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  1. You're looking great, very well put together indeed! I'm a long way from goal so I know how confronting it is posting on this thread, but you'll have some great comparison shots for down the track!
  2. I can't wait to be able to wear a fitted coat like this, you look so classy!
  3. Love this whole outfit, especially the dress! Let's face it though, I could say the same thing about all of your outfits!
  4. You look like a totally different person! Same lovely smile though! And because I didn't get around to commenting the other day, loved the cream coloured sweater dress, the only thing better than a sexy sweater dress is one with a baby bump accessorising it!
  5. Not only can you but you are pulling off that look Clickin, you look great!
  6. Great post Tom, and I can relate to so much of what you say here, I appreciate your heartfelt words. Congratulations on your wonderful success thus far!
  7. I agree with roadtohealth, jump on this as soon as you can. My experience was absolutely awful, I went 8 days and in the end (sorry, TMI) had to do a manual removal (with gloves and a lubricant) and had tearing and bleeding. I kept asking the medical staff about it but no one seemed to think it was an issue, so I was really annoyed when I got to that point. ^^ I was also taking stool softeners (that the medical staff gave me) but because there was already a blockage they didn't do a thing other than make the subsequent bowel motions softer, they didn't address the initial blockage. While I was drinking plenty of water and hardly eating anything, my initial BM was massive, and I'd say the main issue was the opiate based pain relief that I was on, but if I had my time again i'd ask for an enema way before I got to the point of feeling like I was having a baby out of my bum! ;-)
  8. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments and support, I'm sure we've all got similar stories when it all comes down to it, and I'm SO grateful for the opportunity to rewrite mine along with everyone here!
  9. Long time reader, first time poster in this here "What are you wearing today" thread! Christmas day is almost done here down under, and what a weird day, no food coma for me. I jokingly said to my sister "I don't understand who we are as a family anymore" since 3 out of the 5 of us there today are weight loss surgery patients, and the other 2 don't need to be! I'm wearing an ASOS kimono sleeve top in a size 14 (for anyone who hasn't shopped at ASOS, do yourself a favour!), size 14 'Embody Denim' jeans (these jeans are $250 full price, thankfully I didn't pay that but I'm a bit cranky that I've only been in them a couple of weeks and they're already getting loose - first world problems I guess!) and EOS sandals, my first time in heels in years! I'm pictured with my sister who is a lapband success story, she has gone from 122 kilograms (268 pounds) to 69 kilograms (151 pounds) but puts the last 20 or so kilograms lost down to following a paleo diet over the past two years. She is wearing a Liz Jordan dress in size 6 and Diana Ferrari shoes. I think she looks sensational, and you'd never know she was pushing 50! Happy Christmas (or whatever it is you celebrate) everyone, thanks for the continued inspiration! Here's a close up of the sandals, they are SO comfy!
  10. The pic of me on the left is this time last year, and the pic on the right is today! Since that first photo was taken I've lost 72.7 kilograms (159.7 pounds), and most of that was since my surgery in May (55.7 kilograms/122.5 pounds). My life has changed in so many ways, and in such a short time, in some ways my brain hasn't caught up with my body yet. On one hand I wonder "do I really look any different?" but then someone makes a comment and I realise I must! Before the surgery I had sleep apnoea which meant I was tired all the time, plantar fasciitis which meant my feet hurt terribly most of the day (and sometimes the night) and my knees ached too. I recall hating going to the supermarket because not only was I embarrassed, but it hurt. I would take the shortest route everywhere, including around the house, and by the end (at my heaviest), I was housebound apart from going to work, mostly because of the shame and embarrassment I felt, I wanted to limit the number of people who would see me. This also coincided with my son moving 600 kilometres away and I felt that I couldn't visit him because of the exercise required to spend time with him where he had moved to. I travel a lot for work and sometimes have to fly, but I avoided it at all costs because I hated asking for the seat belt extender and despite asking for a seat on my own (which I took up two thirds of) I wasn't always lucky so had to squash myself against the window so the other person had enough space. I flew for my 6 month review a month or so ago, and I was so happy with how much slack there was in the seat belt, and there wasn't an issue with sitting next to someone either. Now that I've lost weight, I am taking the opportunity to share some of my feelings with my colleagues in senior management so they know how it might feel for people in our company who haven't started their weight loss journey yet, and I'm hoping they will take this information into consideration. For example, one manager's habit of booking accommodation at least 10 minutes walk away from the conference or training venue, not realising that a 10 minute walk might be the death of some people rather than thinking she is doing them a favour and forcing them to exercise. Or, not understanding that people prefer to drive rather than fly because of what I've described above. It's not much, but it would be so easy to think "I've done it, they need to too" when maybe they're not ready yet, or don't have the means, or whatever. We all progress at our own rate, and it took me 45 years to get to the point of feeling that surgery was my only option. I had no life anyway, the risks seemed worth it. Anyway, I just wanted to memorialise my journey since this time last year, and offer insight for anyone considering the surgical route. I'm SO happy I made this decision and I am embracing life in a way I never have before. Thank you gastric bypass, and thank you to TT for offering continued inspiration and support. Unfortunately my before photos are pretty crappy, but hopefully they demonstrate some comparison!
  11. I drink lightly sparkling mineral water with no issues, but I was never much of a "soda" (we call it soft drink here) drinker, and especially not diet soft drinks, yuck, so it's not a gateway drink for me. :-)
  12. We have quite hot summers where I live, and at my highest weight they were a nightmare, I was constantly in summer shopping mode, even in winter, searching the internet for cool items that might fit and not look terrible during those hot, hot days. It's summer here now, and I have plenty of things to wear, now I'm looking for winter items that will hang right even though logically I know I have lots of things I'll be able to wear, and by then it'll be even easier to buy clothes. I wonder if I'll ever lose that fear of not having anything decent to wear?!
  13. You look wonderful - congratulations!
  14. Congratulations Wendy, that's so great!