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  1. Same here. I lose right around my period. I go up a few pounds at ovulation. Then a week later I drop the ones I gained and go back to where I was after my period. So basically I lose one week a month, and the others I bounce around 2 pounds. I've been 150-152 for 3 weeks and am desperate for 149!
  2. Ugh, yeah, yeast here too. Weird how I know logically this is because i LOST weight but it makes me feel fat.
  3. Careful, this have maltitol which can spike blood sugar/trigger cravings, cause diarrhea, and are pretty high in carbs.
  4. We can all graze the whole pizza - the trick is to not ever order/buy/make the pizza. Because we WILL eat it all! Have you tried doing low carb, high protein, eat dense protein first, don't drink during meals for for 30 minutes after? If you do that for a few days you may be amazed at how much less grazing you want to do. Foods like pizza (high carb, lots of salt and probably Msg and who knows whatever mind altering chemicals) make us want to eat more. There are scientists whose whole job is to try to chemically engineer food that will make us want to keep eating it. Don't blame yourself, blame the pizza! I have to stick to non processed food as much as possible to keep the cravings away. Meat, cheese, veggies. I allow myself one treat a day but do it at night so I'm asleep afterwards rather than continuing to binge, lol. If I eat one in the morning I'll keep going all day.
  5. I'm glad he's thorough, and it sounds like you are in good hands. I definitely agree diet is the way to go as a first try at treatment! And knowing how rare insulinomas are and that you have regular abdominal scans yeah, sounds like it's over production of insulin because of bariatric surgery. Which sucks, but better than a tumor I guess, lol. I hope diet works! And definitely be careful - if it goes low again keep checking until it is back up, and if you can't get it back up you need to go to the ER. Or discuss with the doctor what he wants you to do, and at what level.
  6. Huh, I did seem to ahve weird effects from alcohol earlier, less now (even though i weigh less now). Mainly, getting drunker faster (not drunk drunk..buzzed) but then it also wearing off faster, leaving me tired. Kind of made the whole thing not worth it. I seldom drink now, and never more than one drink. Well, almost never. Maybe once in three years I've had enough to really be very buzzed.
  7. You do NOT want to sleep if you are that low, it can be very dangerous. Like, slipping into a coma, having a seizure kind of dangerous. Also, for a while they were experimenting with some medications for reactive hypoglycemia in bypass patients...i can't remember the name but I think it started with an A. It basically blocked carb absorption or something? Might be worth looking into. Hugs. Low blood sugar is scary. My daughter had a few episodes a month ago due to the flu and not eating enough (so not reactive, just regular low blood sugar) and it was terrifying as a parent. We were a few minutes from heading to the ER if it hadn't come back up. Edited: I found the article. A brief scan says yes, this is worth further looking into. Not only are there a few medications you can try, but they also need to rule out an insulinoma. If your current doctor doesn't have the experience to deal with this you may need to seek out one that does. https://www.mdedge.com/ccjm/article/134721/diabetes/hypoglycemia-after-gastric-bypass-emerging-complication
  8. That's what I told him. But I think "big eater" is part of his self identity so i get that it is kind of scary. But for now, I'm going to try to be a great example of surgery success:)
  9. Thanks! I'm definitely thrilled with my progress. And although I do get a bit jealous o those that are down to a "normal" BMI I also know that with homeschooling, being a parent to four kids, my work as an author, etc I don't spend the time working out that a lot of them do. Someday! And yes, it's good to know that at this point my weight is not going to impact my health! Now to help my husband, who has gained most of what I lost.....surgery may be in his future next. For me it's an easy call, do it! But he's worried about being satisfied afterwards...he's the kind of guy hat likes to eat a 20 oz steak. Which of course, may be how he got here! He doesn't snack or graze, just overeats when he does eat, so he's a perfect candidate.
  10. The good news: I've lost the baby weight, and then some. At almost three years out I'm at my lowest weight yet, and no longer obese. I have never gained other than when pregnant. The bad news: At nearly three years out I'm still overweight and have never hit even my most "reasonable" goal weight of 140's. (like, I'll take 149.9, lol) And I have no motivation to exercise (teething baby keeping me up at night probably isn't helping) But, I'm on track mostly. It's nighttime snacking that kills me. And breastfeeding makes me even more hungry/snacky. I'm losing slowly, and am at 151.7 right now. I've told myself I WILL be in the 140's by my birthday on April 9th. But whoever said this is the easy way out is nuts, lol. There's nothing easy about it.
  11. Also, has anyone seen Clusie L's video on breasts post weight loss surgery? It's hysterical.
  12. Whine. My c cup bras are barely the right size. I am still losing, but darn it, do not want to drop to a B cup! It's so unfair that women lose weight and their boobs go, but men lose weight and it makes their "equipment" look bigger!
  13. I found a workout to do with the baby in the baby carrier! Beachbody had a few post partum ones, and two that incorporate baby! This one was called Baby on BOD and was fun, but man are my legs going to be sore tomorrow!!! We also ate out today, and I made good choices! Ate more calories than normal for lunch, but I'll still be within the range my nutritionist wants me at, and my carbs stayed low enough (had steak, parmesan creamed spinach, and Caesar Salad. And...a few bites of cheesecake, which I also logged and I'm still in range Plus of course I had the rest for dinner, so yay.
  14. And on the flip side, I had the sleeve and I DO get dumping!!! Too much sugar or fat will do it, and oddly, so will too much salt.
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