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  1. I ran two races last weekend, a 5k and a 10k the next day. It was CRAZY hot/humid and I still managed to PR by almost 7 minutes in the 10k. Today I signed up for races in February - a 5k, 10k the next day, followed by a HALF MARATHON the day after that. I'm freaking out a little. I don't want to be a very long distance runner, but I want to see if I can do it once. Okay, that's a little bit of a lie because there is a special additional medal if you complete a half on each coast (Disney thing) in a year, so there will be a second one a couple months later. But after that I plan to stick to the 5's and 10's. I'm also starting to train a friend how to run. She came to me asking if I would help. It's hard to explain to her why that was such a foreign concept to me.
  2. I have one every day for breakfast. I usually have chocolate, but also keep banana and caramel on hand for a little variety. The caramel are too sweet for me, but they're good mixed with coffee and ice for a coffeehouse-style drink.
  3. I had to go off vitamins the first 2 weeks after surgery, they made me sick as well. When I was cleared to swallow pills, I started taking Bariatric Advantage ultra multi's (formulated to dissolve fast for us) and do okay with those. I did learn I have to eat something with them or don't feel well for about 20 minutes.
  4. Hang in there, girl...you've got this. You're looking great!
  5. Oh my goodness, yes. I tried an elliptical once before surgery. I struggled to make it 30 seconds (at a really slow pace) before my legs gave out. Now I usually do 30-40 min at a time (could do more, it's just a time constraint before work). I had a terrible time walking up stairs. Now I can run up at least 4-5 flights before I get at all winded. I definitely didn't run before surgery, and got quite winded walking. A lot of walking would do my back, knees, and feet in. Now I walk and/or run daily, I run 5 and 10k's, and am starting to train for a couple half marathons (so I'm coming back for that info on fueling!) I also hit the gym usually 4 days a week for cardio and strength training. Just like anything else, you have to work to make exercise a healthy habit.
  6. I still generally wear a 10, but sometimes a 9.5. I don't wear wide anymore though. Ring size went from a 10 to a 7-8, depending on the day.
  7. It's awful and hard and you'll feel like no one has ever possibly been this miserable in the history of the world. I was sick for a week. Honestly, it was so much easier post-op than pre-op. But you'll survive. I promise. Tips: Taper off carbs, sugar, and caffeine SLOWLY a couple weeks in advance. I went cold turkey off all of it at once (plus went to full liquids) and was hating life. Turn off the TV. So. Many. Food. Commercials. Watch Netflix, DVR so you can zip through commercials, read a book, whatever else. Sleep. If you're sleeping, you can't eat. And you may find you're fatigued from the low calories/carbs. So go with it. Go do something else. Take a walk, read a book. Something to get your mind off it. Know you may be hangry. Plus that drastic of a change can also really mess with your hormones, and you may be overly emotional. Or at least I was. I tried incredibly hard to not take it out on unsuspecting and innocent people in my daily life.
  8. I've been known to mix a caramel or vanilla one with coffee, either iced or if I'm feeling extra fancy, blended with ice for a frapp-like shake. That's usually a weekend thing though. Most days a chocolate one, cold and right from the carton, is breakfast.
  9. Not stupid, just human. It's going to happen to just about all of us. Probably more than once. I still count is as success when it's rare and contained to only one occurrence (as opposed to a regular habit or thing). And I agree, carrots were a lot less evil (although I'm sure your poor gut may disagree) than lots of things you could have chosen!
  10. Try Couch to 5K! That's how I started and it breaks it down to a beginner level. Don't be afraid to repeat a week if you need, or go a little slower than their pace suggests. That program works you up to running an entire 5k at once. I did that but found that I work much better with intervals. If you find that you like the intervals, check out Hal Higdon or Jeff Galloway plans online. They're designed to have you take walk breaks before you're actually worn out from the running intervals, to help minimize any potential for injury and keep your stamina up.
  11. I kind of still can't believe these words are coming from me. But I'm a runner now. Not a fast one. But one nonetheless. I completed a 5k and 10k (a day apart) this month, and have officially been bitten by the bug. I signed up for another 5k tomorrow, one in February, trying to grab a last-minute bib for a different one in February, and am signed up for 5's and 10's in April and November. My friend and I have made the decision to start training for a couple halfs next year. I also joined a gym the week of Thanksgiving and go 3-4 days a week now. I miss it if I don't, how nuts is that?! I'm starting to see some definition and am definitely noticing a difference in my general fitness level. Someone at my office commented that I was in really good shape. I've had a couple others tell me they've been inspired to start walking at lunchtime because they see me do it. And a (very average sized) friend has started walking a little with me at lunch and I find that I have to slow waaaay down and only do 2 miles for her to keep up - she commented "I'm just not in shape like you are yet!" This stuff is still very hard for me to wrap my head around.
  12. Slow down, slow running is indeed still running! I did it twice - the first time to get into running, the second to pick up my pace a little. It takes time! I've been running for like 7 months now and am still quite slow by actual runner standards. But it's all good!
  13. As silly as this sounds, this was an absolute game changer for me early out. Set a timer for 15 minutes. When it goes off, start working on 2 oz of water and reset it. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
  14. Slower, smaller sips. It sounds like you're downing too much at once. Picture a funnel, only a really really small one. You aren't going to stretch your sleeve, don't worry.
  15. My honeymoon ended around May and since then, the loss has been painfully slow. I stalled for probably 6 solid months, and then eventually did lose another 15 or so. But it's been in little tiny chunks like lose 2, gain 1, steady, steady, gain 2, lose 4, steady, gain 2... There's not much that you can do other than to stick to plan and really work on your head to not let the frustration get to you in negative ways.
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