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  1. I wanted to update I am four weeks post complete reversal today and doing great! I continue to eat clean: low to no sugar, very limited carbs, no milk, low fat cheese and 60 to 80 grams of protein each day. I walk at least 5 days a week and started running some today. Eventually I want to transition to more running. Prior to reversal, I had zero energy to exercise, now it is the best part of my day. I also didn't gain an ounce in my first month. So far, so good!!
  2. I wanted to update that surgery went well and today is my second day back at work. I did have to go back to the hospital for three nights for a bowel obstruction. My bowels are very sluggish post op. I am walking outdoors every day and very focused on a protein based diet. I would like to drop 10-15 pounds by the end of the year to give myself incentive to continue to follow a healthy diet. I dont intend to go back to eating filler food junk, consuming and alcohol. I also avoid sugar. I do get some stomach cramps at night. I think I need to get back to no food after 6 pm. It is the hardest rul
  3. Nine years ago when I had surgery, I had been married just six months. He only knew me as 265 pounds. As the weight came off, he seemed to expect that I would be more physical with him and essentially worship the ground he walked on. I think he expected an emotional metamorphis too. Instead I saw his jealousy over my weight loss grow and rage. He was not overweight, but he was very, very insecure. He re-established relationships with women behind my back. He wasn't terribly good at hiding them, so I figured out what was transpiring and we split in an unkind way. Looking back, I wish I
  4. My gastric bypass takedown/reversal is now scheduled for October 1st. There was just as much anxiety waiting on the prior authorization to go through as there was for gastric bypass. I look forward to documenting my journey and continuing the successful keto/high protein diet I have always followed to not have weight regain be an issue. So many foods are very foreign to me after nine years of eating a healthier way. I am worried about post-op pain, but I have daily pain now, so hopefully it can be managed.
  5. I always appreciate anyone who is honest about alcohol and weight loss surgery. I have had challenges on and off over nine years' post op as well. Blacking out is very easy for those of us who suffer from reactive hypoglycemia; in fact its almost a guarantee! I started issues with addiction transfer about five years ago after a two month hospitalization near-death experience with salmonella poisoning that found its way to my bypassed pouch. I had a hysterectomy less than a month later for anemia related issues. I spent the better part of three months accumulating a whopper of a pity party
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