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  1. I am so proud of you babe! You got this & each day is going to get better xoxo
  2. this makes me so sad...... I wish I had you come to Minnesota .... Had it at U of M ..... I am sorry babe ... Love you lots xoxo enjoy the flowers
  3. I called and they said 6 weeks of 10 lbs lifting and walking is good. After 6 weeks it is as tolerated. Thank you everyone for your help
  4. I wanted to update everyone, I spoke to Ambers husband just now and she is leaving the OR now, everything went great! YAY!!!!! Welcome to the losers bench Amber!!!!!! Xoxo
  5. I did my 1 month check up yesterday but did not yet ask about working out as I did not think it is that time yet. I am walking daily for cardio. When were you cleared to go to a gym & workout & start truly working out & burning to start losing inches & lose skin?
  6. So since I started my journey I am down 53 pounds total. Since my surgery 4 weeks ago I have lost 25 lbs. I can feel it in my clothes. I can see it in facial headshot photos, my husband says he can see it & feel the difference. All excellent progress. Then this week my inlaws were here & my husband took a pic of me with my inlaws & it was a fuller length shot. I was wearing a jacket that I had not worn in years because I could not fit into it before with the weight I had gained. I felt so good that day. Well he took this pic & I looked at this pic I guess expecting to see a somewhat slimmer body. NOPE!!!!!! WOW WAS THAT A SLAP IN THE FACE! I just can't wait to see the big difference in the overall head to toe. I hate the mental feeling of feeling thinner & visually seeing something totally different still.
  7. I thought pasta was a no no forever after surgery.... But then again.... Speaking for myself it is anyway. I will not have carbs ever again.
  8. You can have lettuce already????? OMG I am soooooo envious!!!! I start soft foods on Monday & my NUT said lettuce is one of the hardest things to digest for sleeves. I wish I knew that, I would have had a ton of salads before my surgery lol. She said eventually at like 4 or 5 months out I would be eating them. I can't wait to eat salads again.
  9. OMG!!! I AM sorry I was so busy with in laws visiting I did not see this. Wow!!! So close!!! Soooooo excited for you!!! Definitely will be praying for you!!!! Remember tell the Doc you don't need the side of collapsed lung!
  10. Very hard to restrain myself.... But like PapaG said and you asked kindly...... You don't won't to hear my advice either ........ I am a married woman with children.
  11. Ooohhhhh thank you!!!! I am learning new things every day!! Thank you so much. I was worried. Thank you
  12. I have to ask my NUT anout the Flinstones because she did say 2 but then she did say take the adult dose. The bottle says the adult dose is 1 ..... But I see Raeme is taking 2 Flinstones .... I don't want to be less than I should be taking. I go in for my 1 month follow up next Monday the 24th. She also said that after that appt is when I will begin taking the rest of my vitamins ..... I have only been taking my Flinstone multi vitamin right now. I thought that was odd. But I was following the plan.