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  1. TP1210

    Real names

    Maybe next year I'll ride up to Bahstun and hang out for a bit. I have to visit family up there, It's been quite a while since I've seen them.
  2. I've stuck to my plan since surgery, with pretty decent results, I think. I was in a "support" group for a short time, but my personality did not work in there. Everyone wanted to be told they were doing great when they were doing things that were soooo not okay and potentially harmful. I was asked to not come back. hehehehe.
  3. TP1210

    Hey everyone!

    Unfortunately, Susan did not have the surgery. She has put it off due to family issues. She will get it eventually, but needs to be in a better situation when she does. I have not gotten any more plastic surgery, just the one round and I am all healed up and everything looks good. I achieved another lifelong goal of becoming an MSF certified RiderCoach. I get paid to teach people to ride motorcycles at a school here in NY. I could never do it before because I just could not do the work on my feet when I was 500 pounds. Now, though, I am out there every weekend on the range teaching people to ride. I love it!
  4. TP1210

    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to stop in and say hello! I'm doing great, 3 year surgiversary was 2 weeks ago. I'm holding at 152 pounds. Down 360-something pounds in the 3 years. I feel great and my life is about as good as I can hope for, given the condition I was in before the surgery. I hope you all are well and doing great!
  5. Hope things are going well for you and your sister - you guys are super lucky to have one another :)

  6. Quote

    Hey, Tom! I was wondering how you were doing and how great you look after your surgery has healed and swelling disappeared.  Stop by when you can and update us.


  7. Everyone is different, but this is also the only "support" system I use besides my family. I never felt depressed after (God knows I did before) and since, I am happily adjusted as a skinny guy. Life is good, find your reasons to be glad.
  8. For about a year and a half all I wore were workout pants with drawstrings. I lost sizes way too quickly to justify buying jeans, from a 76" waist to a 29/30". Shirts were a pain too. From 6XL to M means I wore shirts that were too big most of the time. I also went down 1-1/2 shoe sizes, from a 13 to an 11-1/2. After the skin removal, I have quite a few pairs of 32" pants that need a belt or they're falling down. At my hip bones, you can't pinch a half inch of skin so I doubt I will get any smaller than a 29/30.
  9. I worked for a few years as a direct care counselor at a home for developmentally disabled kids in my early 20's. I learned a lot about the cruelty of ignorance whenever we went on community trips. But I also learned a lot about the resiliency of the human spirit and determination in the face of extreme adversity.
  10. I say this all the time: I eat so I don't pass out. I take zero pleasure in eating, it holds no sway as a good time. Early on, I set alarms and ate what I had to. In 2-1/2 years, the only thing that's changed is I no longer set alarms. I still get zero pleasure from food and would prefer not to eat but I know I need to in order to fuel the machine. For me, it's mostly mental. I was a miserable fat person. I am an energetic, driven skinny guy..lol
  11. Welcome to the site! I know your Mom's decision to not disclose her surgery seems like a detriment to you right now, but her psyche may not allow her to be open about WLS. That's her choice. What you do with your surgery is up to you! Seeing how you've already lost 30 pounds and are excited, I am sure you will do great!
  12. Sue, you know Chad will support whatever you decide to do and he will be a cheerleader for you. The man loves you unconditionally. I know this, I saw it for the 5 years I lived with you guys and as I went through my surgery. Chad eats. A lot. It's kind of his thing. I do not believe you should stop cooking. I love to cook and continued to do so even as I lost all that weight. Explain to him that you may need some help with the journey and he will be there 100%. I believe this wholeheartedly. Besides, if he has to eat out everyday you guys will be destitute in a week..lol. Cheer up kid, get your emotions in line with your decision. Proceed like a warrior. You got this.
  13. I did the yo-yo dieting for years until I really ballooned up to the high 400's..then I basically gave up. Now, I am in the low 150's and have been told not to lose any more weight. I have a hard time eating because I've been so vigilant and on top of it since surgery in June 30 of 2015. My advice would be to eat until you are full, be mindful of what you are taking in and do not obsess over scale numbers.
  14. Welcome to the site, @Valerie jeanyou will find a lot of support and knowledge here. Every stage, every scenario, all of it! Ask away, we love to share...well, most of us do! lol
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