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  1. I'm 11 days post op and DYING without my coffee!!!! So I think I'll start having a small maybe 4 oz cup just in the morning and see how it goes. I have no reflux problems, well hydrated, and no food issues so far everything is fine. Is hydration, reflux, and toleration all that poses any problems with coffee?
  2. Ok will do. I appreciate the advice. The diet can sometimes be a little confusing.
  3. OK thank you so much for the reply. I was a little worried that I maybe I should try to push the food a little more. But honestly its disgusting to me right now. The liquids I can handle fine just eating is like death.
  4. I am post op day 4 and I can not stomach food at all! I can do my fluids queit well and protein shakes. But as far as jello soup cottage cheese pudding any of that I cant stomach it at all. Is this OK? I'm getting a good amount of fluids and my post op vitamins in but that's it. Will this make me malnourished or anything?
  5. Thank you so much. Its good to have someone who covers everything that helps a lot I appreciate it and I'm defiantly going to bring me a small pillow!
  6. That's pretty much what I plan to bring also. However I wouldn't have thought about ChapStick or lotion without posting this thread.
  7. Yes I can have protein shakes I just forgot to put them and I don't know how to edit. I will check on the catheter also. Thanks for the advice it helps so much. The drs sometime forget to tell us the little things.
  8. Thanks sooooo much guys! I wasn't sure what all to take. I was going to ask my surgeon but I drew a blank when trying to remember in his office.
  9. I have jumped through all the hoops and finally got insurance approval and surgery date. I'm a tiny bit nervous and a huge bit excited! But very confident in my surgeon so I'm sure all will be well. Just started my pre op diet today. I'm feeling pretty blessed with it seeing some other posts about being on liquid only pre op diets. I can have cream of.. soups, yogurt, oatmeal, cottage cheese, jello, and popcicles. My question is to the post op sleevers. Is there any tips that you can share like: what to bring (if anything) to the hospital? How to be more prepared so I'm not as nervous? What to expect the day of surgery? Will I need someone at home with me after I'm released from the hospital? If so how long will I need someone home? Any other tips or advice will also be appreciated! You guys have been a great deal of help to me. I'm just wondering if there was anything you wished someone had told you before you went into the hospital?
  10. Their diet* sorry I'm new to this and don't know how to edit.
  11. I wouldn't say I'm an emotional eater, I've been a size 9-10 around 130-150 lbs most of my life. After I had my son I was around 200 lbs I lost that weight pretty easily and kept it off for about 6 years. I then had to have a complete hysterectomy because of a fiberoid in my uterus and cysts on my ovaries. After that happened I quickly gained gained up to 229 lbs wearing a size 22-24. At 5'2" tall I was so big I was miserable. So one day while driving my son to school I decided it was time to walk and try to lose this extra weight. I stopped at a local park and began walking. I was so out of shape I couldnt walk but maybe 2 laps which wasn't even 1/2 mile. But I kept going back every morning and trying to go a little further. It worked soon I was up to 3 miles in the morning and 3 miles in the evening also I began doing some light weight lifting at home in between that. The weight started coming off I was so excited. I got down to 196 lbs. This took 4 years. I maintained that weight for maybe a year then it started creeping back on little by little a couple ounces here a lb there no matter how much I cut down eating and added exercising it kept creeping back on. I was so depressed I couldn't figure out where I was going wrong. So I began going to a weight loss clinic. I started taking phentermine it gave me chest pains after a couple days. So I tried lipotronic injections for 4 months. Still this weight kept going away and coming back. I used a calorie counter on my phone. Went by there diet exactly as they told me to do. After 4 months the Dr there told me I was wasting my money I needed to see a MD and find out why I can't lose the weight. So for the past 3 years if struggled between 210-215 lbs. I have the determination and I can eat only 2 small meals a day and I'm fine. But the weight just won't come off. That's how the sleeve surgery was mentioned to me. At my last Dr visit my bmi was 38.4 and I'm borderline diabetic, cholesterol was high and bp was a little high. I'm just a little nervous of surgery to make this happen. Having an 11 yr old there's always that little what if? ( something goes wrong) in the back of my mind. What if it doesn't work? The MD and surgeon assures me it will be fine and it will work. I keep looking for reassurance. Quiet frankly I hate having to wait and worry so long before this can be done. Once I'm out of surgery I think everything will be fine. I keep talking myself out of it because of that what if? That lingers in my head.
  12. This is great to hear! Thank you guys. I am just beginning my journey to a thinner healthier me! I'm kind of nervous and excited at the same time! Thanks for your replies.
  13. Does anyone have regrets about having the sleeve? Why? Would you do it again if you knew what you know now? I'm pre op and trying to make sure this is what I want since its not reversible. And info is greatly appreciated.
  14. lisa42


    Can you ever drink soda again after the sleeve surgery? I'm not a big soda drinker. I mainly like tea or iced coffee but do enjoy like maybe 1 soda a day.
  15. Are there a lot of post op risks (like when you get older)? Can you drink alcohol after 1 year? Are you at high risk for vitamin deficiencies, dehydration and such?