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  1. I didn't feel judgement from your post more curiosity. Congratulations to you! I'm 2 1/4 years out, stay within a few pounds of my goal, and haven't faced complications. At one point I came here sometimes multiple times a day, but now it's occasionally. I got a promotion that takes more of my time, play tennis tournaments, do road races and I have just been busier in general. I enjoy reading posts and am still a little obsessed with the "what are you wearing" and "nsv" threads lol. If I check nothing else I will check those.
  2. I still can't get used to this. I work from home most of the time but travel in spurts that include courtrooms and other formal presentation settings. In the past when I had to travel I knew I had to go shopping or send out rush dry cleaning at the hotel because I never had a weeks worth of business clothes that fit at any given time much less two weeks! Now I still feel like I have to try everything on but it's more of a fashion show when I realize stuff still fits and I have lots of choices lol!
  3. I'm so sorry you lost your dad. I hope you find comfort in the wonderful memories you have!!
  4. You've gotten really good feedback on here from people at all different stages. I hope it helps you! It's a scary decision for lots of us. Fear of the unknown is very real and can become overwhelming. I caution you to weigh the facts and not the opinions. Ask your surgeon about complications in his or her practice and get their real numbers. After that go with your gut for what's right for you. I honestly believe that if you can change your diet and lose weight and not need surgery then that's what you should do. I couldn't. I tried. I really really really tried. I had sle
  5. I personally would own it and tell the surgeon the truth. If you trust your surgeon then you know she/he is on your side and has your best interest in mind. If she/he doesn't want to operate because of the popcorn just take it as a reminder to stay on track for the next time. Don't beat yourself but be honest with yourself up just move forward. I had some food funerals before my preop but once the two week liquid diet started I stuck to the rules until I was at goal for quite a while. I got to goal in less than 9 months and have been here for 18 months. Now I will occasionally have a coo
  6. Today I did the Peachtree Road Race. We got there at 5:00 a.m. to volunteer before we ran. My Fitbit says 68 flights of stairs and 11.6 miles (race is 6.2) as of 3:30 this afternoon. I'm tired but don't feel like I need to stay in bed for a week to recover like I usually do. It was a hard run but I actually felt fit during the race!!
  7. Last week looked like this: Monday Pilates and strength class 2hrs Tuesday tennis practice 2 hours Wednedsay Barre class and weights 2 hrs Thursday tennis match 2 1/2 hrs Saturday tennis match 2 hrs Sunday tennis match singles an hour and a long hike about 1 1/2 hours with my DH and crazy doggie Actually kind of weird how different life is without an extra 130lbs! I was always pretty active but now I just don't even think about it lol! I'm still blown away when someone comments on how strong I look!
  8. Thanks! I gotta admit that it's pretty awesome!
  9. Super casual outside wedding on Sunday. Michael Kors XS pink and black dress and black patent leather sandals. Sorry for the hotel potty in the back lol.
  10. I had severe sleep apnea before surgery. Literally scared the crap out of my family if I fell asleep without my cpap machine!! I have always been a super vivid dreamer and had pretty severe insomnia when thin or heavy. It has only gotten worse after surgery. The only thing that has helped a little tiny bit has been strong medicine that I won't take all the time. Not sure what the answer is.
  11. My Ann Taylor clearance rack score!! Sleeveless black dress size 4 that had to be taken in on the bottom, Ivanka cheetah sling back shoes and Target xs red cardigan I left in the car.
  12. Thanks!! I can't believe it's been two years!!! Tennis was super fun even though we came in second.
  13. Thank you!!! Late last night after our final match we went to dinner and I saw a woman I used to work with before surgery and went to say hi. I was still wearing my stinky tennis clothes and she has always seen me in very conservative suits so the whole context was different. It took me a good while to convince her it was actually me. My teammates got a kick out of it but some of them had never seen me heavy so they were like what's the big deal. I showed them pictures and even the people who knew me before were amazed lol.
  14. Thank you! Odd but I hadn't really thought about feeling proud this weekend but I really am!
  15. Not sure why it didn't quote lol. This weekend is my two year surgiversary. I played in a four day tennis tournament and went to the tournament party too!!! I know that I am really saggy but I feel terrific!!!
  16. WOW!!! This picture reminds me of the sweater girl era!!! Jane Mansfield, Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe!! Perfection!!!
  17. Casual meeting. Loft xs Kelly green sweater, small hot pink top from Belk, size 2 Loft white Capri pants and some retro looking sandals.
  18. Raeme

    Lost it

    I totally get being undercover about surgery!! It is definitely a tricky decision whether to tell or not. I honestly didn't plan to tell anyone except immediate family but then as I lost the weight I changed my mind and decided I don't care what anyone says about it. In this case it wasn't talking about the surgery or how I lost weight that bothered me it was about my weight being the main topic of conversation. Grr
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