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  1. Any liquid would count at fluid intake even SF Popsicles and Jello is what I was told
  2. Thanks I love to see all the responses - it's funny that refried beans is one of my favorites that I also have almost daily with cheese and some avocado !! Also love me some eggs !!
  3. I am almost to the point of being off the "soft" part of this and on to regular food. I was just curious what others looked forward to and are there foods you went to to early. Thanks
  4. Cottage cheese, refried beans, turkey lunch meat, eggs (poached), soup
  5. I am almost 4 weeks out and am running out of ideas for the "soft" portion of this process. Does anyone have any suggestions I would greatly approximate it
  6. I tried the Mio as well but was also using the Crystal light I will try just that and see how it works. Thanks all
  7. I as losing great and feeling great but having a hard time with liquids now. Before surgery I was addicted to Crystal light but once I stopped I could immediately tell that that is what was making me so irregular and zapped my energy. The artificial stuff just was awful so I started doing the infused water but I am so bored with cucumbers and lemons and I haven't found anything else that gives enough flavor. Does anyone have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.
  8. I am 8 days Post-op and for the most part feeling fantastic. But the last couple days now that the surgical glue is coming off I am having a really bad allergic reaction and it is all swollen and red and itchy. I know this to will pass but right now it's miserable
  9. One week post-op tomorrow and feeling really good. A little difficult not being able to eat but I know that I am NOT physically hungry only head hungry.
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