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  1. Thrift store baby! Finally got some clothes that fit!!
  2. Thanks for all the replies! It means a lot. It's taken some time but this new life is starting to really sink in and I am realizing the importance of staying on track.. I don't want to waste this gift! We even rearranged the house.. Got rid of the formal dinning room (who are we kidding- we don't have dinner parties).. We moved the living room in there instead.. It's smaller- but lots of natural light- hardwood floors- sliding glass door that opens to the deck.. And our big ol' living room is now the home gym!! I think it's appropriate that the biggest room in the house is dedicated to fitness.. Its helped me step up my workouts and even my husband will be my spotter and push me! I am doing weighted squats with 90lbs (for a few reps!)
  3. trishthedish


    So I am almost 7 months post op.. Already 1 year since starting the process. Highest weight was about 236 (could be higger since I stopped getting on scales). I am currently at 163... 73 pounds lost to date! ( I am about 8 pounds lighter now than in this progress pic) I've definitely slipped off the wagon more times than I can count.. But always get back on. I track most days- always weigh everything and pre portion all my food for the day. I am working out more.. Easier to hit my 10k steps almost every day. I am so happy I had surgery.. It gave me what I needed- a chance to be who I really am underneath all the weight and negativity.. Some days I worry that I stretched my sleeve- until I eat a little too much and pay for it.. I am also so lucky to ve a part of this forum and get support from all of you! Not afraid of taking pictures anymore! I am loving life so much right now!
  4. I've been stalled for almost 4 weeks. It's my fault entirely so I don't know if I should even call it a stall.. Been eating foods I shouldn't.. Walking less because of the snow.. Just not following the plan! I am to newly post op to be slipping already.. Had days where I didn't even log my food because it didn't seem worth it. I hope your stall breaks soon. Sounds like you are doing the right things! Just stay positive! That's what I'm trying to do!
  5. I had a similar struggle.. I lost 30lbs on the supervised diet.. Completely changed my eating and started having thoughts that maybe surgery wasn't for me.. My husband and mom who were supportive before felt that I didn't need surgery since I was already doing so well., then I realized that my reasons that lead me to pursue weightloss surgery hadnt changed.. I have type 2 diabetes.. I'm overweight.. And I want a life long change and I want to be healthy.. I figured surgery paired with what I was already doing - would give me the best chance at being successful! If I could come so far before surgery imagine how far I could go after surgery.. That helped me make up my mind!!
  6. I lived on tomato soup the second week.. Protein shakes were gross afyer day 5 for me.. I still struggle with them...
  7. For me its head hunger.. I am 4 weeks post op.. And boy am I hungry.. But I can tell it's not physical hunger.. My brain keeps telling me that I'm hungry and that I should eat since my stomach is empty.. If I get the rumbling growling stomach- that's acid.. never realized how insane head hunger is.. It really makes me think I'm hungry.. But I will catch myself thinking that I am hungry after I have eaten and am actually full and I still want to eat!
  8. I'm in a bit of a stall right now .. I was trying to explain to my mom stalls.. She was surprised.. She thought after surgery it was just a steady unavoidable constant loss...
  9. I have days where I feel ravenous.. But as some people said above.. If I over eat i make sure its high protein and good food... Also acid is a problem for me.. So I will pop a couple tums.. Or even a chewable calcuim tablet helps... other days i feel normal.. Not sure why I have those ravenous days.. But I hate them...
  10. I get the hiccup and the pressure ball in my chest.. But if I eat fast or am distracted while eating.. I will eat right past all my idicators.. I am with you.. Trying to quit the clean your plate club.. I am trying to eat until satisfied rather than full...keep telling myself that I don't have to eat the last couple bites just to clear my plate..
  11. Good luck!! I just started soft food yesterday.. Was on purees for 2 weeks.. I actually enjoyed the purees.. Got 80% of my protein from the purees.. After day 5 I couldn't stomach protein drinks.. So I had to get creative with purees and used some unflavored protein powder if I was falling short...
  12. I am new to this.. Had my sleeve 4 weeks ago.. How much protein is all of that? Just estimating in my head it seems a little low yesterday i had 2 oz turkey taco meat with 1/4 oz cheese.. Had that 2 times.. A cheese stick snack... Also a ricotta cheese bake.. Some sugar free pudding with unflavored protein powder.. I have been hitting 60-80 grams of protein a day..
  13. Jolls- does that apply to depo as well? I hadn't heard that before and this weekend is the end of my obligatory 7 days after my depo shot.. I don't wanna celebrate if I might get pregnant??
  14. I am doing my happy dance.. I am in the 180's.. I checked my online medical records and the last time I was in the 180's was this exact date in 2009- so I haven't been this small for 7 years! I am getting so happy and motivated! I am cleared to start exercising so I really need to get on that ASAP! I am feeling pretty good.. Finding a way to enjoy my purees.. Super excited for soft foods this weekend.. just having a happy morning today and glad I have this website to share!
  15. Good for you!! I don't think people realize the effect their comments have.. Even the smallest remark can be hurtful! good luck with the training.. I have read alot of your posts on here- you can do it! You have come so far and need to stay motivated.. And you motivate me.. To stay positive and on track and to not waste this gift or let anyone's negativity undo or hinder the work I am trying to do!