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  1. Anyone have advice for avoiding a hard tummy? My stomach feels as if in knots right now from previous lap band and gallbladder removal, so I don't want it to get worse with upcoming sleeve procedure. I heard massage can help ?
  2. Thank you for the support, Brook

  3. Hi. I am scheduled for Gastric Sleeve on March 14th. Live in California. Seeking support or tips on how to handle the first 30 days Post OP with the new life and food plan ? I am nutritionally aware and feel ready, however will have issues with learning how to cope with stress and anxiety in new ways as opposed to snacking. I am 210 lbs and 5'3. Young feeling but in my 50's. I so want to feel comfortable in my own skin and to get some weight off for health reasons with the added benefit of some much needed self esteem. Too many years with the extra weight. Thank you for reading!
  4. Can anyone give me assist me in navigating this website, specifically, I would like to find a weight loss support group by location ? I am thinking I am going to need an "in person and live" support group. I am having my surgery done in Mexico, so I will not be affiliated with a US hospital, but will be living in North Bay in San Francisco Area, California. Let me know, Thank you!
  5. Hi All I am new here. Considering the Sleeve in the next few months. I am trying to figure out how in the world I will be able to make "a shift" in my thinking when I get anxious or stressed ? I tend to turn to food for comfort. Not in huge volumes, but just to be able to sit down at the end of a day and have my one glass of wine with cheese and crackers, or the munching that I do in small amounts but quite often? Feels very scary to know I will not have food as my friend any more and what will I do with the loss and the emotions? Thank you for your support.