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  1. Daveo

    Vegas Area Peeps

    If anyone is interested I'm part of a local WL group on Facebook. We would welcome any new comers! message me with your email and I can add you.
  2. Daveo

    Vegas Area Peeps

    Oh man that really sucks but good on the weight loss! My recovery was really easy. Just over night in the hospital then went home. Was off work for a week. I should have taken two weeks off because I was really tired. Other than that recovery was easy.
  3. Daveo

    Vegas Area Peeps

    I had mine with the same place, but with Atkinson. I'm over a year out already. Down a 150 since surgery
  4. Daveo

    Vegas Area Peeps

    Hi LonnaRox, how is your recovery going?
  5. Trying to find locals in Nevada is not easy

    1. tmcgee


      Yup, they call US 50 the loneliest stretch of road in North America.

  6. Daveo

    Vegas Area Peeps

    Well the only two posts I see for Nevada are from years ago so I decided why not see if there is anyone new. I'm in Henderson which is next to Las Vegas, looking for fellow WLS peeps!
  7. Daveo


    I'm in Henderson! But I think this is several years late. lol
  8. Daveo

    Hello out there!

    Hey I had my surgery with Atkinson! In Feb of this year.
  9. Daveo

    Hello out there!

    Anyone from Nevada still on here? I'm in Henderson!
  10. I still have a problem with this at 3 1/2 months out. Hard habit to break.
  11. I worry about this as well. I have several tattoos and I want to get some covered up. Hopefully the ones I want covered up get smaller so it will be easier. lol
  12. I keep wanting to find a personal trainer too. I had a couple sessions with one a year ago when I was trying to exercise and she kept trying to sell me her products. I didn't like that. I know she is trying to boost her income but I tried telling her I was on a plan and she kept going. I had to stop going. I did like the workouts she was giving me. Now that I have had the WLS I need to find someone again to help me. I am not motivated at all to just go work out.
  13. Is there anyone in the Vegas/Henderson area? I am not able to go to support groups due to the hours/days I work so was wondering if there were locals that I can connect with.
  14. Daveo


    Hello! Wow I love Hawaii! Flying and not having to pay for a second seat is something I can't wait for.
  15. Daveo


    Hello, I'm David. I had surgery on Feb 9th 2015 (which is my sisters birthday ) I am down 77 lbs so far. I am searching groups and forums to find as much information as I can.