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  1. Selling large wardrobe of 14/16, 0x, L/XL clothes

    Hi, I've sold quite a bit to some local ladies that came by. Are you looking for shirts, jackets, skirts or dresses? Please send me your email address and I'll take some fresh photos and send them to you.
  2. Selling large wardrobe of 14/16, 0x, L/XL clothes

    Hi Wendy - have lots of tops that can be year round, but not a lot of sweater material (I never wanted the bulk). I have a LOT of jackets - jackets to wear over tops with skirts for work, over sleeveless dresses, etc. Also have one pair of size 10 black heels that are a little too big - wore once.
  3. Selling large wardrobe of 14/16, 0x, L/XL clothes

    I didn't receive a PM but do have the document of dresses to send - 20 total. Mixture of: Liz Claiborne, Jessica London, Anne Klein, Lane Bryant, Macy's NY Collection, Jones New York, Jones Wear, Charter Club, Danny and Nicole, Jessica Howard, Blue Banana, INC, (and a couple of Target sundresses).
  4. Selling large wardrobe of 14/16, 0x, L/XL clothes

    Maybe I can ship you a box, decide what you want and return the rest. Or, I can send you pictures and maybe make a deal for the whole set (or batch of skirts, batch of dresses, etc.) so if one or two don't work you're not losing anything. If you're interested, let me know your email and I'll send you a document with pictures and short description.
  5. Selling large wardrobe of 14/16, 0x, L/XL clothes

    Hi Wendy - I forgot my "stats" would be on my post and I needed to update them. I'm actually 5'5, not 5'3 (and down 70# now). No, they're not petites - just regular 14/16, etc.
  6. Hello, Selling lots of size 14/16, 0x, L/XL jackets, dresses, skirts, etc. I'm still taking pictures, but let me know if you're interested and I'll send you pictures with descriptions. Most are from Macys or Lane Bryant. Fashionable and shouldn't be older than a year.
  7. Hello. Obv, I'm new here. In fact, I'm new to forums completely and have never posted to one before so hopefully I did this correctly. I did a little research and decided to look into gastric bypass. Had informational session on, I believe April 18th. Scheduled visit the next week with surgeon. They filed with insurance which was approved very quickly. Squeezed in the psych exam and 3 dietician visits and had the surgery May 12th. From reading others online experiences, it seems some insurance companies are very difficult to work with. So compliments to CareFirst. I guess they figured the surgery was cheaper than treating diseases which may be in my future if I don't get my weight under control. So far so good. I'm looking forward to reading through other's experiences.