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  1. Amazing Lucy, congratulations, casting off the old and being in tip top shape for the new!
  2. Hooray, that’s great news! Sorry about the initial pain but it sounds like you’re doing great now if you’re up and walking around! it sounds like you are totally back on the path to being where you want to be, I know that feeling well and for me it’s such a relief after the last year or so of drifting further and further from where I wanted to be. let’s do this!
  3. That is almost too much cuteness in one picture - I can hardly bear it!
  4. Enjoy the ‘whooshes’ Robin because there’ll be tiny ‘puffs’ and sometimes nothing interspersed with them! I only lost a couple of pounds my first two weeks and then lost 15 in week three! But if you average it all out over a month it was pretty consistent in the first 6 months or so. But just think, whether it’s fluid, fat or whatever, that’s TEN WHOLE POUNDS GONE and you are allowed to celebrate!
  5. Welcome @TheJuice202, not long now and you’ll be on the other side! Wishing you all the best!
  6. I’ve only paid passing attention as it’s not really relevant to me now but from what I’ve noticed DS seems to be gaining in popularity, with some surgeons now doing them exclusively. I wouldn’t be surprised if DS is the bariatric surgery of choice down the track.
  7. Great to see you posting again @GAviv, this is still one of my favourite threads (not that I’ve posted much in it), so now that you’re back it might be a bit more active! I’m 4 (and a bit) weeks out from my gastric bypass revision (and Gastrogastric Fistula/Hiatus Hernia repair) and I’ve lost 22 of my 31 pound regain since the start of my pre-op diet which I’m ecstatic about. I can’t say I’m loving the ‘soft foods’ stage but I know it’s for the greater good! 31 pounds to go and I’ll be at my goal weight, unlike you I never got there after my original surgery 4 years ago but I’m going to
  8. Great to hear and I hope you continue to improve day-by-day.
  9. I’m so sorry to hear about your challenging experience, it sounds like it was very difficult for you. Revision surgery is known to be more risky than first time surgery, I’m so sorry that you were one of the percentage of people who had complications as a result. I definitely feared similar complications, particularly a leak. I’m assuming your surgeon did a leak test as part of the procedure? I known mine did one during the surgery. In terms of whether or not you would do it over again, it doesn’t really sound like you had an option, particularly in relation to the Gastrogastric Fistula,
  10. You look absolutely amazing and so radiant! Thank you for the inspiration!
  11. Oh yes, he is @BurgundyBoy! I’m about to start “How to change your mind”, hopefully it’s not too highbrow for me!
  12. I’m leaning towards a Keto-seque approach this time around though like @cinwa I’ll be including beans, pulses etc. (and other low GI carbs) from time to time as I’m a vegetarian and I also believe they’re good for you! I’m also with @cinwa and @BurgundyBoy on the butter, and none of that low fat dairy malarkey for me either! mybariatricdietitian.com suggests a balance of 32% protein/8% carbs/60% fats for bariatric patients using a Keto approach as opposed to the standard Keto ranges for non-bariatric patients of 15-30% protein/5-10% carbs/60-75% fats (delendent on sex/weight/weight los
  13. I had a band KB, and during that time got to my highest weight of 380+ pounds. I had it removed and had a gastric bypass in 2015 and (even with some gain prior to my revision a week ago) had lost around 135 pounds (165 from the day of surgery). Add to that the long term damage caused to my Oesophagus as well as abdominal adhesions, I wouldn’t do it now if I had the chance to make the choice again. My mother and sister have also both currently got bands, my mother says she’s happy but has a lot of issues (food getting stuck, vomiting etc.) and my sister is currently investigating the sleeve.
  14. Inspirational @Brooke Danielle Yes I’d love to know what your tips for maintaining are and a little snapshot of your new lifestyle!
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