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  1. Tri-Delta4Life


    @Lyds85 - Just wanted to say hang in there! I ended up having to do IVF, but my baby girl turns 10 months old tomorrow and she's the light of my life.
  2. I had RNY om 5/5/15. First picture is from Nov '14 (308 lbs) & second is from Nov '15 (188 lbs). When times were tough those first few weeks (ok - months) after surgery, when I couldn't sip water without feeling nauseaus, when I wanted to cry about not enjoying a glass of wine with friends, when I thought I'd never feel 'normal' again... looking at people's success pictures on here gave me hope & motivation to push through. I hope this can give someone else the same hope.
  3. Tri-Delta4Life

    Episodes of extreme discomfort @ 3 months out

    That would make a lot of sense, but my gallbladder was removed a couple of years ago.
  4. Tomorrow, I'll be 14 weeks out from surgery and I feel sick the majority of the time. I'm actually starting to regret my decision to have surgery. My biggest issue is nausea, accompanied by a crushing/tight feeling in my chest and lots of burping - terrible discomfort. An episode of this will last anywhere from 2-8 hours, happens at least once a day, and does not appear to be particularly related to food consumption (can occur immediately after eating or right before the next meal). During this time, I can't drink water, let alone consider eating. Besides the obvious physical effects of feeling like this (not being able to eat as much protein or drink as much water as I need some days), it's also starting to take a mental toll. I feel like I can't make social plans because there's a good chance I won't feel well enough to carry them out. Thoughts on the cause of these "episodes"?
  5. Tri-Delta4Life

    5mo post op/preg

    I can imagine how tough & scary that feels! Hang in there. Would it help you feel more in 'control' if you planned the extra snacks/foods to increase your calorie intake, as opposed to just winging-it? Good luck with your last couple of months!
  6. Tri-Delta4Life

    Why am I doing this?

    I had the same "do I really need this" feelings because I had no-comorbidities going into surgery, but I knew it would just be time before I started to develop some. Like you, I also have baby fever! I had surgery in May, so I'm planning to start trying again late next spring. Whenever I get down about having to wait, I just think about how much more fun and easy being pregnant will be at a normal weight.
  7. Tri-Delta4Life

    New from Iowa

    Welcome! I had surgery on 5/5 at University of Iowa and am doing pretty well. Where did you do your info session at?
  8. Tri-Delta4Life

    Glad to be here but I've got questions!

    Congrats! No experience to share, but I'm thrilled for you.
  9. Tri-Delta4Life

    PCOS after surgery

    Wow! There are more PCOS gals around here than I thought! Glad to know I'm in good company. I had surgery to increase my fertility because attempts to lose weight on my own & under doctor supervision were not working. I was naturally eating a 1400-1600 calorie a day diet (I'm 5'5") when I logged my foods for a few months for my PCP, but my weight continued to keep going up. My doctor was flummoxed, so we experimented on different calorie diets to determine the point where I would lose weight. Ultimately, after lots & lots of tracking - we determined 1000 calories was my "maintain" point and 800 calories a day put me into slight weight loss, while 600 put me in the 1-2 pounds a week loss area. So I did that for about a year (600 calories a day - almost all protein, with very little carbs) and I got down from 260lbs to 185lbs. I maintained there for a few months before just not being able to tolerate being hungry all the time and I slowly returned to my natural 1400-1600 calorie a day diet, which over the course of a couple years took me all the way up to 300lbs. Then when I got serious about trying to get pregnant and when I had no luck (and didn't really want to be pregnant at 300lbs anyway), I went to an OB/GYN who diagnosed me with PCOS and said there was no treatment other than metformin she was willing to perform on me until I was at a healthy weight. That's when I decided to have the surgery!
  10. Tri-Delta4Life

    Pre OP/ Post op Birth control

    I don't have any advice, but the one time I had a depo shot, I bleed for 3 straight months and it SUCKED. Hang in there!
  11. Tri-Delta4Life

    PCOS after surgery

    I also have PCOS and just had RNY on 5/5. I don't really have any answers to your questions, yet - but hopefully I will in time! Just wanted you to know that you're not alone.
  12. Tri-Delta4Life


    Thanks for sharing! Anyone else out the "waiting"? I feel like it's baby season on Facebook. Everytime I check my newsfeed, there are more pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, big gorgeous baby bumps, and adorable baby pics! It makes me so excited!!
  13. Tri-Delta4Life


    Glad to know I'm not alone! We're you using b/c when you got pregnant? I'm still debating what to use. I can't take estrogen based b/c because of a previous dvt/PE. After my dvt/PE, I took a depo shot while I was on blood thinners and it took 6 months for my period to come back - so I'm not willing to do that again & risk that it'll take even longer to get regular! Guess I'll just go with condoms or see about the mini-pill.
  14. Tri-Delta4Life


    Anyone counting down to the date you can start trying to get pregnant? I know different programs have different suggested wait times post-op. My program is 1 year. After trying actively (and non-actively) for years, I was diagnosed with PCOS. My ob/gyn didn't want to try any fertility treatments until I lost a significant amount of weight - which lead me to WLS. I had no other co-morbidities, so infertility was my main factor in deciding on surgery. I turn 30 in August - so time is ticking! I've got 11 months of waiting to go! Just curious who else is in the same situation.
  15. Tri-Delta4Life

    No protein powder?

    My surgery center (a center of excellence) doesn't allow the use of protein powder/shakes. In order to get liquid protein in, we use 'double milk'- 8oz skim milk with 1/3 c powdered milk added. Anyone else survive with no protein powder/shakes?