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  1. Alcohol....

    I think it's become a problem. Ack. I struggled before WLS, went to AA for a bit but it wasn't my cup of tea and then they started telling me I didn't need my psych meds, that it was all my alcoholism. My therapist told me I didn't really need AA, just needed the boost to be more mindful about alcohol. Now I throw back whole bottles of wine, get totally drunk in a short period of time and love the feeling. :/ I do not drink beer and rarely hard liquor but I do enjoy shots. Idk, I shouldn't romanticize it. I see wine and I want it. Guess it's an issue and my husband read about addiction transfer but I told myself oh, that won't happen to me. **pulls out SMART recovery manual** <3
  2. Has anyone been brave enough to try pizza?

    Just like my surgeon said, you have to live your life. It's about choices, moderation, exercise, etc. If you deprive yourself and say I absolutely can never have that again, you'll end up possibly binging on it. Pizza has healthy options. This is a lifestyle, not living in a constant diet.
  3. One Procedure at a Time?

    I just had a panniculectomy and abdominoplasty/TT, surgery took about 4 hours. Recovery has been difficult and there's no way in hell I'd do two at once but everyone is different and responds to surgery differently so perhaps others can handle it better. My breasts could use a lift and certainly my inner thighs need skin removed (weight loss before surgery indicated this!!!) but none of that will be covered by insurance so Idk if I will ever pursue it. Did you end up doing it??! Parts of my panniculectomy incision are going to not even be visible! Some parts will scar but there are large portions that are just.....smooth, nothing there. Wondering what my upper abdomen incision will come out to.
  4. Has anyone been brave enough to try pizza?

    Ive tried pizza, my nut said it was OK occasionally but best to make it yourself and load up with veggies and a protein.
  5. 11 month out

    I found that protein shakes from Costco are yummy, especially ice cold! I get the chocolate ones, they have 1 g of sugar. Shhh, don't tell, I'm not supposed to use shakes and only use them if I feel I'm not getting enough protein. I have used bars too, I can't remember the name, go figure. They're SUPER popular and I had to be really cautious with flavors. Some were really horrible, lol.
  6. Is there stomach acid in my pouch or not?

    I have had a couple issues with acid reflux and it was food related (drink in my case, coffee!!!). I wasn't keeping up with my omeprazole either, oops! My team told me they like to keep people on it for a year due to potential stress ulcers and whatnot and eventually want to have me get off of it. I was also told that the pouch does have acid in it but much less, so often the acid feeling is food back up due to not chewing enough, though it CAN be acid reflux. If you're having those symptoms, talk to your surgeon!! Side note, I work in a bariatric/GI/liver/pancreatic clinic (the one that did my surgery!!!) and luckily am able to get my questions answered quickly. I'm spoiled.
  7. First month down!

    Congratulations!!!! it's a great feeling! It does suck when the rings start to fall off, I resized my wedding ring as I went but need to do my band still. I went from a 9.5 to a 6! 30 miles walking in one week is incredible! Keep kicking butt!!!
  8. Panniculectomy done 8/29!!

    I've heard about the lymphatic massage but the nurse only mentioned scar massage once things had turned to scars versus incisions. One side of my hip-to-hip is looking really good!!! I did a really decent homework marathon tonight and my abdomen is killing me!! I wonder if it's more the muscles not being used to sitting up like that plus the binder rubbing a bit. It happened when we had dinner with friends on Sunday, too! I was like owwwwww. Today it feels more muscular. I better get my @*# going, I go back to work on Monday and my job is sitting from 8-4:30 with lunch and a couple breaks thrown in. I can stand up to stretch, use the bathroom, refill water, etc., but not to lay down until lunch IF someone isn't using the room I'd use in the clinic. Ahhh!!
  9. Panniculectomy done 8/29!!

    I'm still on my binder given to me at the hospital, kinda got used to it after they trimmed it to 3 panels. They pulled my other drain at my two week follow up (my gods it was long, uuuugh) and I was told to wear my binder religiously for ten days because if I have fluid build up, they'll put the drain back in. I'm a little swollen today, I've done too much the past couple of days. :/ so paranoid about fluid build up, lol. There is a little weirdness at my "t" intersection so they have me putting OTC antibiotic ointment on it but I'm not sure it's getting any better. We'll see. I'll call if need be. I guess it's normal since all the fluids rush to that area and lots of pressure is put there.
  10. Panniculectomy done 8/29!!

    Thanks!!! I've tried the tank top like you said, HUGE help. My 2 week post op is tomorrow, they ended up pulling the worst drain (nothing was coming from it anyways) and trimming my binder (they trimmed it TOO SHORT, I can't win, lol), and tidying up my incisions this past Friday. I'm so relieved that the one drain is gone. Ahhh. I'll be there with bells on tomorrow for the other one though! I was told to start spending time out of the binder so I'm doing that and have bought a Spanx top to replace it (was told it would be more comfortable to wear after the last drain comes out). Hoping I can sleep in my own bed on Wednesday.....ive been on the couch in this little nest my husband made me, lol. It's comfy, kinda, but I miss my bed.
  11. Water backpacks

    My surgeon said a straw was no big deal, it was just a big no-no right after surgery. They didn't want me taking in too much liquid, too quickly.
  12. Drinking alcohol over year post-op

    I occasionally have wine and whoa, it hits me FAST, and I'm wasted. I have to be extremely careful. I agree, definitely test it out before you go to your event!
  13. Hi guys!! I had a panniculectomy with more skin removal on my upper abdomen (upside down T on me now, lol), on 8/29. It's been rough!!! I've been able to cut back on pain meds starting today, finally, can sit up longer, and I think I could even shower daily if I wanted but I'll stick to every other. My binder is causing a painful sore however. it's on my right side nowhere near an incision so that's good at least. I'm quite tired of these darn drains but they don't come out until 9/13 (as long as my surgeon is pleased with my recorded output). He took off 8.4 lbs so that means I'm ~2 lbs from my ultimate, crazy @*#, dream goal of 160. Half my body weight, gone (at 160). I'll be anxious to hit the gym when able, I have no idea when that is. Does anyone have any tips for relieving the rubbing of the binder on this sore??? I'm going to call the doctor's office on Tuesday but I could use some tips until then. The paperwork said I can switch to a different garment at some point but I'm thinking it's too soon. >< I hope you all are well, I'm so excited that this next step took place, even covered 100% by insurance!!!!
  14. Goal Weight

    I'm 5'4" and 177. Used to be 320, feeling great with everything under control (triglycerides are coming down, they are very close to normal range) yet I'm considered obese by the BMI chart. I agree, the chart is crap.
  15. 1 yr post op!

    Hi guys, long time no post! Hope everyone is well!! I hit my one year post op in May and was below my goal weight, where I sit now, 177 (ultimate goal was 180, started at 320). Struggling with low blood sugar but seeing an endocrinologist soon and a plastic surgeon on 6/28, to see my options! Thought I might share a before and after photo (they took them in my clinic).