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  1. Thank you everyone for your comments. They were helpful.
  2. Thank you all for the confirmation that I don't looked malnourished or sick.
  3. I am happy with my results from surgery. I lost 110 pounds and would like to lose 5 more pounds to my goal. But the strangest thing about this adventure is many people began commenting that I look sick since I lost so much weight. I'm in the normal weight category for my height. Im surprised by these comments and I seem to get them more each day. I'm unsure on how to react to these comments.
  4. I'm 3.5 months post op from Gastric bypass. I lost a total of 62 pounds so far. I understand that I was a lightweight at the beginning weighing 245 lbs. I lost approximately 3lbs a week. I noticed the last 2 weeks I'm down to 1 lb a week. I want to take a full advantage of my honeymoon period. I understand that I'm getting closer to a normal weight which will slow the pace of weight loss. I currently excercise approximately 3 hrs a week at this moment. I drink approx 64 oz of water on a daily basis. I consume approx 300-600 calories a day with 60-90 g of protein with 9-35 g of carbs. Do you guys have any recommendations to help me lose my weight at a better pace then 1lb a week? Any suggestions or advice are greatly appreciated.
  5. I had Dr. Hoehn performed my gastric bypass. I think the staff is friendly.
  6. Ellie welcome to the losers bench. Hang in there it will eventually get better. I'm 2 weeks post op and still struggle to get my fluids and protein in.
  7. Hello angelbee. I had my bypass the day before you on 5/11 if you like to communicate with each other. Congratulations and welcome to the losers bench.
  8. Welcome rnyspark. I had my bypass on 5-11. How are you doing after your surgery.
  9. Djean I'm glad your feeling half human. I'm feeling the same but maybe quarter human. I did managed to get outside for a few hours for a graduation party. If you like to visit more feel free to email me at brianadey79@yahoo. I hope you will do ok to return to work by Tuesday. I want to take 2 weeks but unsure I might have to take 3 weeks. We will see how it goes.
  10. Djean how's your pain level today?
  11. Djean I am not doing too bad this morning. I haven't tried any milk or water yet. I'm kinda gun shy at this moment. I had ice and protein with water and beef broth. I might try tomorrow and see about a different milk. I guess it will take a bit to not be gun shy. It's the first day I felt good and I don't want mess it up.
  12. Djean, I am only able to drink chicken broth and crushed ice at this moment. I have chosen not to progress to the next level until I can handle my fluids better. Before this I was trying to get my protein shake in- but I was getting sick so I am wondering if I'm lactose intolerant. If I feel better in the morning I'm trying a lactose free milk in my shake and see how that goes.
  13. Djean I'm glad you are doing good. On the other hand I'm struggling to get my fluids in. I hope you continue to heal.
  14. I am 4 days post op and having difficulty time of getting my fluids in. I have been struggling for a couple days... Broth is ok, but the pouch don't like water, protein shakes. I'm back to the basics of eating ice to try to get water in. I have been drinking 1 oz every 10 minutes but that oz is broken down to 4 sips. It still seem like my pouch is stuffed with the 1 oz. I know I am still healing but it's frustrating. Any tips to the newbie.
  15. Ksgal79

    May 11th

    I had my surgery yesterday. It was ok yesterday but today is a little rougher. I'm going to take one day at a time. How'd everybody is doing so far?
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