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  1. Hello, I will be meeting with the surgeon at the end of the month and was wondering if anyone worked with Dr. Halpin. A different doctor was at the orientation meeting and I did have the opportunity to select who I wanted to work with, but being that I do not know any of the surgeons i was open to next available surgeon. Good Sam is a center of excellence and her credentials are impressive but I am looking for experiences from others. Thank you in advance.
  2. Pre-op task list is an elephant for dinner; getting by one bite at a time.

  3. It is the 16th today, and I hope you've heard something by now. It must be hard not to call daily for an update and even more frustrating to have the biggest change and opportunity in the hands of someone else. This is one of my fears/worries - to have an insurance company deny me access to the life I want to live; exactly like the excess weight is doing. I know an appeal is possibly, but I agree with you, after all the hard work and preparation through the six months the reward of surgery should be a given. I wish my words were better consolation... please keep us posted on the outcome.
  4. Hi I'm Shea and I have just begun my 6 months of supervised probation before surgery can be scheduled. I am located in Vancouver, WA and will have surgery at Good Sam, and so far I am very grateful for their program. Everyone seems pleasant and helpful. Have you attended any of the monthly support groups? I am thinking of going so I can hear from people that have gone through surgery and just see what life may be like on the other side. What has been the most helpful to you leading up to surgery? August will be here soon - I'm excited for you!
  5. Love the dress! You look fantastic!
  6. I had the same question and asked what a good response was during one of the group meetings. Another woman suggested I say "I am taking time to take care of myself, why do you ask?" By giving this back to the person questioning it can reveal their motive for asking. If it is genuine concern they could be an ally, or if it is for gossip at least you'll know the source! More questions will come as the weight comes off. When I am in that stage I plan to tell my coworkers that I am getting help from a nutritionist and working out to make myself healthier. I'm with you, they don't need to know my health information or that I chose surgery. They don't know my struggle, they wont see the hours of planning and thought that is going into this decision, and some will even hope I fail. I plan to keep my cards close and keep my friends and support closer! Good luck at work, it can be hard because we spend so much time there, but I am sure you will manage it with grace and maybe even a hint of a secret in your smile.
  7. 6 months of “supervised” appointments officially began...excited!

  8. Got a picture taken with a friend I had not seen in years. Yikes! Guess I got my before picture taken care of!

    1. purplemist


      You will need a before picture and soon you wont be ashamed of it at all. You are a warrior!

    2. ~Dani*Bear~


      Having a before pic is so important, every month on my surgiversary I retake my pic and that is the ONLY time I can stop and truly see the difference. You will be very proud of that pic soon enough!

  9. I love and respect my mom very much. She has had a lifetime of experience that I consider invaluable. My hesitation in telling her is because I do not want her to worry and stress this early in the process. She is a mom, and her natural tendency is to protect her children. She will approach this emotionally and worry about the mortality rate. To ignore that risk is to live in a fantasy and to deny her concern over that slim possibility would only show that I have not thought of that risk as a potential reality. I would never do anything to alienate her because she will be part of my support system...and since this is a major lifestyle change, I am going to need her support. I will absolutely tell her, but I want to walk further through this process so I have a clear understanding, so I know what I fear and what I hope, and so I can have a knowledgeable conversation with her. I will tell her before surgery because I want her to work through her fears, have time to ask questions, and to understand what her normal view of me will be changing. She has seen me as heavy my whole life and there will be an adjustment for her as well. I know she wants me to be healthy, and this process will be a paradigm shift for her because the traditional method (Weight Watchers) was a great success for her. I think it is completely appropriate to wait before divulging everything. I like to chew on things awhile so I know I understand...and then I jump.
  10. I understand this motivation and have a bit of it going for me as well. My PCP was one of the people who contributed to my decision to stop the process over a year ago. He said it was all about calories in vs. calories out, pretty simple explanation about the human body there doc. Maybe revenge is the only sweet we can savor without dumping?
  11. Good morning, I started looking into WLS over a year ago but let the opinions of others, guilt, and shame stop the process. I thought people were right and I just needed to try one more time, get focused and get serious. As with all former attempts and hundreds of dollars spent on meetings, trainers and equipment I am right back where I started from. Well, that last attempt to exercise the weight off I ended up gaining a trip to a knee surgeon who gently reminded me heavy girls shouldn't run. I couldn't admit to him it was more of a shuffle. With hesitant fingers I searched out WLS again and found my local hospital was having an informational meeting the next evening. I wanted to be reasonable and responsible so I signed up for a meeting in the following month. I wanted time to do a self assessment and really think about things. All night long I wrestled with the idea leaving me with no sleep. Next thing I know I am pulling out the laptop and searched YouTube videos for people's experiences. The next day I logged back on and changed my appointment to that evening. The informational meeting was what it should be, informative. I wrote down my questions to ask at a later time (thankfully many are answered at Thinner Times), and took copious notes. The next step was the patient questionnaire, providing proof of insurance, and for me: more YouTube videos. The following day was a Thursday and let me tell you; I had that questionnaire completed and emailed to the patient care coordinator in what can only be described as record time (or desperation...or excitement). Now I am sitting and waiting to find out what the insurance will and will not cover. The PCC said it would take about a week (it is one week today) and I cannot remember anticipating anything as badly as I am that email. I want it now. I want to move onto the next step. I can only think about how my life will change, how I will be in certain situations, what activities will be open to me when I can actually fit (zip line reward when I enter Onederland)... and the list goes on. I knew one area of growth was going to be in owning this choice and accepting that I am doing it for my health, to have a life, and to experience freedom from being incased in adipose tissue. I sat DH down in the Home Depot parking lot (hey, its always best to drop big news where he feels most comfortable) and laid it all out there. I described what it feels like to be me, from the inside out, why social isolation is preferred, why I am ashamed, afraid; but, also hopeful. DH is a man of few words, but they were the best words ever. He promised to support me and he loved me. The blessing was like nitrous oxide to my system. Lets get this show on the road! I know there will be more hurdles physiologically and psychologically...there is still my mother to tell (dun-dun-duuuun), but that can wait until its turn. One day at a time. Until then (and after) I am going to continue to read the wonderfully friendly and helpful forums. Going to close here for now... I have to check my email!