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  1. I know that the information supplied by members of this forum made my journey, pre and post, much easier and less stressful. My father who is 86, and not the oldest, golfs with about 100 other old guys. He said that the advantage to belonging this golf group is, no matter what ailments one has or, if you need to know the best option for surgery, there is someone in the group who has "been there done that." They even told him the best pacemaker to get and where to place it so it wouldn't interfere with his golf game. This is what you will find here. The good, the bad, and the ugly of WLS told by people who "know of what they speak."
  2. Welcome to TT Jayme. As many people on this forum will tell you, it is very natural to be scared before surgery, any type of surgery. We let our fears of what could go wrong overtake the positives. Could something go wrong, sure it could but chances are that it is not going to be as nearly bad as you are scaring yourself into believing. Mark Twain said "My biggest fears never happened."
  3. I have heard of couples therapy and couples massage, this is the first couples VSG!! Welcome and good luck to both of you.
  4. Well, I'm almost four weeks out and I am losing weight, that's a good thing. However, all the loss seems to be in my arms, legs and upper chest, when to I see it in the waist? I can now wear XL shirts, down from XXL but I am still in a 40 inch waist pants. Right now I feel I look like a football with spider monkeys arms and legs!!
  5. My BMI before surgery was, I think, was in the mid thirties. I chose, and was oked by my insurance, to be sleeved because of having high BP, high cholesterol, borderline diabetes, and sleep apnea. I was lifting weights five days a week and walking 30+ minutes six days. So I was in pretty good shape and below 40 BMI for my surgery. All of that being said, I had no problems with my surgery. As most of us, I was up and walking the day of surgery and walked three or four times a day while in the hospital. The nurses even commented on how fast I was walking. I have had no pain, nausea or indignation after the surgery. I contributed this to the shape I was in going into WLS, but this is just my opinion. I also believe that by reading TT I was more that prepared for what ever I experienced, good or bad, after surgery which help with the stress. But please remember, no two individuals experience WLS the same way.
  6. I was very fortunate. I walked for thirty minutes the day after I got out of the hospital. I could have walked longer but I had time restraints. I still walk everyday for at least 30 minutes. I am not back to working with weights but hope my Dr. will ok light lifting soon. As Jolls, PapaG and others have pointed out numerous times in their posts, everybody is different in how they feel before, during, and after WLS.
  7. Just follow the plan supplied by your Dr. it makes things easier in the long run.
  8. My standard answer, when asked how I lost the weight is; Diet, Exercise, and Staples! Then, of course, I have to explain the "Staples".
  9. Welcome to TT. When I went to the information seminar, they took all of my insurance info and they made the calls. They (WLC) called me a few days later and I was told my insurance had cleared me for the sleeve. I didn't have to make any phone calls. I have to say that after reading a lot of posts I feel extremely lucky. The whole process form the on set to today, three weeks out, have been very easy and pain free No insurance issues, and so far, no problems during or after surgery.
  10. Welcome to TT. In my case, reading the posts on this site and all the good information contained in them, prepared me for my journey, before and after.
  11. Welcome. You will fined all the information and support you could ask for on this site.