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  1. So my long-term success isn't really a success at the moment. That's what the post is about But, I am encouraged to know that after all of those years that Aussie Bears pouch didn't stretch. For those who have regained and started back on track, have you found you are able to lose relatively easily again with the malabsorption? Or has that pretty much stopped once the initial rapid weigh loss stopped at the beginning?
  2. Good morning, Timers. It's been a hot minute since I've posted, and man have I missed this group. With so many people turning to FB, and my work being remote and off of the computer now, it's easy to forget to open the internet tab and browse. Some of you may still be here from when I had my surgery (10-2015), but many may not. I ended up losing right at 100 lbs, and I never felt better in my life! I had excellent blood work results, no more GERD, blood pressure issues...it was wonderful! A slight fast forward to 5 years post, and I've regained 40 lbs. 2 summers of orthopedic injuries side-lined me from exercise and I've found myself so discouraged to start the weight loss again. Add into that, I've found love again - with a wonderful man who happens to be an amateur chef - and it's just a delightfully delicious combination. Summer 2019 Injury - elbow reconstruction dominant arm. It's crazy how much you use your arm to walk! June 2020 Injury - Right ankle - broken in 5 spots (no compound or massive fractures, just cracks), massive amounts of tissue damage, still trying to rehab this into being able to walk fast for any distance. This injury is the most recent, and by far the hardest to overcome. I didn't have insurance when this happened, so we were only able to do minimal amounts of tests and diagnostic work. My new line of work finds me driving for most of the day, traveling from location to location to do my photography work. Issue here is snacking. I"m a former smoker, and while I quit 21 years ago, I've never lost the need to snack while driving. Here is where I need help. (first, I have an appointment with my surgeon to discuss things when I return back into town later this month). BUT, I've worried about possibly reattaching to my old stomach. I am constantly feeling hungry, and my pouch holds a lot of food. I've had to take so many medications for pain, and so many contain NSAIDs, that I've taken the prilosec/Pepcid and Phenegran/Zofran type stuff over the past 3 years, but I wonder what sort of damage all of that has caused to the structure of my pouch. Aside from that, my concerns and where I would love help is - how to get back on track? I see the 5-day reset, but from what my google search shows me says you can't ever really shrink your pouch once it stretches. So disheartening. I've tried to plan on getting active again...my ankle can handle it at this point now, but will have to start with just walking; eliminating carbs; and trying to track what I can in MFP. I also think logging into TT will help. If you've gotten this far, thank you so much for reading my meandering, and just...disappointing thoughts. -M
  3. I'm currently almost 4 years out, and have recently regained 35 of my initial 100 lbs lost. I have an appt with surgeon to go over options, as I know my stoma has stretched out, as Acid Reflux runs like the Nile at night. I don't know what all is entailed to see if it has or not, and dreading the whole soft food phase again, but I, too, fell back to bread. No soda's, but I can eat my current weight in chocolate! I would love to hear from members who had regain and successfully lost it without the revision surgery.
  4. Update - I did meet with my surgeon back in March, and an upper and lower GI scope was requested. Due to issues getting into a neurologist for other issues, I've had to push the Gastro doc back a bit. I did submit a message to my doctors office asking if we can go ahead and prepare to speak about a revision to reduce the stoma, if that's what it turns out to be. I have felt that way for quite a while, as I've been able to eat pretty normal amounts of food. Regain has been in the past year when I stopped running. Getting back into that habit is soooooooo hard!
  5. NOT a pleasant subject, I know...but we all have it...and I've noticed that over the past 5 months, since I've had quite a bit of regain (30 lbs), that my gas has gotten bad. I cannot burp, so it all has to come out the southern end. What can I do to help this? Is it a diet that has created this? Thanks for ANY input!
  6. Greer - so glad to see you on here, and sort of relieved to hear that others have struggled. I've gained some back as well, and have thought many times about how to get them to reduce my stoma. Are you posting updates elsewhere on the board?
  7. Is there any follow up response on this? I’m having major issues waking up in the middle of the night with acid/bile coming up. I called my surgeons office and requested an appointment. What I got instead was a “we will have a nurse call you”. I couldn’t even make an appointment. Since Day 1, I’ve had hunger; I’ve been able to eat more than most; and I would love for it to go back to a time when I didn’t have reflux.
