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  1. I hope everyone is recovering and losing. Had my surgery May 12th Experiencing almost no pain in my abdomen Gas and bloating seem to be gone Consuming all I can of protein shakes, soup, Greek yogurt, water, crystal light and tea, but having a hard time reaching more than 600 calories in a day. Bought this crazy Hemp protein stuff at GNC and am adding it to soups Logging on my fitness pal religiously, any one wanna be a friend? My user name is smcquarry Worked for 4 days, and thankfully had this 3 day weekend off. My energy levels are pretty low. Lost 15 lbs so far, including the one week pre op! I truly want to hear updates! Shannon
  2. Woooo hoooo! I just had cream of chicken soup, low sodium of course after 10 days of nothing but water and protein shakes. It was crazy good! I also bought applesauce, pudding and Greek yogurt (all sf and ff). Food is my .... tonight!
  3. I am finding that the protein shakes leave my mouth feeling like there's a chalky film left over, and this makes me thirsty. Can you try gargling with water or brushing your teeth after having one? Just an idea...good luck.
  4. The video helped me too. Read every post you see because they all help to ease your mind every step of the process. I am 4 days post op and feeling great!
  5. It's amazing the difference a day makes. Pain is half of what it was yesterday and my energy has doubled. I think I'll be fine fo work Monday. I have a sales/office job, not physically strenuous but can be mentally challenging. My boss is awesome though and will be ok if I do half days for the first week. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. Walking, sipping and LOSING!
  6. The hard part is over! Still in some pain, tolerating the liquids pretty well and super lethargic. I'm ready for the good stuff,weight loss, increased energy and mobility. I'm slated to go back to work Monday, but we'll see. Did anyone else go back after a week. My surgeon said I should be okay....
  7. Good luck and God bless today! Update if you can!
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