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  1. Never took it and I am having minimal hair lose. I also cannot take in the same amount of protein as a normal person, due to renal cancer. Who knows? I am just shy of 7 months out.
  2. Sounds like you know what you are doing. Keep up the good work! Congrats.
  3. I have never had my Tupperware leak. sure it is more expensive but so worth it! So many styles to choose from too. Lifetime warranty.
  4. itching is one of the wonderful signs of healing. I itched so bad. It will be done soon, just a little longer.
  5. I do not weigh very often, maybe 2 a month. My clothes are falling off so I must be ok LOL. Washing them in HOT water and a HOT dryer is no longer helping at all.
  6. People are so rude, ignorant and stupid. Where do they get off asking questions like that? It will come off, I promise just give it time.
  7. If you are worried about the carbs in the corn, it would still be great without it.
  8. I made a this today and it has to "set up" for a couple of hours. 1 can black beans drained 1 can corn drained 1 small onion chopped 3 roma tomatoes diced Feta cheese Canola oil, cider vinegar and a dash of Italian salad dressing But you could use anything you want to put on it. It looks so yummy, this kind of stuff is my kind of desert. Not much for sweets, never have been.
  9. A simple pillow works great instead of buying the bear. I did not have any problem with coughing and deep breathing, so it could be a waste of money. Good luck to you!
  10. I would not remove it, just clip it. It is a suture for a reason. It will dissolve.
  11. I was allowed coffee 3 weeks post op. Never had a problem with caffeine or acidity. I love my coffee. Good Luck!
  12. Does anybody eat foods that they used to eat? I am thinking breads, pasta, mexican and sweets? I know I do things different than most that are on SWL forums. I always try to have my protein of course, but it could be with piece of bread or pasta. Not always but I do not deprive myself of carbs. I obviously eat much less than I did pre sleeve. I am kinda of unusual that I am not allowed more than 60 grams of protein because of renal cancer after I was sleeved. I have lost 55+ pounds in 5 months, but it has slowed down now. Just wondering if anyone else is like me, on these forums. Thanks
  13. I would not know a stall if it hit me in the face because I do not weigh myself often. I do not think I have been on a scale in 4 weeks. But I feel great and I am down 2 complete sizes and they are starting to become loose That is all that matters to me.
  14. I LOVE profuse protein, add it to my water and kill two birds with one stone. It is a clear protein with vitamins. You can get little bottles to try it out.