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  1. Starting the removal

    There are actually no sutures. It's all derma-bond mesh. Total incision line is over 6 feet. I will take a picture of the entire trunk soon. I just got done bathing and bound myself back up.
  2. Starting the removal

    Overall, this has been fairly easy. I'll go back to work a week from tomorrow once I get cleared. As for the'll deal with it.
  3. Starting the removal

    BTW, Sooooooo much more comfortable with the binder on over a shirt and the ability to actually move and take it off if I want. The drains are still a pain in the rump though.
  4. Starting the removal

    Well, drains have to stay in for another week. They prescribed a different pain med, Tylenol 3 instead of the hydrocodone. I was getting a rash. I still have the abdominal binder but now I can wear a shirt under it. I have scars from hip to hip and armpit to armpit along with one from my breastbone to the abdomen and grafted nipples. Healing up well, still a bit swollen. I took a few pics, so please only look if you can deal with
  5. Starting the removal

    I was actually denied this procedure at first, but then my surgeon in KY sent the correct info to the insurance provider here in NY and it went through. Off to the followup appointment this morning. I have to be there at 9am. My sister will be driving me in, I am hoping to drive home. I want this binder off!!! It's like wearing a girdle from hell.
  6. Starting the removal

    Insurance paid for it all. If I would have gone out of pocket at a place like Stony Brook, it would have been about $25,000 for the procedures I had done. My advice to you is to make sure you go to your regular doctor and get prescribed medicated powder for skin rash and infection. Make sure you are seen for it. It is the only reason my insurance covered me.
  7. Starting the removal

    Binder should come off Tuesday morning, the drains have slowed to the point that they will be removed. I want nothing more than to get this off and wear some normal I am really curious to see what the doctor did to make me a bellybutton. He said he couldn't save my original one since there was so much excess skin and it would have been over 6 inches long. That and nipples. Sounds weird, but I had to have nipple grafts because of the skin. Should be interesting. Next round of surgery will be next winter, and I will get the bicep and thigh work done, then I am finished.
  8. Is it just me that doesn't look skinny?

    I actually had a funny encounter with a friend of a friend who they were trying to set me up with. My friends are famous for trying to set me up with their girlfriends single friends. Never a good idea. So, this girl is just rude and argumentative all night and making everyone miserable with her attitude. At the end of the night, my friend says, "I think you two should hang out, see where it goes!" At this point, I shoot him a look like, "why do you hate me?" and I say, "Actually, I am not looking to get involved with anyone right now." She replies, "Good, because I hate skinny dudes" and leaves the table. I had to laugh. On one hand, apparently people see me as a skinny dude, on the other hand, apparently some people hate me for it. hehehehe
  9. Is it just me that doesn't look skinny?

    I wear skinny jeans. There, I admitted it. lol
  10. Hi

    Welcome to the site. There really isn't anything "easy" about this journey. You have to adjust everything you are used to, change your behavior and habits, all of it. This is a powerful tool you now possess. If you use it to your advantage, you will benefit greatly. I wish you all the best! PS- as a former 485 pound guy, it gets to be routine.
  11. Starting the removal

    Had a little incident with a leaking drain tube. Luckily, I have an RN (my awesome sister) at home who happened to have drain sponges in her bag and fixed it right up. I cannot wait to get this abdominal binder off. I have been using hydro-cortisone cream on my arms and shoulders to keep the itching at bay, so far it is working.
  12. Starting the removal

    Worst thing right now is the itchy arms from these stupid pain meds.Time for some Benedryl. Which will make me sleep. My drains have slowed significantly. Yesterday morning, they drained around 40ml. This morning, they are at about 10. So, if they continue to slow, they will be removed Tuesday. Not much pain, at all. I must say, I went into this with the brave face, expecting to grin and bear it, but it has been pretty easy compared to what I was expecting. As many of you know, I followed a friend in this journey. He was 6'7" and almost 600 pounds. I am about 1-1/2 years behind him. He went first. He had all 4 of the plastic surgeries in one sitting and wound up in hospital for quite a while. He almost didn't make it. SO, I was expecting a lot more difficulty. Today, he is right at 220 pounds. I thank God every day that I am alive and in the condition I am in, considering my doctor gave up on me at one point before the bypass surgery. Diabetes, vision complications, sleep apnea, joint complications, diabetic nerve pain and overall poor health/outlook. Gone. All of it. I am different now, more confident and the person I should have been for all those years. Every day is a gift when you have this powerful tool at your disposal. Use it wisely and you can make the most of this life.
  13. Getting enough protein

    I Agree with what everyone has said. It becomes a full time scheduling job! But, the payoff is priceless!
  14. Check out Zirco Leopard Pics & Stats!!

    Awesome! You look great!
  15. Starting the removal

    Pretty sure it was. I feel pretty good today. No real pain, just some discomfort mostly due to the binder they have me in.