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  1. Hey Bob. Good on ya for taking the first steps towards this surgery. It's been a real life saver for me. I'm on the Northern Beaches and had Gastic Bypass at the Mater in North Sydney last year. keep us posted on how you're doing x
  2. Lol! Indeed! Although not originally - I passed through the UK and South Africa before ending up here :-)
  3. First pics just before my surgiversary next month. 2/3 of the way to goal. Feeling less ...... round!
  4. Hi Taz. Yes I had the LMGBP last May, my surgeon also prefers it. I had very few post op issues - in fact I was off painkillers by day 3. Weight loss in 11 months is 77lbs. The surgeries have basically the same outcome in terms of smaller stomach pouch combined with malabsorption but the LMGBP is less invasive as a surgery technique. Good luck with your surgery! Tracey
  5. You are looking amazing! Congrats on your achievements this year!
  6. Everytime! I noticed this a month or so after surgery and I am now 10 months out and it seems to be my new normal! The minute I start my kids both shout "Mom's full!"
  7. I'm one of the 'runny nose' full people. Don't rely on appetite to get your protein in or full sensations to tell you when to stop - measure what you're getting in, especially protein! Hope the gas pain and anaesthetic side effects are gone for you now.
  8. Been stuck in Stall-dom for the last couple of weeks but realised that with my drop under 90Kg today that I had finally entered onederland in lbs !! Although it may just be hair loss that has got me here! - this mornings shower was the worst day yet Am just at the end of 10 weeks post mgb and am 24.5Kg (54 lbs) down (2 week pre-op liver shrink weight loss included). Feeling positive today How is everyone else doing? Tracey x
  9. Thanks Ladies. I've made a conscious decision not to get on the scales for a little while and concentrate on getting protein and liquids in. Perhaps when I hop on the scales again the movement will be in the right direction
  10. Babalooist

    3 week stall

    Have any of the early May surgeries experienced this? I have been the same weight all week! I started purées this week but nothing more adventurous than blended soups. Starts my 'what if this doesn't work for me' anxieties up again :-/ Tracey
  11. How are all the May surgery Aussies doing? In Sydney things are looking ..... smaller I am 15kg down from my first appt with the surgeon in March - Gobsmacked! I'm a little fed up of optifast though. Anyone using anything different? Tracey
  12. You are looking AMAZING! Congratulations
  13. oh Band07Sleeve13 you have been through the wars I really hope you start to feel better soon. Water and protein and take it easy so your body can heal. I would hate to be on antibiotics right now so am sending get well thoughts. Tracey
  14. Babalooist

    May 11th

    It's the 11th may here in Australia in 30 mins so am just sending good thoughts and best wishes to all 11 May surgeries! See you on the losers bench :-) Tracey