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  1. You look awesome. Keep it up. I’m a few years out myself
  2. I’m a few years post op but wanted to get back on here and brush up on what I need to be doing to stay healthy
  3. Ha ha ha. I need a job where you work because they will not allow us to drink on our lunch break here LOL
  4. OK so I haven't been on in a while because of the crazy life LOL. I actually wore a sportcoat for the first time and quite a while. Being that I'm mostly a jeans and T-shirt kind of guy I figured I better take a picture of this because it don't happen very often. My one year anniversary is Wednesday and I am about 10 pounds away from my target goal so I need to pick up my pace. For the first time since right out of high school I'm in 34 inch pants and a 46 jacket.
  5. Winter boots should stay in style year round. i will make a few calls and see if we can make that happen
  6. Mark1733

    No spoon

    You know you need a chocolate fix when you eat sugar free pudding with a butter knife. I won't say anything about being behind the wheel
  7. I need to know when this takes place so I can get my tickets
  8. HAHA Yall are killing me. At least you know what I am talking about
  9. I am getting tickled every time I see you post about Pizza. I was never a huge pizza eater but for some reason after my WLS I crave it. I dont really eat it that often but like you said, its a head game. I "think " I want it but I really dont. Like everyone else keeps saying, just go in and act like you are like 99% of America and say you have turned over a new leaf and going to be healthy this year. At least that way once you start dropping all of your weight, they will be like, daaaaang girl was serious
  10. Thank you As for the matching, I am such a guy about that. I cant stand to match or make it look like my mom laid my clothes out for the day haha. I know thats probably hard for yall to understand but I seriously thought about changing before I left. Maybe its a "me" thing. Maybe I need to look into that
  11. hahaha. Well I'm a guy so if 1 of your 3 criteria gets me the job I'm game
  12. 72 and rain on Christmas here. Makes it hard to get in the holiday spirit
  13. Sitting in my office/truck as usual. Plain and simple for me but we don't wear skull caps or whatever you call them down south but it's like 35 degrees today. So I went with patriotic ski team hat even though I can only water ski. Judging by my sleepy eyes it's been a long week. I'm ready for the weekend
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