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    Spending time with my sweet husband. Reading, nature, spirituality, psychology, traveling. I am about to start working on a second Master's degree :O
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    Darrell Doucette
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    Crestwood Medical Center, Huntsville, AL
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    Vertical Sleeve
  1. Sex After VSG

    Yep, 2 weeks was a good time to resume
  2. I understand. I am not completely different without mine, but without them, I am disabled from working and generally functioning normally. I am now opening the capsule of mine and mix with small amount of applesauce. That seems to be working fine for me.
  3. Sex After VSG

    No, I don't think a pillow would help, but thanks. It would just be more to push down on my abdomen. I already have trouble breathing sometimes during sex. I don't need more cushion for the pushing of air out of my lungs.
  4. Sex After VSG

    I know that the pressure on my stomach is a concern with that position, at the least. I'm certainly not feeling ready for that yet and worry about busting incisions, etc.
  5. Almost a week since surgery. All seems to be going really well. Still trying to keep my fluids and protein where then need to be.

    1. msmarymac


      Great to hear! Keep up the good work!

    2. Lori88
    3. purplemist


      Good for you! In the first couple weeks its often, do the best you can. Its later that you really need to worry about it

  6. Sex After VSG

    Okay, I know that there things that can be done and positions that will work sooner, but what I want to know is when have you been able to have missionary position sex again (safely and comfortably) after VSG?
  7. Thank you. I definitely plan to mention it, but that's a week away. I wanted to know if anyone had dealt with such an issue. I really appreciate your input!
  8. Thank you both for your input. I have tried other medications for treating my symptoms and none work well for me, with some making me worse. I am certainly open to a form that can be taken more times a day, but I don't think they make this medication in a non-time release form.
  9. I have wondered about meds needing to be taken within days after surgery? I can't go more than a couple of days without my medication, but it is extended release. Is there anyone out there who has been on extended release medication and was able to take it within 3 days of surgery? I won't see my doctor for pre-op until July 17th, but I am a bit worried about this.
  10. Surgery date set (finally)! July 20th

    1. Shea1973


      Awesome! I hope the days fly by!

    2. Sunria
  11. Six month diet appeal?

    This is what I have been told by the insurance specialist at my doctor and I had already spoken with BCBSIL, who also informed me that there was no 6 month requirement. Perhaps, it is a different type of policy?
  12. I understand how you feel! Though my hair has already begun to thin with age, it is still one of my best features. I do not like hearing this about hair falling out! I am going to be proactive and try to minimize this as much as possible, or at least be prepared for it with things to make my hair look thicker.
  13. Thank you all! This seems like a really good place for support!
  14. Wow! Thank you for that well-written support! It definitely helps to hear the positive stories and I appreciate you taking the time to share yours with me.