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  1. i use premier pre mixed protein.  The rest that i have tried were very gross in my opinion.  And for vitamins i use bariatric fusion in mixed berry.  two in the morning and two at night.  good luck finding what works for you...its very different for everyone.  I spent a lot of time and money finding the right fit for me.

  2. i know that things took a drastic turn away from the initial post but i thought i would chime in here...  i have lost about 115 pounds so far... and although I'm in my mid thirties i am recently fighting to control the libido of a teenager... This can and does happen and it can cause problems with the home life.  being so big for so long i was pretty much use to having no drive... so was my girl.  now that i have changed things are kind of off balanced between us.  I'm hoping things meet a happy middle ground eventually... I'm only at my 5 month mark so this journey is still in its infancy... who knows what will happen.

  3. i found that not all compression shirts are made equal!  i try them on now before i commit.  a 2x is very snug in a t-shirt so thats the size of compression shirt that i buy if its under armour.  if its starter or russell (walmart brands) then those sizes change DRASTICALLY.  So.. now i always try them on first.

  4. i was exactly where you are and wondered the same exact thing... i also hated the response of "every one is different so i can't tell you"  BUT... its true!  And the stall thing is right.  i have had two major stalls in 5 months and they SUCK but they also end.  Plus you'll see that at the end of the stall you are slimmer... its just the scale that doesn't move.  celebrate the non-scale victories too or you'll get yourself down.  My first stall REALLY bummed me out but it ended and things picked back up again.  Also, the weight loss will slow down eventually.  after i hit -100 lbs i noticed i had to work harder to lose.  its a marathon not a sprint.  You're doing fantastic... keep it up!  i noticed our stats are similar so if you ever have a question or need someone to talk to then feel free to message me any time.

  5. i swear by under armour heat tech compression shirts.  i wear them as undershirts under my dress clothes for work and button ups on a daily basis.  They wisk away sweat and keep everything where it needs to be!  i personally buy them a size smaller than i wear in a normal shirt but you'll find that is just a matter of opinion.  

  6. I hit the three week stall hard and didn't lose for a few weeks during... it does end and the key is not to dwell on the scale.  Im still addicted to it and i need to stay of it for a while.  One thing that i did notice was towards the end of my stall my face was thinner, my clothes were looser, and i felt better.  Trust in the #NoScaleVictories they are just as important!

  7. I feel your pain... i still don't do plain water well and I'm 5 weeks out.  I live off of crystal light!  My doc says that there is no reason why i can drink crystal light and not water... but water of any temperature makes me feel crampy!  Also, it took a while before i could tolerate anything real cold.  Warm stuff never bothered me.  I know its horrible but i couldn't do protein shakes for a good while.  I tried to choke them down but it wasn't happening... they made me sick!  Plus it took weeks to even get the necessary amounts of liquids in! Just do your best and never stop trying... in time your body will allow it!   Right when i thought that i may need to go to the Doc to get fluids and supplements i just kinda... changed.  Protein, even now, makes me feel a little crampy but i can put them down at least.  What a struggle!  Remember that sugar free jello, popsicles, ice, skim milk, sugar free drinks, and broth all count towards your fluids.  Trust me when i say that you are not alone... almost everyone has the same issues as you.  


    Feel free to reach out to me anytime!  Good luck and stick with it.  If it were easy it wouldn't be worth it!

  8. Here i am 6 days post op and I was sitting and talking to my fiancé this morning when she stopped mid-sentence and said... you don't snore anymore!  lol   :eek:


    Mind you i had severe sleep apnea pre-op AND snored like an amplified chainsaw!!!  For years she has been in the routine of (freaking out and) elbowing me in the side to start breathing again and watching the tv with subtitles on because of how bad i snored... you could literally hear me a room over!


    Anyone have any insight as to why i don't snore AT ALL anymore and even more importantly... why I DONT stop breathing in my sleep now?  Anyone else have this same outcome from surgery?  Did it come back??


    Don't get me wrong... me (and possibly the neighbors) are thrilled at the silence... but I'm curious!

  9. So I wanted to say that my surgery went very well and I'm at home 6 days out healing away!  Since i started dieting (pre-op) to now I'm down 44 lbs and going strong!  Im having a HECK of a time getting my water and protein amounts in... i swear i take a sip of something and I'm full immediately.  Every day it gets a bit better though!  I wanted to thank everyone for their encouraging words and support. It really helped me through it all.  Now.... let the games begin!   :D

  10. Jackiejo I've been on a low carb high protein diet for two weeks. On Friday I move to a liquid diet until my surgery. The surgeon requires it to soften the liver before surgery. I've already lost 19 lbs just from doing low carb high protein and God knows what I'll lose doing just liquids. I can assume another 15-20 lbs. whenever i diet I lose weight fast... It's keeping it off that has never stuck! Btw my surgery is the day after yours so we need to keep in touch!

    Thank you everyone for the encouraging words. I look forward to the journey and positive changes in my life. I'm super excited and nervous all at once!

  11. Hey shipmate!  Great progress, btw.  I stoked that this is what i have to look forward to in the near future.  Your pics give me hope!  I want to lose weight for sure but i am and always have been a big guy.  My shoulders and hands and feet and build in general are big... and to be honest i kinda liked that about me.  You look like we have similar structures and its nice to see that i can still be a big framed man but still get to a healthier and smaller weight!  


    And my Dr said the same thing about the sleeve vs bypass...  the bypass will have a better and more aggressive chance to get me where i want to be.  Its comforting to hear others are making the same choice and are getting the same advice as i am.  Go big or go home!


    Keep up the good work... you're doing great!

  12. Hi im Anthony and I'm new to this site and soon to be new to this life.  Ive gotten all my approvals and i have surgery in a few weeks... April 3rd to be exact!   Yay!! kinda... lol


    First and foremost, I'm super glad that i found this forum and so many of my questions have been answered from reading all of your supportive and honest stories.. so thank you all!


    About me... I'm an ex-sailor and a war vet.  Im in my mid thirties and pretty healthy.  In fact... i have no co-morbidities and am on no medications.  The only issue that i have is my weight.  The girls in the Dr office are thrilled because I'm just doing this as a preventative measure and to better my life.  The Dr is thrilled because i am low risk and healthy as a horse!  My family is crazy excited because this is a huge step into living a better and longer life!  


    Then there's me... Im the strongest person i know and am scared of NOTHING...until now.  Ive never been in the hospital and I've never had any sort of surgery before.  Yeah I've broken a few bones and to be honest i could care less about pain.  Like we always use to say: "Pain is just weakness leaving the body!!"  I don't know what it is... the surgery just scares the hell out of me!!!  I do want it... i really do.  I look forward to being a healthy weight and not having the lower back aches or having to pass on riding roller coasters.  lol  


    I guess the thing that keeps me up at night is this: other than my weight (which I've struggled with almost my entire life) I'm not really... broken (for lack of a better word) and what if this surgery... breaks me?


    Well thanks for letting me vent. I know its just my mind going 180 mph but it helps to get it off my chest.  My friends and family would totally understand but they all just assume I'm the normal hard @*# that i usually am and have no doubts or fears about it at all.  obviously thats not the case!


    "I'm just a duck on the pond... on the surface I look cool and calm, but underneath the water my feet are churning a mile a minute!"