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  1. I am one of the scale people. I weigh myself 4 or 5 times a day, every day. I take the scale with me on vacation, weekend trips and anywhere we go overnight. I don't recommend it to everyone, but it keeps me honest. A vendor will come in the office with a box of donuts. Knowing I am going to weigh at lunch time, helps me set my mind to not eat the donuts. The major drawback is that it can be very frustrating. You follow all the rules and you hit a stall or actually gain a couple pounds. You cant let it get you down. You just keep working on it and you will get there.
  2. I am starting to look foward to getting rid of some extra skin once I am comfortably at my goal weight. Since insurance won't cover it, I am looking to Mexico, preferrably TJ for the surgery. Can anyone recommend a doctor/hospital?
  3. Powerade Zero, other drinks?

    I had the same issue with the protein until I found a premixed drink at Sam's Club. I am sure it is sold elsewhere. It is Premier Protein and is 11oz per container. 30g protein, 160 calories, 1g sugar and has an assortment of vitamins and minerals. I drink one in the morning and one at night. So 60g of protein and about 22 oz of liquid (water). I never found a powder I liked, It might not be for everyone, but it works for me. Oh, there are 3 flavors, but I only like the chocolate one. Good luck to you
  4. Powerade Zero, other drinks?

    Decaf iced tea for me. I also buy the flavored carbonated waters and then let them go flat.
  5. About JustNatural Grow New Hair

    Just speaking for myself, I started losing a lot of hair at just over 3 months. I started using biotin shampoo, biotin conditioner and taking 10,000 units of biotin in pill form. I won't say my hair is back to its glory days, but I see a significant improvement and can no longer see my scalp. It made a big difference for me. Not sure how long I will continue using the products, but I have had no side effects from using/taking them and have had positive results.
  6. Blue Shield of California

    You may be right walkat103. As I said, I was given a to do list to have the surgery approved. It might have very well have been part insurance and part surgeon. It didn't specify who was making the requirement.
  7. Stuck in throat feeling

    For me, a feeling of something stuck in my throat tells me I ate too much, too fast and it is time to head to the restroom because my pouch is about to send every back. LOL I have had it happen twice.
  8. Gaining weight

    I was stalled for 6 weeks. I stayed within 3 lbs up or down. I had a bad day at work and went to bed without having lunch, snacks or dinner. I gained a pound and a half from the previous day. It is frustrating, but don't give up. This is a life long marathon, not a sprint. I am still eating and exercising as before and now I am losing again. 5 lbs since Sunday. Everyone is different, just hang in there. Stick to your program and you will have success.
  9. Blue Shield of California

    I went through the process with PPO Blue Shield of Ca. Not a problem. They do require six months of weigh in at your doctor's office, (if you miss even 1 weigh in, you have to start over) a phychiatrist visit, a meeting with a nutritionist and if I remember right, a BMI of 40 or more. Or if you have health issues related to being over weight, it can be less than that. I was also told I needed to lose 10% of my weight loss goal, so in my case, I wanted to lose 130lbs, so I needed to lose 13. I have the "gold" package through my work. Blue Shield picked up 90% after their adjustment. The hospital I went through has a bariatric center, so they took care of everything. They gave me a "to do" list with the time table on it. The only issue I had was I wasn't able to use the surgeon and hospital I wanted. Even though they are in the network, they are considered out of town (25 miles up the freeway). I had to use the one here that is considered "local", but they did a good job.
  10. 5 months post-op check in, Success!

    Congratulations. I just passed the 5 month mark as well. I share your feelings about the roller coasters. I stopped riding them after being embarrassed by being told I had to get off and wait for my family to finish because the safety rail wouldn't close. I can ride them all now. My small joy is now being able to sit in a booth at a restaurant next to my wife. We have never done that in our 6 years of marriage. I couldn't fit in most booths, so we had to sit at a table. If the table at the booth moved, I had to push it so far away she couldn't reach if next to me. We can now sit comfortably side by side. There are a lot of major issues in my life that were corrected by the weight loss, but I cherish the smaller victories just as much if not more. My wife is 4'9" tall and weighs 85lbs. I am 6'3" and at my heaviest, 355lbs. We still get the looks, but not as many people stop and stare like we belong at the freak show at the circus. Ahh, small victories...
  11. Traveling meal tote?

    Kitchen Collection at the outlet and WalMart is where I bought what we needed when travelling with my son when he was small. He is allergic to soy. I now have an insulated backpack (from CVS) that I toss some items in with blue ice. I also throw in some gallon size zip lock bags to fill with ice if I am going to stay at a hotel somewhere. I also remove a couple ounces of water from a few water bottles them freeze them before I leave. Keeps everything cold for 24hrs. And 5 hours from SD to Bako? You are travelling at the wrong time of the day, my friend,
  12. I agree with everyone on here, all doctors are different and your doc will guide you. At 3 weeks, I was released to eat anything I want, EXCEPT bread, rice and red meat. I can puree or just chew until it is mush. My doc says my stomach will tell me what it likes and doesn't like. My meals are supposed to be 4 oz or less. I carefully weigh it out, but rarely do I finish my plate. He said I can try the bread, rice and red meat at 6 months.
  13. The dreaded stall already?

    We had our surgery a day apart. My stall happened mid week 2. I followed every rule my doctor layed down for me. I actually gained a pound in 4 days. Really frustrating. My stall lasted 6 days and now I am back to losing again. Stick with it and just keep doing what you are supposed to do and your body will adjust. Just hang in there.
  14. Newest Newbie

    Thanks for the advice. I actually gave up on that for now. Cream of mushroom has become my food of choice