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  1. Have you had your surgery yet ? Pretty soon we will be shoveling snow ! O no ! Good luck to you on everything .
  2. I have Medicare and they covered 80% I paid 20% which was $10,000 . I didn't have regular insurance it give you a very different veiw on following your plan . I hope you get to paid a lot less than I did ! Mike
  3. I agree about not drinking 1/2 hour before , during and 1 hour after . I am a big time clock watcher during this period and like PapaG said practice , practice and practice more . Best to you !! Mike
  4. Best to you both on a speedy recovery and to your wonderful new life journey ! Mike
  5. I was a heavy 4 to 6 bottle a day diet MT. Dew drinker and any where from 3 to 5 cups of coffee drinker a day . On the day I had my first appointment and fond out this stuff had to go I switched to decaffeinated green tea MAY 13 and never looked back now I only drink tea , water or water with enhanced flavored . You can get use to it but like everyone said work on it before your surgery . Best of everything to you !! Mike
  6. Congratulations on your date very exciting time best to you !
  7. Speedy recovery remember to walk and sip .
  8. Congratulations on your date , it will be here before you know it .
  9. Welcome Stacey to TT and to your new life journey any questions just ask . There are many people on here at every stage of the journey and are very willing to answer any and all questions . Don't be afraid to ask anything they have heard It all . lol I wish you the very best on your journey .
  10. I bought the veggie machine over the weekend and it works great . You do not cook the veggies very long only a few minutes and the sauce is very important but I haven't had any problems cooking or in the taste of any of the vegetable .
  11. Your surgery is the same day as my oldest son ( 38 yrs old ) . I wish you a very speedy recovery and you will be home before you know it .
  12. best of luck to you and a speedy recovery !
  13. Yes , I had to have three years of proven weight attempts but stay big but my doctor had my records and faxed them fourteen years of them . I hope you have enough records and I wish you the best on your new life journey .
  14. Welcome to TT and to your up coming life changing journey !
  15. Welcome Danielle to TT and your new life journey you will find a lot of good people here .
  16. Yes , after WLS I don't sleep very well and wake up several times during the night .
  17. Time will fly by and it will be your turn . Remember to follow your surgical team plan to the letter it will help you a lot .
  18. Welcome Chris to TT , you have already made the first big step wanting to change your life to a healthier you . I personally found keeping my focus on eating healthy starting right now and every day key . I am only a little over four weeks out but have gone though a lot of changes in my eating habits ( it does get easy as you go along ) . Any questions or advice that can be had can most the time handled right here by people who have been there so ask away ( believe me they have heard it all ) . I wish you the best on your new life journey .
  19. Welcome to TT and the start to your new life journey !