  8. My hair will start thinning out super quick if I miss my protein for an extended period of time. It takes a good, solid 3 months of daily protein intake to even notice the little fresh, new wisps of hair coming in. It WILL get better, and it WILL level out. Keep your chin up!!
  9. Hey y'all...it has been QUITE A WHILE since I've posted here! Everything has gone ... ok ... since January of this year. I had to have an IUD put in, and that ended up having to be removed because it caused migraines nearly daily. With those migraines stopped the running daily, and caused a 20 lb weight gain. (I had gotten down to 125). Over the past several months, my iron has been low (34 ug/dL), and my Ferritin has been low 6.4 ng (mL). My PCP put me on the 324 mg Iron pill daily, and from what I read, it needed to be taken with Vitamin C, so I popped that in there with my multi-vitamin. It's not improving. Here are a few ... admittedly horrible habits that I will say: I"ve not exercised much over the past 6 mths because of the headaches I've had a horrible diet over the past 6 mths, eating out and such because it's easiest to do when you don't feel well. I take the iron pill in the morning with a chewable Vitamin C tablet, and then drink my coffee. I'm not sure if the coffee is negating the iron or not. Additionally, because my iron is low, I CRAVE ice. C R A V E it. BUT - it has to be a specific ice. I want Sonic ice. When I let it melt down to measure out how much I was consuming, with water, it comes out to about 80 oz a day, but I think I might have stretched my pouch out with the constant eating of ice. (Topic 2) Does anyone have any experience with this happening? Taking a step to be proactive in trying to turn all of this around was: buy a treadmill so I can at least start exercising now (I won't walk/run in the dark by myself in the cold), and posting my questions here, rather than sitting in my house wondering in my head, trying to figure it out by myself.
  10. There is so much truth to this statement, it's not even funny!!!
  11. I have gotten the 'stomach flu' once since I had my WLS. It doesn't come up the northern route, for me...I can no longer vomit/throw up. Nope...it makes it's way angrily out the southern end. I was fortunate enough to have phenegran on hand from my migraine treatments and used those. Otherwise, the chamomile and mint teas were good for me (I liked them hot)
  12. @BurgundyBoy I'm pretty confident that my issue this particular week, is directly related to the showing in the heat, sweating my @*# off on Saturday, and not being able to replenish my fluid output. Given our WLS issues, the doctor definitely thinks it's all related, BECAUSE of the WLS, I'm not able to replenish it as quickly as someone else. So we're checking the levels to see what I need to add - vitamin wise, to see how we can get it all back to where it needs to be. I've truly not sweated that much in YEARS. We worried about several members having heat strokes.
  13. I actually ended up going to the doctor a day early, because my leg cramping got relatively bad, and he was very concerned that I might have thrown my electrolyte's, potassium and magnesium out of whack pretty bad. We ran some blood tests, and he will call me with those results today. He gave me some Robaxin for the pain in my legs, and I'm sucking down the water. He definitely thinks it's related to some dehydration from the dog show this past wknd.
  14. I go to the doctor this Thursday and will definitely be talking to her about it. I also noticed this past weekend, at a dog show - we showed outside in the extreme heat. I had 90 ounces of water, and pee'd twice. I know I was dehydrated. Migraine was soon to follow, and the leg cramps from that haven't subsided yet....and it's Tuesday.
  15. I am feeling much better today! I did go for a walk last night, but kept it at a walk…and a much slower pace. I do have exercise induced asthma, and had been doing allergy shots each week for nearly 2 years…but had to stop in February when I lost my job. I’m thinking that perhaps that might have something to do with it all as well. Electrolytes could have something to do with it as well. Since I lost my insurance, a jaunt to the PCP isn’t as easy as it was in February, and no, I don’t qualify for Obamacare. The loss of my job and insurance wasn’t a qualifying enough event. I’ve tried private coverage and at $1500 per month, I just can’t afford it. I am VIGILANT on my vitamins and iron. I don't miss a day of my bariatric vitamins. I wondered about the electrolytes the other day when I realized I was sweating more than normal...so might try gatorade (ick) when walking. I've not had any sugary drinks since my surgery....so I think it was what? G2? I have an appointment at my neurologist next week, which I will keep. It is cash-pay and I’m prepared for that. I do plan on talking to her about it, and seeing what she has to say about it. I think I will maybe stop the running in the meantime.
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