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  1. Welcome! This is a good place to learn, share and grow!
  2. Congratulations and Happy Sleeve anniversary
  3. Thank you so much! I do not want to gain weight and I was afraid that this would put me off my goals! I am reading and researching! I have learned so much that I am no longer afraid! Bring it on!
  4. Anybody have a hysterectomy after sleeve surgery? What is it like and did you gain weight?
  5. I sent a picture of myself to a friend who has not seen me in 11 months. She said "you are little." I told her I am wearing a size "10" going to an "8" and stoping at a size "6." She told me stop at "8" ☺️☺️☺️ or "just stop now." I still don't feel little! KKathleen
  6. Congrats and best of luck!
  7. Congratulations and this is a great place for support!
  8. I hope you feel better and have a fast recovery!
  9. It sounds like what you are feeling is normal. This is a big deal and can open up a lot of emotions. Talk with you WLS team. Reach out to a professional counselor! It is a major surgery. In involves your body and mind. Your energy should return and try to also get an appointment with your primary care physician. You are not alone. There are many individuals here who have or who are going through the same thing. Please take care of yourself you are worth it! KKathleen
  10. I vote for the scotch too! Glad you are okay!!
  11. I also know that our health keeps going! I have a surgery in a few weeks! I will be off work and working out for almost 5 weeks. I am smaller and healthier. Life happens with my sleeve but it makes it easier that I am not as fat! I am living my sleeved life to the fullest! Keep it moving people with no excuses! KKathleen
  12. She will be able to cherish it forever ! That is a wonderful gift!!!