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  1. Wendy I'm glad your doing great I have a question about the surgery weight gain everyone seems to gain 10-15 lbs of water weight due to fluids pumped in to you after surgery did you have any issues with that and any tips of info on what to do?
  2. Lol,I'm sorry I seen that online and thought what the hell he's confident enough to do that that's awesome
  3. It's casual Thursday for me and it's hot out here so".........
  4. Sorry I was just watching days of Thunder and I've always wanted say that so go on
  5. As Cole Trickle would say I'm dropping the hammer............
  6. I also would have dry mouth then I started using the humidity feature on my machine worked wonders just add some distiller water set your moisture level on high worked for me
  7. K-dog

    WendyH VSG 7/7/15

    That's great hoping for great recovery
  8. K-dog

    WendyH VSG 7/7/15

    Best wishes,have a great recovery
  9. Lol, it was a joke but all honestly I always felt I didn't need surgery I have a handle on this,next year I'll hit the gym hard,next year I'll start dieting . Well 15-16 years later I'm bigger than I ever was but I see people here handling their business like a boss and they weigh a lot less than me and think they need the surgery.now I feel like I waited to long but now I'm determined . But thanks for being nice TP1210 and I hope your feeling good you got this
  10. Am I the heaviest person on this forum ? At last something I'm finally good at
  11. My kids keep me up or my 3 1/2 year old boy does can't sleep so he's like dad can I play with you
  12. I noticed now since I've been logging everything I eat that I do eat a lot can't sleep came down to the kitchen and had some leftover kfc chicken with a nice slice of ham at 2 in the mornin what's wrong with me I wasn't even hungry
  13. Are you sick Ms Julie T?