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  1. I'm back...with a baby!

    I found a workout to do with the baby in the baby carrier! Beachbody had a few post partum ones, and two that incorporate baby! This one was called Baby on BOD and was fun, but man are my legs going to be sore tomorrow!!! We also ate out today, and I made good choices! Ate more calories than normal for lunch, but I'll still be within the range my nutritionist wants me at, and my carbs stayed low enough (had steak, parmesan creamed spinach, and Caesar Salad. And...a few bites of cheesecake, which I also logged and I'm still in range Plus of course I had the rest for dinner, so yay.
  2. I'm back...with a baby!

    Oh, wow! Thats crazy!
  3. I keep thinking of something my psychiatrist said....

    And on the flip side, I had the sleeve and I DO get dumping!!! Too much sugar or fat will do it, and oddly, so will too much salt.
  4. Disgusted/ 6 month rule

    It's a photo my surgeon's office shared, but I know you can find the same info in several places.
  5. ER visit

    oh no! I know esophageal spasms are the worst...I've had them a few times in the past (before my surgery) and thought I might die. Worse than labor. Good luck, let's hope this is a temporary setback.
  6. I'm back...with a baby!

    Thank you! That's so sweet! I'm not sure I've been kind to myself, but I'm not stressing too much. This is my fourth baby, and the first time I've lost so much of the baby weight, so there is that And I did bump up my calories/carbs but since doing that the scale hasn't moved I'll give it a bit longer and then re-evaluate.
  7. Disgusted/ 6 month rule

    As others said, they shouldn't tell you about his history, other than I could see them maybe saying it wasn't related to their surgery maybe...but they shouldn't even say that. But yeah, the general rule is that age 65 is the cut off, so I doubt he had surgery recently. And they aren't doing surgery on the bladder, so I just don't see any way to connect it to WLS. But older men often DO have prostate problems, and prostate surgery can leave them unable to urinate normally. As for the risks of surgery, yes, they are there. However, the risks of staying morbidly obese (anything over a 40 BMI) are MUCH higher. MUCH. Don't forget that. We are talking a 30-40% reduction in your risk of DEATH over the next 10 years if you DO have surgery!
  8. Rare complications post VSG

    Oh my goodness!!! I know a DS is complicated and a lot of surgeons won't even try them..seems like this was one surgeon who shouldn't have either! That's terrible, I'm so sorry. I sure hope that the new surgery helps!
  9. I'm back...with a baby!

    Baby had been trying to harass the cat right before this, lol! And thank you.
  10. Disgusted/ 6 month rule

    He may have had bariatric surgery a long time ago, and then had other health problems afterwards, like prostate surgery. I really can't think of a reason to have a catheter from weight loss surgery. Not long term like that.
  11. Panicking!

    My surgeon says you can have 2 cups of coffee a day starting at 2 days post op And I use straws daily.
  12. Rare complications post VSG

    Oh wow! Can I ask what the mess up was with the sleeve? Sounds like a stricture maybe?? I'm so glad you found a team that cares and is treating you like you deserve! Best wishes.
  13. Serious Regret

    I promise, it gets better! Your stomach is so swollen still that it is hard to get anything in it. But in a few months that will be over, and a year from now you'll be SO happy you did this! I promise!
  14. I'm back...with a baby!

    Not sure if anyone remembers me here, I may have read more than posted. But I'm 2 years out from VSG and working to get back on track after slacking during the end of my pregnancy and the months after having the baby. The little baby bug is 6 months now and it's time to stop blaming her for the baby weight I've got 4 pounds to go to get to postpartum weight, and then want to lose another 20 after that. Started tracking my food again with a new app (loving Baritastic) and making sure to not drink with food, etc. Seems to be working, I lost 2 pounds last week! Was great to see that my sleeve works if I work it. My nutritionist says I should eat 1500 calories a day and 100 grams carbs while still nursing, but that seems kind of high....I'm 41 years old and 5'1" tall and currently 161 pounds. I have no trouble with the protein goal, which she set at 60-80 grams minimum. Anyway, I'm back, and looking for people that "get" it and some accountability and socializing. So, HI! (photos are the day before I gave birth (I was 42 weeks when little miss finally decided to come!), shortly after she was born, and then a recent picture of her and I)
  15. Deep thoughts...

    I think baby Eli is waiting until all the germs are gone. Which is just good sense. A big kid vomiting is one thing, but a newborn vomiting would be awful. Hang in there!