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  1. Hi all I had the sleeve 3 years ago. This past thursday I feel good. No real pain, except for being sore. Of course the sleeve wasn't touched so I'm having a hard time believing I had the switch done except for the ugly punctures and bruises on my stomach. I'm on the full liquid diet so I'm thinking that is why I'm feeling good? No bathroom issues and not gas issues yet. Anyone else here was revised from sleeve to duodenal switch?
  2. I have an all afternoon work session and they are providing pulled pork, coleslaw, dessert and regular or sweet tea. I packed my lunch. Grilled chicken and asparagus and cucumbers for later and 2 bottles of water. I may feel like a fool eating out of my thermos but I'm not about to cave with getting something I can't have. I think the pulled pork will have BBQ sauce on it and I'm sure it'll be ok to eat but still freaked out on eating outside of what I know that I can have. Anyone else freak out at luncheons?
  3. I think I'm just freaking out a bit. I did eat some eggs day before yesterday and could only eat one egg. Still didn't feel the restriction but I started to hiccup. I know the cookies were just bad, bad, bad. I'm forgiving myself and moving on. The cookies will no longer be in my house. They were left overs from a family thing. Head hunger sucks but I've done pretty good up until last night. But still no excuse. Thank you everyone!
  4. I'm 3 weeks out. I'm following my dr's diet to the T. Soft foods this week and can start with more dense foods next week. I'm still not really feeling any restriction on eating. I do get full and I start to hiccup and I stop eating. I've had one small mess up due to stress at work and I was alone at home all night last night and I lost to the head hunger monster and had 2 cookies that I sucked on until they melted in my mouth. I'm freaked out about the no restriction feeling. Is that normal still?
  5. I had my husband stay with me. Just to help me get up and down and not to have to drive the nurses crazy. We had a nice hospital date night with diluted grape juice and watching movies on cable. We don't have cable at home so it was a fun night for us! ha ha
  6. Hi all! It's been a crazy month and a half. I went to having to find a new doctor to being sleeved all within 6 weeks. My original doctor has lost most of his surgery rights to the main 2 hospitals. I switched to a new doctor and LOVE him. Everything went from being scary to I can do this. I was sleeved on Monday 7/20 and feel great. Although I did weigh myself on Wednesday and I have gained 10 pounds. I'm assuming that is IV fluid. I have been getting my fluids in and 2 protein shakes a day so far. Life is good! I'm glad to be on this side now.
  7. Hi all. My original doctor had me scheduled for June 4, then June 15, then June 25, then was going to reschedule again. He was to be out for vacation. I was telling a really good friend that I was getting frustrated and she told me that she had talked to her niece about this surgeon (nothing confidential was said about me to the nurse). The nurse said oh HECK NO! She said he was always going on vacation and never there for his patients and 90% of the time he had issues after surgery with the patients. I rescheduled to a new doctor that 3 of my friends have one to. Plus the nurse recommended this doctor. I'm starting all over with someone new July 1st. I'm grateful that I found this out now but feel upset at myself because I thought I researched this doctor enough. I wish I would have gone with this new doctor sooner but I was going to the other doctor because he was cheaper by several thousand dollars. I'm paying out of pocket. My life is not worth several thousand dollars. Sad, mad, and glad all at the same time. So no June surgery date for me.
  8. Hi all. I've been lurking here for about 6 months. So inspiring and informative. I have my date set for gastric sleeve on June 4th. Mine is that far out due to work issues. Excited to be on the losers bench in just short while. Glad to be here.
  9. Oh that stinks! So sorry. You can meet that goal. And May 26th will be here before you know it!
  10. Hi I have my date! June 4, 2015.