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    Video Games, reading, music, walking. Used to love playing racquetball, but back surgery and arthritis have kept me from doing anything like that for a while!


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    Emma Patterson

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  1. I’m I’m sorry you are still having issues with GERD, but great that your esophagus has healed. Do they know why you’re still having problems? My surgeon says I have a clunky esophagus due to the sleeve. I have trouble swallowing liquids as well as being woken up almost nightly choking and coughing because my nighttime meds with my sip of water backs up and I try to breathe it in. So if it fixes just that I will be in Heaven!
  2. Thanks, dumping really freaks me out, so I will be very careful as I add food groups. I believe I'm going to have a few months wait until surgery, as my surgeon has told me his "dance card is full, so be patient." I've done a bit of research and a lot of reading about GERD after sleeve, so I believe I'm making the right choice for me. I'm glad you are doing well. May I ask how long it took you to go back to work or do the things you could do pre-bypass? Did you have to do the pre surgical liver diet for this? Thanks so much for your reply!
  3. Hi all, it's been many years since i've visited the forums, originally had sleeve in June 2015. Over the past several years, I, as many others, have developed severe GERD, and I'm now on the list for a revision to RNY. I don't need to lose much weight, as I've been pretty good about keeping off the 100 lbs I lost with the sleeve, but I just want the GERD GONE! Just saying hi to all, and trying to get all the info I can about what I'm about to go through.
  4. Medicare is the easiest in this regard. I was required only to list the different diets I'd tried over the years. On my very first visit to the surgeon (after I did all the prereq's) I was scheduled for surgery. Even got lucky as she'd had a cancellation for the following Monday! I'm now 7 months post op, and just 9 months from starting the whole process and i've lost 100 lbs!
  5. Constipation can mimic stalls as well, I lost 5 lbs in a few hours after using a laxative.
  6. scales are evil. I waited 3 weeks for my post op to be weighed, and now I weight only every 2 weeks. But, when I weighed myself yesterday, I had gained. However, I had not had a bm in a week. TMI - ended up spilling everything yesterday, and I lost 5 lbs in waste, go figure. My point being: don't weigh yourself often, and for the love of (insert your god here), don't weigh yourself if you are constipated!
  7. thankfully, my tummy is not gurgling loudly anymore. I can feel it, but can't hear it..... however, I do have a bit of a hearing problem
  8. I get the same way with the gel capsules, and always have. Any other pill, I can swallow a handful, but not gel coated :/
  9. At just over 5 weeks, and currently still on "soft foods" for another 5 days, the only thing that gets stuck are gel capsules. (prescriptions).
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