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  1. Dizziness

    No no meds other then the meds prescribed after surgery like Nexium, and gallbladder meds. I get in adaquate water. I don't watch my sodium intake tho, but I will now. I have a follow-up appt. next week and i'll let u all know what she say.
  2. Dizziness

    I had my VSG surgery Dec. 17, 2015. For a few weeks it seem like every time I get up from sitting I get very dizzy. Sometimes it feel like im going to blackout. Has this happen to anybody?
  3. The Waiting Game.

    For those who had to be on a supervised diet, how long did it take for you to get approved, and after approval from the insurance company, how long after did you get surgery?
  4. Medical History

    To get started they are asking for medical history. I lack medical history because I just recently got insurance after not having insurance for the last 8 years. All I have is my medical history from being pregnant, and records from my Obgyn. Will they accept this?
  5. Approval

    Pray that my insurance approve me.
  6. Comorbidity

    Yeah my BMI is 46. I may have sleep apnea because I snore really loud. Did you have to have that sleep study for them to diagnose sleep apnea?
  7. Comorbidity

    Don't have many issues other than being extremely overweight. What comorbidities can I use when I talk to my PCP about getting weight loss surgery?
  8. Surgery After Childbearing

    Do I have to wait a certain time to get gastic bypass surgery after having a baby?