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  1. Yay! Please tell us how you are doing!
  2. I've been using Unjury and the choc is good! There are some examples here I'm going to try too!
  3. Thanks, I'm assuming that the fat percentage of a ketogenic diet will be too high considering the small amount of food sleevers can consume and the nutrition we need. Primal sounds perfect and it's what my husband wants to do, that will give us the same foods with smaller servings for me. Protein first!
  4. I know people who eat a primal or paleo diet and some that follow the ketogenic diet. I wondered if any long time sleevers have tried these?
  5. I like my Charge HR, also tells me who's calling on my phone.
  6. That was my date too! Each day is getting better and better!
  7. AnaWLS

    Surgery 4-20!

    Sooo, how soon post op do you start feeling better? a week? Two? Please don't say two
  8. AnaWLS

    Surgery 4-20!

    Do have a question though, they said to crush the Pepcid. How long do I need to do that ? I can call the nurse, just figured I'd see how long others had too.
  9. AnaWLS

    Surgery 4-20!

    Surgery went smoothly, went home last night. Thanks for all the well wishes and rofl @ 420 .
  10. AnaWLS

    Surgery 4-20!

    tomorrow is the big day! Jitters a bit, but calm also. Ready to begin this journey. Grateful for this forum and support!