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  1. Sleeve-to-RNY revision support

    Solid food! I'm cleared! I had some stir fry (no rice) and it was so good and went down so well. It was nice to actually feel full! Just a little more restriction than my "normal" level with the sleeve. Surgeon was happy with my progress and my weight is the same as pre-op. I go back in 3 months for another follow-up.
  2. Camping out on the toilet

    Thanks all. I haven't had trouble today.
  3. Day 1 clear liquids

    If you brush your teeth (gently) they will feel better. I also had awful breath while on liquids so I was brushing my teeth all the time.
  4. Sleeve-to-RNY revision support

    I had a rough morning with pretty bad diarrhea, bad enough I called the surgeon. He told me I probably caught a little stomach bug or something did not sit right, but to give him a call if I was still having trouble tomorrow and he would give me something to make it stop. Of course by the time I talked to him I was over it. While I had him on the phone I asked him about the length of my bypass since I hadn't gotten to ask him that. He said that it was about 100 cm which is the minimum they do, since I was already at goal. That makes me happy because I think it means I will have a little less malabsorption than I otherwise might. I also asked him about being able to eat so much already and he assured me that it was because I am still on soft foods and the stoma doesn't hold them in. When I'm on more firm proteins I will get more restriction back. I think that's a good reminder not to rely on soft foods when we are cleared for everything.
  5. Camping out on the toilet

    Surgeon called back. He said maybe something just sat wrong or I caught a little stomach bug. It has basically stopped now and I got hungry and had some food and it sat fine so he said to call him in the morning if I have more trouble overnight, otherwise just keep up the fluids.
  6. I'm 23 days post-op sleeve to bypass revision. I had diarrhea almost every meal with the sleeve. With the bypass it has been a lot better so far but today I just can't get off the toilet. And it's not just soft like it has been but basically water. Should I be concerned yet or give it some time to resolve? I'm concentrating on keeping fluids up and other than feeling tired from the cramps no other pain or symptoms.
  7. Sleeve-to-RNY revision support

    Yep believe me with two years of diarrhea I tried everything including prescription strength probiotics.
  8. Sleeve-to-RNY revision support

    How are you doing now Nicole? I'm doing fine and just starting my second week of mushy / soft foods. I can't tell how the ulcers are doing but I have not felt like I had reflux. I'm curious what your restriction is like. Honestly I feel like I have about the same capacity I did before the revision. That's actually fine with me but I expected a noticeable difference. Of course I am still eating such soft foods that they are probably mostly sliders at this point. I'm still having diarrhea maybe a couple times a day but sometimes I'm also having somewhat normal, if soft and smelly movements. Sorry for TMI. I hope it gets better when I am on solids and getting more protein but even if not, it is loads better than before the revision!! I go back for my follow up on the 26th and I expect to be cleared for solids. I'm not sure if he will want to do another endoscopy.
  9. Not sure what surgery to go with......

    I think you can get sleeve bypass in the same surgery and it is a bit less malabsorptive than the DS. But the DS does have some advantages too. You should have a frank discussion with your surgeon about all the pros and cons.
  10. What were your favorites?

    Chicken broth with a little vinegar and hot sauce tastes like hot and sour. Banana smoothies with protein powder, puréed smooth fruit like mango, frozen yogurt Popsicles. In the mushy phase, any canned soup put through the blender. Instant oatmeal. Refried beans with salsa and cheese. Smooth peanut butter or Nutella off the spoon (a small spoon) just for a different taste.
  11. New, and feeling like I don't belong

    Of all things I had to break up with my therapist who thought having surgery was a terrible idea. She said I was not honoring my body. I said I was honoring it by allowing it to live longer. And I found a new therapist. You don't need judgment from that avenue. Also it is hard for people to see how big you are if they see you every day just like it is hard for us to see ourselves honestly. And some people just think it's mean and rude and would lie like a rug to try to make you feel better. Their hearts are in the right place. But in our society "fat" is just about the biggest insult in a lot of people's minds.
  12. Avoiding the obsession pit.

    I can only speak for myself. It took me a long time to "believe it". That I could manage my food and weight without obsessing. That not everything has to be about food or calories or grams of protein. It also took me a long time to believe that if left to my own devices I would not always make the wrong choice, and that if I didn't make the best choice I could actually balance it out the next meal. I had therapy and I had to start taking an SSRI for anxiety but mostly it was just learning to trust myself and trust the surgery, and to recognize when I was obsessing and also when I was being tempted to use food in unhealthy ways. I don't track my food anymore and have not for quite some time. I do weigh every day but I don't freak out if the number is a little up or rejoice if it is a little down. I just make small adjustments if I need to. I suppose the scale or my clothes will tell me if I'm kidding myself. Again this is not advice. It's just what has been working for me and keeping me off the anxiety and obsession bandwagon.
  13. Your weight and fitness level can have a huge impact on your metabolism too. I'm 5'. I had my metabolism tested when I was 225 pounds as part of a medically supervised Optifast diet and my BMR was 1300. I almost cried when they told me that. I've been at goal weight and a healthy BMI for quite some time now and have to eat 1600-1800 calories a day to maintain rather than lose. I actually had to wean myself off of logging every bite because for me it was an eating disorder trigger, but I do weigh daily and adjust my rating and exercise based on the trend. My weight is very stable now and I think I have hit a new set-point where my body is happy. Part of it is increased activity but I also think when we are so overweight our bodies go into a weird dysfunctional mode.
  14. Sleeve-to-RNY revision support

    Oh my god I was so bloated after! It went down after about a week but was super uncomfortable. I didn't have nearly as much pain as you but I have a very high tolerance for pain. Just take it easy and try to shuffle around the ward a bit when they let you. I'm feeling pretty good. I can finally sleep on my stomach again. Now that I am on mushy food I think that my bowels might actually be getting back to normal too!! I don't want to jinx it but fingers crossed! I gained a couple kg from water weight after the surgery but it has come off now and I am back to pre-surgery weight. I wasn't stressed about it but it's still nice.
  15. Did GBS "cure" anyone else of anxiety?

    I have been able to cope with my anxiety so much better after surgery. Part of it is the huge space in my head that used to beat myself up for always failing at this one area in my life. Part of it is overall feeling more in control of my life. I have always been very successful in every area of my life besides my weight, but the weight problems just soured everything else. Now that I have control over my weight, I feel like I have so much more energy to deal with other parts of my life. I do still take an SSRI and probably will for life. But I feel like my "neutral" point is happier than before.