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  1. kacy_77

    9 hours

    congrats on your upcoming big day!!! The best advice I can give is be prepared. Lots of research and education. The more you know going into it, the less you have to figure out through experience. Also Try to relax as much as you can and don't feel like you have to push yourself to do more. Especially the first few days. It gets easier everyday. Sleep is your best friend. It's the best way to heal your body (along with protein). Protein is a little harder to get down after surgery so I put protein powder in everything. Like baby food. Applesauce. Water. Everything taste really sweet to me. I loved crystal light before surgery but now it's really sweet so I have to water it down a lot. Eating things at room temperature is the easiest. My punch makes lots of angry noises if stuff is too hot or cold. Lots of water. It's way easier said than done but it's worth it. I weighed myself today and I've lost 8 pounds since surgery day. Which was 5 days ago. Just listen to your doctors, have a good support system, do your research and enjoy the ride! Good luck! Message me if you have questions!
  2. kacy_77

    9 hours

    Thanks everyone for the support! I am now 4 days post op! Down 6 pounds already! My surgery itself was great. However the immediate recovery was rough. I had some heart issues that were unexpected but anxiety related. My resting heart rate was at 115 and when I was stressed or in pain it would spike at 140. The let me take Valium the night of surgery to get my nerves under control to help with the heart rate. My oxygen was low because of my heart rate so I was constantly on O2. I had trouble going to the bathroom. And that's what made me stay longer. I had no problem taking sips. Swallowing was easy. The only time I had nausea was immediately after surgery (it was hell honestly, the first 4 hours were bad). The only thing I couldn't do was pee and it was so frustrating. I had to have a catheter the first night. They took it out in the morning but later in the day it got painful and I couldn't go so they put another one in. It was 9pm before I could go on my own and I still have some trouble now. But other than that it's been pretty smooth. Obviously I'm extremely sore. bjt I haven't had any chest pain or gas pain. Mainly incision pain or if I swallow too much air I get pain. Also when I over push myself on walking I hurt. I still sleep a lot. But I have no regrets. thanks for all the support everyone. <3
  3. kacy_77

    9 hours

    well I'm 9 hours away from my surgery I'm really nervous and excited to FINALLY be on the other side of this! I do two things I'm wondering about tho. 1. My surgery is at 7am and I have to be there at 5am. I have to leave my house at 4am. I use a CPAP, should I even bother sleeping with it tonight because I have to bring it with me to the hospital anyway and I don't know if it's worth trying to use it now when I probably won't get much sleep. I really want to have everything packed and ready to go because it will be an early morning. 2. Any last minute advice or tips? Super excites to to be on the other side.
  4. I use to live there. I go back every 3-6 months to visit my boyfriend. I'm curious to know how this effects people after surgery. So if anyone tries please post an update. It's not really my thing but I'm really curious to know what experiences people have!
  5. So my surgery is next Wednesday and I was wondering how long it took people to wake up from the anesthesia??? And from the time they woke up, how long did they wait to get you up and walking? I have a strange reason for asking. During the process I made a really close friend. She's having her surgery the day before me. They told us we get discharged the day after surgery (1 night stay) sometime in the afternoon. So if she's planning on going home sometime in the afternoon and my surgery is at 7am, do you think there's a chance her and I could get to walk together before she's discharged? Or will I still be out by the afternoon from my surgery?
  6. Do you happen to have a picture of your moose! I kinda really want one of these now! How long did it take to get him, my surgery is in 13 days!
  7. kacy_77

    Does it hurt?

    So my surgery is two weeks away from tomorrow. And my question is focused on pain. I would like to know when people felt the most discomfort after surgery (if any at all)? Was it right when they first woke up from the surgery? Once they started trying to take sips? Did the hospital do good at pain management? Was the actual incisions painful or was it more gas or internal pain? Does walking really help? How long did pain last? I know obviously it's not gonna feel to great. I mean, I am getting stabbed 6 times in the stomach,of course it's going to hurt. But what was your experiences postops??
  8. I'm 22 and having the same surgery. I'm 5'6 and was 257 when I started. I'm now 242 with the help of my program. My surgery is two weeks away! I'm actually really happy I'm doing mine younger. I don't want to miss out on anything and I feel like my weight has definitely been a set back for me. If YOU know it's the right time for you then go for it! My doctor said it's not really about age, it's about mental attitude. You sound like it's the perfect time for you! Keep up the hard work and best of luck!
  9. So now that my date is a little more than two weeks away I'm starting to wonder what do I all need for the hospital??? Any ideas of what people were glad they brought, or wish they would have brought? I think I have a two night stay at the hospital so any ideas?
  10. A year ago, right before I hit my heightest weight. By some miracle I learned how to snowboard. My surgery is September 30th and I'm wondering if it's safe to snowboard this season. And if so how long I should wait. Believe it or not, it's a lot of exercise. But I'm worried about falling and moving the wrong way after surgery. Obviously I would wait a least a couple months but should I just wait until next season?
  11. Dr Schwartz is doing my bypass next month!!! How was your experience with him?!
  12. kacy_77

    I got my date!

    September 29th 2015 my life changes forever!!! Im so excited! I couldn't be more ready for this! Only 39 days to go!!! I start my two week liquid diet on the 15th and the LAST of my pre op testing is on the 10th and 14th!!! THE END OF THE PRE OP TUNNEL IS FINALLY APPROACHING! I CAN SEE THE LIGHT!!!
  13. Congrats on your surgery last week BeachGirl!!!!
  14. My reason I'm hoping for the weight loss is because I've worked really hard the past few months during this pre op process and I've lost 12 pounds. So from 257 to 245. If I can lose 10 more before surgery I would be thrilled. My doctor assigned me an ideal weight goal of 135-140. 10 pounds would mean I would have to lose exactly 100 pounds to reach my goal. I guess my idea was if I can lose as much weight as I can before the surgery the less I have to lose after surgery. KarensTurn progress is progress no matter how small! I already have huge stalls. So I'm kinda expecting to have the same thing after surgery. But I'm not giving up!!! PapaG thanks for the response that was exactly what I was looking for! I know my surgeon mentioned my liver shrinking but he didn't say too much about it but it really makes perfect sense!
  15. Just wanted to give an update. I just got approved by tricare!!! I did 4 months of structured weight loss, had 2 letters of medical necessity, a psych eval, and passed a nutrition test. I have an appointment with my surgeon again to get my date!!!