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  1. Congrats on your loss so far. Keep up the good work.
  2. MaggienScout


    cup size hasn't changed for me, but band size has def gone down. As for shoe size, exactly the same post op as it was pre op.
  3. I have had this happen quite a few times. Low blood pressure and not getting enough protein
  4. Please research any drug they want to put on. Find out what the side effects are starting it and also what they are coming off it. I'm on an SSRI (prescribed 10+ years ago) and my new psychiatrist says my SSRI is one of the worst for awful withdrawal effects, even with just weaning off.
  5. Thanks for posting, I'm going to pass this onto my mum who loves her potato salad
  6. Thanks everyone. I've had more pain after the procedure, especially when the local wore off. I'm also being a lazy bones and following the post procedure instructions, no strenuous activity for a week, not that I was planning on doing some anyway!
  7. Hi everyone I had the biopsy on Friday, the local anesthetic stung like mad and they had to give me a second shot of it to make the area dead enough. Its a bizarre feeling when you can 'feel' some one cutting into you, but it doesn't hurt. It did hurt a little when they actually took the samples, and seeing how long the needle was a little disconcerting (so fricken long!) In the recovery area the nurses were wonderful, very attentive, one of them even told off the doctor who was doing my biopsy as we were all ready and waiting and he decided to wander off somewhere!. Anyone that has experienced the Aussie public health system would of been impressed. I was lucky in that I had very little pain so after 4 hours they were satisfied I wasn't bleeding anywhere and was sent home. Darn long day as it takes 2hrs driving each way, but considering I didn't have to pay a cent for the procedure I didn't mind too much (kudos to my darling mum for driving me to and fro). I'll find out the results in 2 weeks when I go back to see the specialist (unless something is drastically wrong). Hope everyone had a good weekend
  8. Thanks everyone. I got a call from my primary care doctor yesterday, my last lot of blood tests have come back and she needs to see me. It was mainly checking my vitamin levels and I've been very naughty and not taking my vitamins like I should everyday . It will be interesting (for me at least) to see what I'm low in compared to other times. I'm always low in Vit D and B12.
  9. thanks sleeve, res and wendy. They suspect its either fatty liver disease or an autoimmune disorder. Thankfully I rarely drink alcohol, last time was 3 years ago. At least they can't use that as an excuse to not do anything, like they used with my weight. I'm sure you know what I mean the "Lose weight and you'll be fine" mantra doctors always sprout.
  10. after the liquid phase of my diet I was ready to throw out the protein shakes I'd bought. I thoroughly hated the sight of the buggers, the thought of drinking one more mouthful of that vile stuff made me want to vomit. Even now a year out, I still get a queasy feeling thinking about them.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm still lurking around. Still not working, but I am studying for a diploma so at least I'm not sitting around doing nothing 24/7. I'm still getting dizzy spells, no where near the frequency as before, but they sure make me feel awful. Latest news is my Liver Function Test levels have been rising so I've had an MRI and fibroscan which has shown nothing significant, so next step is to have a liver biopsy or to just leave it. Even though I'm a bit nervous I just want answers, I'm thoroughly over this. I found out the other day that another assistant manager has resigned from where I work, that's 6 in two years, I swear that position is cursed. Take care everyone
  12. you could always ask how old his food baby is
  13. Some days I swear I have tapeworms in me. I feel hungry all the time. I try the water trick, drink a glass of water and wait 5 mins, if I still feel hungry, then I'll eat a piece of cheese. One night my subconscious was screaming at me to eat, yet my tummy felt comfortably full, our bodies can be strange!
  14. it could be as simple as you are now sleeping in a different position, and your body is saying "Oi! I don't like this". I'd mention it to your surgeon the next time you see him/her. You will discover that your body actually contains bones, like hip bones and they can HURT when you bump them