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  1. RT @dog_rates: Another topnotch dog. His name is Big Jumpy Rat. Massive @*# feet. Superior tail. Jumps high af. 12/10 great pup https://t.c…

  2. RT @LoveToDance323: Traumatized til February @violadavis #HTGAWM #WhoShotAnnalise https://t.co/GzBuUFeTlw

  3. Flash back @maryaliceb2 https://t.co/DNUuglKAGX

  4. RT @wordsporn: #wordsporn https://t.co/VKJT2vg8DZ

  5. RT @PaigeHolly_10: "And I have a floppy appendage between my legs that keeps me from wearing pencil skirts." #AHSHotel love the humor in th…

  6. RT @memes: I think this dog is broken http://t.co/S05iM8DSuM

  7. RT @YahooTV: Hypodermic Sally should consider seeing a dentist. #AHSHotel

  8. The Roto Rooter man has nothing on this guy! #AHSHotel http://t.co/T6kgXUzBy4

  9. RT @bryanasalaz: Ryan Murphy on #AHSHotel : "well since I toned down freakshow and people hated it, let me just have no chill this season."

    1. LouisianaLady


      I found it to be vile and disgusting from what little I saw of it last night.  I've told my daughter that she is no longer allowed to watch it in my house.  Two of my friends that are faithful viewers have said that they will not watch it anymore.

  10. RT @mercedes_g13: It's so hard watching Liza Weil play Bonnie on How To Get Away With Murder, I still see her as Paris Geller.

  11. RT @SongNDanceSarah: "how DARE you try and calm me down with cake??? ....GIMME THAT CAKE!!" literally Ms. Piggy is my idol #Muppets

  12. RT @goodreads: Green with book envy. (via @someecards) http://t.co/1I7QeXT9ts

  13. RT @WTFangirlBlog: I love how Jamie Lee's character is named after the original painting of "The Scream" #ScreamQueens

    1. Lori88


      I DVR it and will watch tonight!

  14. RT @number1coltfan: Seriously. AGT only votes for pity acts. Regurgitator should have won. #AGTFinale

  15. Lauriew, Awesome!!! I would love a walking partner. It def keeps me focused and accountable. Since I'm new I'm not sure how to send you a personal message; would you send me one and I can reply with my phone #? I live across the street from Northside School. I usually walk my neighborhood, track at SHHS or Tweetsie. I'm stoked! Please message me and we can set up a time and place. I'm so happy to have someone in town. Thank you!!!
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