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  1. jenwall

    Sleeved mom-Michigan 05/16/2017

    I was sleeved 2.5 years ago and it's the best decision I have ever made. I don't recall back pain but also loved with back pain for a long time before and after due to muscle split in abs. Now after losing and keeping of my 135lbs I had a tummy tuck and my muscles sewn together and no more back pain. I will you both luck in your long journey ahead. It may be a life long journey but it's one that is so worth it.
  2. jenwall

    I had my tummy tuck done

    Yes they did lip right under my boobs and on my love handle area. Also had my vagina lifted a tad cause I had a fatter vagina and then after the weight loss it drooped a little so the did Lopo theirs also. It cost roughly $8,500
  3. jenwall

    I had my tummy tuck done

    I had what you call diastasis recti from my first pregnancy.
  4. After almost 2 years post op and 1 year at same weight I decided to have my tummy tuck. Mostly cause my back was so bad because of my torn ab muscles. So now that I am 3 weeks post op I feel amazing. Back to doing all of my regular stuff (that is everything but lifting). I have an awesome family to help with that stuff. Photos below are 1 week post op and before pictures. I am excited to see how I look a year from now. I can tell I stand a lot straighter also.
  5. jenwall

    Need advice

    My other concern is lack of exercise. I love to run but weather hasn't permitted lately and the gym I go to is working on ventilation till end of month and still can't go cause I can't breath. Tried it once and almost passed out. also trying to work out my tummy for strength and shrinking doesnt work cause I have been advised not to do sit-ups and crunches cause I have a bad case of diastasis recti and can't do those exercises.
  6. jenwall

    Need advice

    I feel like seeing myself at the same size I was before hand when I look in a mirror is what is hindering me to go on further in my weight loss journey. I don't know what to do. I like ice cream again and sweets and I don't even want them but I still eat them. Most of the time it makes me sick but at times I don't care. Other times I do. Just wondering what everyone does to meet their sweet tooth cravings. On a better note even tho I still see myself as larger my Dr told me that I have surpassed the average weight loss for someone that started at my size and had the same surgery as me. So they are fine if I sit here but I want to be about 20lbs lighter.
  7. jenwall

    Before and After 4 months post op

    Thanks everyone
  8. The one of me sitting is in September old me to April new me so far. Other one is Christmas old me to April new me so far. Hoping to get smaller. Just struggling alot these days.