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  1. Chocolate is my favorite too, I used caramel sugar free syrup a couple times, it really does help. I am getting close to my date, I'm sticking with the plain optifast, water, broth as I still have 3 pounds let to hit the surgeons goal of 15 lbs lost.
  2. I survived but I am so over this lol. Four weeks on this stuff im actually looking forward to puree oddly enough.
  3. You can do it It really gets easier after day three. Grab something to drink when you get hunger pains, it worked for me
  4. Hey everyone! Its been a looong 7 months, through 6 months of weigh in, 2 insurance denials, appeals, holidays... ect. ect.... But here I am. I finally completed all those hurdles and on my preop liquid diet. For those of you that have or will be going through insurance hurdles, never give up. You are worth it, and worth more then a "No" Anyway, I have exactly three weeks until my surgery and all three weeks I am living off 5 optifast shakes and one bar a day, no food, no low calorie dinner, just a small 8oz shake 5x a day and one bar... Yum... Day two was the worse and I was sooooo close to saying screw this. I was so close to sneaking in the kitchen in the middle of the night and wanting to cram my face full of whatever I could find. I wanted to eat anything... anything that would give me that feeling of fullness that I had so come used to through my life... Being hungry is my downfall not boredom, stress or sadness.... but being HUNGRY is my downfall. My husband made a bag of popcorn I just wanted to rub my face all over the bag.. JUST ONE LICK OF THAT BUTTERY YUMMYNESS!! I WAS SO TEMPTED. But I didn't.I didn't give in....I didn't fall prey to self sabotage after 7 years of wanting this, 3 years of research, 7 months of insurance hurdles, two appeal battles to succumb to ONE night of pleasurable eating because I CANT be the master of my stomach for three lousy weeks.I didn't (but wanted to) make justifications that just ONE meal wasn't going to hurt me, that I had three weeks left before my surgery and that ONE meal wouldn't hurt my liver shrinking thing... I didn't do it because .... I AM WORTH IT AND I WANT MY SURGERY TO BE SAFE AND COMPLICATION FREE For anyone that is currently or will be going through the preop diet, you can do it. Just look back at where you have come from, take a look at the loved ones around you... take a look at everything you have done to this very point to finally get a date that will change your life forever and NEVER forget it. I am telling you through experience... This will help you get through the rough times of this preop diet. Talk about it. Tell someone when you want to cheat. I found it greatly satisfying to admit how much I wanted to plant my face into my daughters top ramen soup... how much I wanted to just lick the inside of the popcorn bag, or how much I just wanted a taste of a french fry.... I felt like my stomach was eating my other internal organs..... Its hard... Not like "Where do you want to go for dinner?" kinda hard... I mean this is like a 5 hour wait at the social security office with no cell phone and ipad, with two kids kinda hard. Dat two and three is the worse.... Stay home as much as you can, if you can because you will feel weak and have headaches but your body will adjust... Drink lots of fluids it really helped kill that hunger ache. Now on day 5 it is getting easier everyday... But you know what I have learned the past few days? We are very adaptable creatures. I didn't die from not eating, I didn't keel over from sticking to this liquid diet thing and most of all, I found out that I can do this.... I can succeed and everyday I manage to make it, I feel more and more strength that I can make the right choices for my health, for the rest of my life. If I can do this... you can too
  5. Thanks! I got some sample vials from my mother who uses doterra, but I would be interested in learning about young living oils. I sent you a message about getting started with your oils!
  6. I just started using essential oils for this exact reason. I want to start using it now, since after surgery I won't be able to take many over the counter options. It's a learning process and I really wish I would find a combination that works for chronic clogged nose but we will see lol
  7. My first appointment with my PCP is Monday June 1st and I also already did my orientation seminar thingy... so your not alone in your 6 month waiting. I was also hoping for surgery before the end of the year, but everyone is right about taking this time to get prepared by eating differently and the fact that we are one of the lucky ones that have insurance that will cover it. Took me seven years to get insurance that would, so I feel blessed it's my time! .... But I, still bummed about having to possibly wait till January :/
  8. I just started my journey as well, and I am terrified to tell my mother in law who is a nurse. I think the reason why people are afraid to tell those close to them, is to avoid the negativity that could go with divulging that information. At least I speak for myself, I know my mother in law would tell me how I failed in loosing it myself... I don't need her to let me know that!
  9. Hello everyone! I am so excited to have found this forum. After 7 years of struggle, I finally have insurance that will cover this surgery, supportive family, and the obsessive determination to get through this six months of pre op dances for the insurance company... Moreover, a 6 month practice more like, to prepare me for what life will be like post op. I have been lurking on Bariatric forums for months now. I want to know the good, the bad, I want to be as prepared as possible to set myself up for success. The past few months I have read post after post on various forums about others mistakes and successes. For example.... "Help I'm vomiting and can't stop, I only ate a TINY bits of steak but but I chewed it very well, I see no harm! Oh by the way I'm 4 days out" *Bangs my head against the keyboard* " is it ok to have saltine crackers? I'm on day 3?" Ummmm, no. "Well what about gummy bears?" Seriously? Anyways... I am making sure I have the knowledge and support way before my own big day arrives, and I love what I have found here in these forums. I am learning so much, and want to take this gift I will be given and utilize it to the fullest! So here I am, after all these years... And my first PCP appointment is scheduled 6/1/15! Excited and ready to get this party started, and wanted io introduce myself to everyone!