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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. A big part of it is not thirst or dry food, it's a habit for the last 47 years and something to continue to work on. Have a good Saturday.
  2. Hi all, I'm struggling with not drinking while eating or for 60 minutes after the meal. I know the reason for it but some food just makes me damn thirsty. Any tips or suggesstions or is it just suck it up and push through. Thanks
  3. Good morning, My name is Tom and I just had a revision, lap band to bypass this past Monday, 5/18/15. Had the lap band for about 5 years, effective for about 1 and then kept gaining no matter what I did/didn't do. My doc was not helpful at all so got a second opinion from my new doc. Love him and his team. Had the surgery 4 days ago and am doing ok. Have a drain in for the week. No problems with sipping, getting my walks in but still pretty tired. I was very active before the surgery bikiing and walking and hoping I will rebound quickly. Looking forward to blendeds next week. See my doc next Thursday. 5'11, 347 at surgery. Happy to see there is a men's group. Love the women but sometimes the issues are so different. Any advice 4 days in is very welcome. Nice to meet you all. Tom