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  1. 4 days post op

    Hello I'm 8 days post I completely get it. Remember your sugar free pops. Warm milks like skim plus, skim, fat free ( I add a little cinnamon) I am allowed to have very soupy liquids so I take my protein powder add milk and a little sugar free pudding, I can only get a couple oz in but it's satisfying on the tongue, it's a treat. I hope this helps.
  2. VSG @ Army Hospital

    Welcome, You have found a community that will support you all the way. After 1 year from stalking this site and researching I am finally almost there. My surgery is 1/28 and though the journey was long and some parts harder then others. I would not change this journey, at all. Keep strong and I look forward to seeing your progress.
  3. Hi Wendy, I've weened myself off caffeine about a month ago in prep for this time, thank goodness! Ketosis, I really hope my body is in it. I haven't shed a pound since starting this pre-op diet. I gained 3 lbs sadly not sure why. Today I actually didn't have a headache first time in 6 days. I thought I was going to go mad yesterday. Home stretch sounds heavenly 6 more days before the 3 day all liquid
  4. Thank you for the support. Its almost like the thought of the protein shake makes me rather not eat. So strange at this point to not want to eat. Head hunger I forgot that existed, makes alot of sense now. I found out its fine that I don't get the 1200 calories in as long as I get the 60 protein in and as close to 64 oz of water (cyrstal light has been my best friend). I splurged and got the isopure zero carb which thank goodness has 50g of protein in the one shake (51 with cocunut milk unsweeetned of course). I don't know if that would help you but if worth a try just to get through the remaining days not so miserable. I so went out and got a Protein bar BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!!!! I threw out the wrapper but its the only company that makes that flavor. Saved my sanity. We can count down these last days and hopefully laugh at it. 9 more days 6 for you .....one day at a time.
  5. Thank you. I wonder is it okay not to want to eat? Is it that important to not meet my calorie intake goal.
  6. What do I do? I'm four days in and cranky. I have a constant headache and am having a problem with having a weird appetite. When I eat I'm starving, then when I get half the protein shake in I can't stand to eat anymore. Happens when I have veggies with my 4 oz chicken. I can't seems to finish anything. I'm allowed a 1,200 calorie intake but can't get past 800 a day. I don't know what it is but I'm so nervous. I feel afraid to eat. Like in my mind I feel if I over eat (something I've done all these years) my liver won't shrink and bye bye all this hard work...bye bye surgery. I'm so frustrated. HELP!!!!!!!!
  7. New, and feeling like I don't belong

    Hi I am just starting my pathway into surgery too. The best thing for you to do is get your members handbook ( you know the big book we all get and put/throw away when we first get our insurance) If you didn't keep it call your insurance and ask for them to mail you another guide specific to bariatric surgery. Or you can look up your insurance on line. You want to find the bariatric guide, it will spell out what they will allow and what the qualifications are. It will be very clear usually what I have seen as qualifications are. 40 bmi with or without comorbilities or 35 bmi with comorbilities. Nothing in between 40-35 that may be a loop hole zone. There is also the coordinatior in your surgeons office that makes sure you have all the required check ups and deals with getting the insurance approval submissions. That person is usually very good at knowing what the insurance are looking for. For an example my coordinator told me that I have to go to my Dr exactly 30 days apart for my 6 month weight check ins. If I am a day early May 29 and returned June 28 they wouldn't count that month and I would have to start all over again. Something that I didn't think would be a big deal. I hope you find your answers. As far as other people being negative its so sad it does happen even from very close friends and family and as you have experienced uneducated doctors.Family and friends are scared usually because they love you so much and are scared because its a major surgery but so is a heart replacement they wouldn't tell you not to do that because it would save your life....well so will this! For those you tell let them keep that in mind, this will save your life. All you really need is one supportive person as your going through this process. I have decided to tell only my husband and let others in as I have healed. He goes with me to the educating courses so that he has as much know as I do and can ask the questions himself. As others have wisely said you know you and that is what matters. It is your life and you are doing this for you. Stay focused on why you are at this point in your life and take one step at a time. Stay strong.
  8. new, alone, scared

    Wow. While reading your message I was thinking yes your doctor or doctors suggested it but its YOU who are going to all the appointments, YOU who are going forward with determination. YOU are strong and will make it through this. I do understand being afraid of the unknown. I have children too and am horrified at the thought that 1. I can die early because of all my sicknesses related to being extremely obese.(first time I admitted that) or 2. Have surgery complications. Despite that there is one thing to focus on. A better future. You have seen it first hand with your mom. Don't think of this as fire to your back jumping off a cliff its more like a rope given to you so you don't fall down, you go down gentle. You may get rope burn on your hand but it will heal and you will live and be safe. Thank you for being a good example on bravery and determination. Please keep us posted as you continue your journey.
  9. I am waiting to have the sleeve and doing all the doctor requirements..including the dreaded 6 month medical diet. I have lost 15 lbs and am starting to notice my skin is getting loose or "squishy" as my daughter says. I am wondering if I start muscle toning and start gaining muscle, which is not a bad thing for the body. Won't I gain muscle weight and thus mess up my doctor monthly weigh ins. Thus risking insurance rejection. What to do????
  10. Seminar is June 18th

    That's great. I just went to two seminars in the last to weeks. Just to compare hospitals and surgeons. Suggestion, It is a good idea a to bring along whoever is in your support circle. Spouse, Family, Friend. They get to ask questions that concern them too. Congratulations on your journey start!!
  11. What if I don't want anyone to know..is that healthy?

    My mom is that person... Its something I wouldn't mind her knowing but not at the expense of my privacy or sanity. I'm not ashamed, well I am ashamed of my weight but not the descion to have wls. I just don't want to hear a million questions. I have a lot I mean a lot of questions and I am doing tons of classes and research. I could only imagine the questions of those who haven't a clue. Then add their personal opinions. Oh man I'm sorry that happened to you. Thank you for your feed back in helping me decide.
  12. What if I don't want anyone to know..is that healthy?

    That is exactly what I am afraid of. It is private to me sort thinking of like if I were having my tubes tied or something a decision that would effect my husband and I but no need to gets the parents involved. I am so sorry that happened to you.
  13. Thank you. I did call and thought perhaps I heard what I wanted to hear and afraid that I just got an agent that didn't know what they were talking about. You know how that is sometimes. I have my Dr visit tomorrow so here we go!!!!!!
  14. I have been trying to look up policy information and all I can find is United Healthcare. I am a plan ahead kind of person so I am trying to make sure I don't get the run around when it comes to following the requirements. Can anyone help?
  15. Wow, thank you so much for all the helpful details. I have my first series of Dr visits coming up so I'll be more informed as to what my insurance requires. I so hope I can skip the 6 month nutritionist part. Probably really unrealistic but glass half full thinking. I am so happy for you getting everything done and getting approved. I hope all the rest irons out for you as well. Please keep us posted.