Sound familiar? So surgeon said it was stitch rejection and pulled out about 4 stitches, said it would get better now that the irritation would be gone. Nope...... I got holes everywhere he removed a stitch. The wound care clinic has been great by chasing all these little holes ( I feel like sally from nightmare before Christmas) they have tried medihoney, silversor, and about 4 other healing agence. My first theory was because I'm wearing the wound vac I was not taking showers and the skin was dry therefore the stitches where not softening and couldn't come out of my body so I started soaking the areas with Epsom salt and hot washcloths. Didn't work.... second theory was get on a good multivitamin but oh wait I developed a blood clot in my right leg from laying in bed for 3 straight weeks so I can't have K Vitamin, vegetables most fruits etc..... so I asked my pharmacist at the anticoagulation Clinic to switch me on the newer medications that don't work on the K Vitamin, now I am on a grass-fed collagen that goes in my protein shakes along with a probiotic, fiber that's added to my shakes and a liquid multivitamin with extra C a and b..... should I go on? I decided to try a salve that my husband came across by accident some lady locally makes this concoction he was trading car parts with her husband and somehow it came up about my wound healing issues she had thyroid cancer and had trouble getting her scar to heal so she made this concoction for that reason and now sells it. It is by far the only thing that has worked it smells wonderful it reminds me of the doctor Burt's Bees remedy they used to have you can put it on anything anywhere Burns cuts you name it. So now when I find any redness or a stitch that is wanting to pop out I put a little of this on and it has helped with the redness softened the skin and if there was a hole forming it's been closing within 24 hours. my third Theory would be having any kind of weight loss through bariatric surgery we absorbed things differently I don't know if you do but alcohol medications vitamins everything I seem to absorb quickly but it leaves my body quickly so I don't know if I'm absorbing these internal stitches that our body is supposed to dissolve overtime? Or if it's just bad luck? It also doesn't make sense that I had no issues my first surgery which were four surgeries in one day versus one surgery but just like allergies you can become allergic to Seafood overnight I guess my body is not happy with these stitches. Also the wound care clinic nurse brought up a good point that the Stitch materials change a lot or the surgeons getting them from different places maybe this was a different material used this time versus my surgery in September? Sorry I know that was a lot of information but I would hate to see anyone go through what I have..... Everything was fine up to week 5! What the neck! And again a seroma is a fluid buildup that our bodies normally would just absorb on their own if they can't the seroma is then stuck and has to come out somewhere so even though my scar line was healed at that point that fluid buildup needed to escape somehow and left me with a huge I mean huge hole that's why I need the wound vac which I have had on since may 1 they said 2 to 3 weeks but I still have it on..... My "tunnel" was 9cm long and is now 1.5. So I'm getting there but will be left with a big scare to revise. Will I? Nope....
  8. Love this look. That top! That neckline! I never can get my call her or neckline to fall quite the way they do in the movies lol. Must be this style and brand of top?
  9. I love this pic of you! You never cease to surprise me! You are just gorgeous! And those boys! I love that we can zoom in a bit and see your hubby? In the window!
  10. I would like to say I'm feeling great today. It's almost 90 degrees outside today which is very warm for may in Oregon.... I was able to throw on a pair of Capri jeans and a tank and go! Never would have don't that before. It felt great, getting in and out of my car for appts and running errands, I was not overwhelmingly hot, sticky and irritated! I haven't felt that since my teens! August will be 2 years and I have not gained 1 pound nor lost 1 pound in almost 2 years!! That's amazing! I weigh myself maybe once every couple weeks because I do not Journal my food anymore and I eat pretty much what I want when I want now mind you, it is small portions, and I stop when I'm full but I do eat normal things I used to I just cut the sweets and carbs to a minimum.
  11. Miss you.....

    1. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      Sadly, he has not posted in a year.  I miss him too.  Hopefully he is doing well.  

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