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  1. So my long-term success isn't really a success at the moment. That's what the post is about But, I am encouraged to know that after all of those years that Aussie Bears pouch didn't stretch. For those who have regained and started back on track, have you found you are able to lose relatively easily again with the malabsorption? Or has that pretty much stopped once the initial rapid weigh loss stopped at the beginning?
  2. Good morning, Timers. It's been a hot minute since I've posted, and man have I missed this group. With so many people turning to FB, and my work being remote and off of the computer now, it's easy to forget to open the internet tab and browse. Some of you may still be here from when I had my surgery (10-2015), but many may not. I ended up losing right at 100 lbs, and I never felt better in my life! I had excellent blood work results, no more GERD, blood pressure issues...it was wonderful! A slight fast forward to 5 years post, and I've regained 40 lbs. 2 summers of orthopedic injuries sid
  3. I'm currently almost 4 years out, and have recently regained 35 of my initial 100 lbs lost. I have an appt with surgeon to go over options, as I know my stoma has stretched out, as Acid Reflux runs like the Nile at night. I don't know what all is entailed to see if it has or not, and dreading the whole soft food phase again, but I, too, fell back to bread. No soda's, but I can eat my current weight in chocolate! I would love to hear from members who had regain and successfully lost it without the revision surgery.
  4. Update - I did meet with my surgeon back in March, and an upper and lower GI scope was requested. Due to issues getting into a neurologist for other issues, I've had to push the Gastro doc back a bit. I did submit a message to my doctors office asking if we can go ahead and prepare to speak about a revision to reduce the stoma, if that's what it turns out to be. I have felt that way for quite a while, as I've been able to eat pretty normal amounts of food. Regain has been in the past year when I stopped running. Getting back into that habit is soooooooo hard!
  5. NOT a pleasant subject, I know...but we all have it...and I've noticed that over the past 5 months, since I've had quite a bit of regain (30 lbs), that my gas has gotten bad. I cannot burp, so it all has to come out the southern end. What can I do to help this? Is it a diet that has created this? Thanks for ANY input!
  6. Greer - so glad to see you on here, and sort of relieved to hear that others have struggled. I've gained some back as well, and have thought many times about how to get them to reduce my stoma. Are you posting updates elsewhere on the board?
  7. This is fantastic! I wish I would have read it prior to my surgery. I'm on Day 8 today and am starting to feel more normal.
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