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  1. That was my only complaint post surgery. I was sooooo tired all the time and that was the last thing I was expecting. I finally called my surgeon and he said that if that was my only complaint I should say a thankful prayer and take a nap! LOL he was right of course, my energy gradually came back the more nutrients I started to consume.
  2. Hello! Im starting to get interested in plastics and I have some questions. I'm planning on get a TT, Arm lift and breast lift-possibly with implants all at once- and what I'm most concerned about right now is the inability to use my arms. I tolerate pain/surgeries very well, but the post-surgery hygiene and restroom use is troubling me. I'm thinking of hiring the nurse that we used for my mother in law -the woman is a saint (the nurse not my mother-in-law lol ) - to be with me for the first week that I am home. I work for home and am alone for the majority of the day. So here are my questions: 1. How did you resolve the issue with not being able to use your arms? 2. How long before you were able to bathe/ use restroom on your own? 3. How long before you were able to use computer/ laptop? thanks in advance!
  3. I hiccup when I ate just to the limit or when I drink too quickly.
  4. Make sure you are getting in enough water. Even at almost 11 months out I can tell immediately when I need to up my water intake because the scale either goes up OR it stops altogether. Also, if you are not having regular BM make sure you mention to your doctor. That is VERY common early on and will definitely make you bloated and stop the weigh loss. Most importantly, HANG IN THERE! It will get better, the weight WILL come off. Read all of the success stories on here we have all gone through many different things and I can assure you that MOST of us would not change a thing in the end.
  5. I got SO overwhelmed the first few days after surgery. I was freaking out because I couldn't get any protein in, the water, vitamins, etc it was all too much. So, I called my surgeon because I was SO weak and he told me "rest and concentrate on water intake...everything else will slowly fall into place" and that is exactly what I did. I would let Betty (my new belly ) tell me when she had enough. I would not force anything. And sure enough it all did fall into place. It is one of the best decisions I've ever made. You WILL get through it.
  6. Wow! I thought I knew about all the post-op things that I would experience, but I had NO idea this was common.! I'm almost 9 months out/ down 101 lbs and about 2 months ago all of a sudden I could barely sit without pain in my tailbone! Thankfully it's almost all gone now, but I was scared for a while thinking it was an old fall I had come back to haunt me.
  7. That is AMAZING!!!!!! Congrats! I'm sure you feel like a new person!
  8. Amazing!!!! I'm out almost 9 months and still haven't done a side by side before and after!
  9. Hi. I'm almost 11 weeks post-op and just got my first headache. It's a pretty bad PMS one. This is the first time since surgery that I've need a pain med so I'm not sure what I CAN take. Any suggestions?
  10. I had 1/3 of a bar, I didn't get a stomach ache, but was inexplicably gassy a couple hours later. Tried another piece next day and same thing happened. Immediately canceled the huge box I had ordered on Amazon!
  11. Is all rice created equal as far as us RNY-ers go? Is brown rice OK? I'm only 3 weeks out so it's a longgg ways away before I would even attempt to taste it, but I'm curious. Whats been your experience?
  12. ((hugs)) we all have rough days. You've come SOOO FAR...you need to give priority to yourself and your well-being first. Especially don't put your doc appointments on hold for any reason if you can. If you might lose your insurance at the end of the year..all the more reason to get in as many appts as you can now! Hope you're feeling better soon!
  13. lol Yes, it seems like a lot of ingredients, but it is SO super easy and good. If you like lentils...give it a try!