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  1. I'm the same as PapaG and Tmcgee. I eat 3 "meals" and small snacks between. I never stay "full" very long.
  2. I think most people start wearing them when they get a fair amount of loose skin and things get "jiggly". People swear by them to keep things 'tight' and make clothes fit better. I haven't gotten there quite yet...but I can see where they would be helpful.
  3. Yeah I use the Withings scale and I love the stats. Here's my current graph...
  4. I didn't mean to come off as not being happy with my experience. I was just looking for some data that I was having trouble finding. I'm just doing my thing every day like everyone else. I figured this type of data would be easier to find on sites like this.
  5. I've been searching all over the place for more info on this but I'm bored at work and I just decided to go ahead and ask you guys. I had my surgery on 6/2, Started at 445, 419 at surgery, 397 now. Everything is going well but I'm just trying to get an idea of what kind of weight you GUYS lost month to month. I know I'm just obsessing but I've been trying to search and find this stuff and I'm not having a ton of luck.
  6. I'd say the pre-op 2 week diet was the most eye-opening part of this process so far. I was amazed at how many parts of our lives center around eating. I felt like I was on an island during that pre-op diet and I will admit it got pretty dark but the further I got into it, the more I focused on seeing how I could "de-program" from food a bit. That helped some. Then I realized I lost 26 lbs on it and that helped too. Another thing I really didn't think through was how it was going to feel after 2 weeks of liquids, then after surgery, almost another 2 weeks of just liquids. I'm 2 weeks post-op now and eating deli meat and soft veggies and I feel like I've won the F%$*ing lottery. In's worth it and it gets better.
  7. If your allergies are that bad, have you consulted an Allergist? They can test you to see what exactly you are allergic to and then create treatments that target your specific issues. I get allergies one month a year. If I got them three SEASONS a year I would go absolutely crazy and I would do anything to fix it.
  8. Yep, that's what they gave me in the hospital during recovery.
  9. I'm 36 and the pain really feels like muscle cramps. It doesn't seem to feel like it's in the actual bone structure. I've had lower back spasms before which are not great but I would expect that they are nothing close to degenerative pain. Hopefully the weight is coming off early enough that I won't have too many issues with back pain going forward.
  10. I'm 2 weeks Post-op and I have this lingering cramp in the middle of my back that I assume is coming from the shift in my body as well. It's driving me crazy but I think it might be getting a little better. It seems to only happen when I am standing and it is pretty persistent. Small price to pay I guess...