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  1. New bottles of BariActiv vitamins for sale!

    Hi ChunkyPB, I guess it's actually not my insurance that has the plan. It's a plan that is in place that my insurance (and many others, I'm sure) cover. Go to this website, and it will explain all the details. I'm sure there is a place there to check and see if they accept your insurance. Good luck! I've been very happy with it. https://www.nascobal.com/patient/
  2. New bottles of BariActiv vitamins for sale!

    I'm sorry. I sure don't.
  3. New bottles of BariActiv vitamins for sale!

    I have three bottles. There are 60 tablets in each bottle, so that's three full months' supply. How about $20 for all three, plus shipping? If that's OK, just go ahead and do it via Paypal, and I'll get these out today.
  4. New bottles of BariActiv vitamins for sale!

    Thanks for the extra to help offset shipping. I had no idea it would be so much! Crazy. I think I have three bottles of the multi-vitamins, but they are at my office, so I can confirm for sure on Tuesday. I think the flavor is called "mixed berry". They actually have a good taste. I tolerated them very well for the first few months. Then I just got a little tired of them and switched to an OTC kind. But I liked these a lot.
  5. New bottles of BariActiv vitamins for sale!

    The flavor is actually pretty good, in my opinion. A little chalky, but most of the calcium ones are. PayPal is perfect. Vwilson0518@gmail.com. Just send me your address.
  6. New bottles of BariActiv vitamins for sale!

    It's the Natural Berry flavor. I actually have three more bottles of it now. I get a new bottle each month with my B12 nasal. I would sell all six bottles for $40. I really don't want to make a profit. Just want to help offset some of my expense. I can't imagine the shipping would be too expensive. Just let me know if you're interested.
  7. New bottles of BariActiv vitamins for sale!

    Sure! In fact, I just got another delivery yesterday, so I probably have 4 bottles now. Do you want all 4? If so, what do you think is a fair price?
  8. I don't always feel different

    Our stories, sizes and stats are almost identical. I had a similar experience this past weekend. I needed a formal dress for a fancy Christmas party. I took my mom with me because I knew that I had no earthly idea what size to begin with. Congrats to you on the great weight loss. I'm hopeful that my brain will soon begin catching up with my body's changes. You put into words what I've been trying to understand and explain. At size 24 and 275 pounds, I *felt* like I looked OK for the weight that I was. But looking at pictures, I'm starting to see the truth. Here's to many new revelations and insights! XOXO
  9. I have the following brand new and unopened bottles of BariActiv vitamins for sale. Due to my insurance, I pay $40 per month for a bundled package of multi-vitamins, Iron + C, Calcium, and nasal B12. However, I only use the B12. I've asked them to stop sending the vitamins since I don't use this brand, but they tell me it's the same price whether you receive them or not. 2 bottles of Multi-Vitamins 3 bottles of Iron + C 3 bottles of Calcium Is anyone interested in buying these? I'd sell the whole kit and caboodle for $80. For those who don't have insurance, this is a steal!
  10. Your favorite recipes or "go-to" meals.....

    Thank you so much! This is very helpful. I guess moving onto this phase is just a bit overwhelming. LOL I've done really well with soft foods, but only get about 3 ounces in at a time until I'm full. I've been supplementing with 1/2 of a protein shake mixed into my decaf coffee as a mid morning snack. I think I'll probably add a "food" snack in place of the shake as I move along. Thanks again for the input.
  11. Your favorite recipes or "go-to" meals.....

    Haha....My husband is the same way. He could eat the same thing every day! Thanks for the input.
  12. Your favorite recipes or "go-to" meals.....

    Ah, I guess that would have been helpful. Honestly, I just figured I'd take the ones I could use and there may be others who'd like to see ideas from the successful veterans here. My particular plan is pretty strict, I'm learning. Protein first, then a few of the healthy carbs if I have room (veggies only). No crackers, bread, potatoes, beans, etc. No liquid calories (milk, juice, etc.). Hopefully, that helps. Thanks, guys!
  13. In two days, I get to move to Phase 4 foods, the way I'll eat until I've lost ~ 75% of my excess weight. Excited? Yes, I am. LOL Anyway, I'd love to hear some of your favorite "go-to" meals and/or recipes. Thanks!
  14. The dreaded C word......

    Makes total sense to me. Also, I thought it would be good to come back and report that I ended up doing the Miralax and had good results. Thanks so much to all of you for the advice. I knew I could could on it from here!
  15. This is awesome! I'm glad you got to enjoy a dinner out with your family. It sounds like that, and the bike ride, did wonders for your outlook. Sometimes it seems like the bad days far outweigh the good ones, but just one good one can come and totally wipe out the past few bad ones. Hang in there. And I hope my earlier post didn't sound condescending. It wasn't meant that way at all. I just like to focus on the positives, and my piddly little 9.2 pounds had me pretty happy. LOL