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  1. I was never comfortable in a v-neck t-shirt before!
  2. just a quick before and after! 417 down to 188 in 3.5 years.
  3. Just reached 188lbs and feel great!
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    I'm weight training now. It's truly amazing what the body can do in just a few weeks!
  5. ToneCapone21

    3.5 years out! 228 lbs Lost

    It's been a great three years. I was stuck at 241lbs for almost a year now.... then I started a Keto lifestyle. It has gotten me over the hump and I feel AMAZING!!!! Im currently at 188 and can hardly believe it!
  6. I'm in the same boat as you, my friend. It's easy to celebrate and say...i did it! Then realize you've celebrated a bit too much. lol Back on the wagon i go and feeling great about it!
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    1 year 8 months post op

    Just an updated before and after... down 190 lbs
  8. From the album: 7 months out...

    Seven months and 150#'s down!
  9. i use premier pre mixed protein. The rest that i have tried were very gross in my opinion. And for vitamins i use bariatric fusion in mixed berry. two in the morning and two at night. good luck finding what works for you...its very different for everyone. I spent a lot of time and money finding the right fit for me.
  10. i take bariatric choice chewables. two in the morning and two at night... they have everything my doc recommended and my blood tests all came back perfect!
  11. From the album: 100# club!!!

    just keep swimming!
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    100# club!!!

    just a photo update
  13. i know that things took a drastic turn away from the initial post but i thought i would chime in here... i have lost about 115 pounds so far... and although I'm in my mid thirties i am recently fighting to control the libido of a teenager... This can and does happen and it can cause problems with the home life. being so big for so long i was pretty much use to having no drive... so was my girl. now that i have changed things are kind of off balanced between us. I'm hoping things meet a happy middle ground eventually... I'm only at my 5 month mark so this journey is still in its infancy... who knows what will happen.
  14. i found that not all compression shirts are made equal! i try them on now before i commit. a 2x is very snug in a t-shirt so thats the size of compression shirt that i buy if its under armour. if its starter or russell (walmart brands) then those sizes change DRASTICALLY. So.. now i always try them on first.
  15. i was exactly where you are and wondered the same exact thing... i also hated the response of "every one is different so i can't tell you" BUT... its true! And the stall thing is right. i have had two major stalls in 5 months and they SUCK but they also end. Plus you'll see that at the end of the stall you are slimmer... its just the scale that doesn't move. celebrate the non-scale victories too or you'll get yourself down. My first stall REALLY bummed me out but it ended and things picked back up again. Also, the weight loss will slow down eventually. after i hit -100 lbs i noticed i had to work harder to lose. its a marathon not a sprint. You're doing fantastic... keep it up! i noticed our stats are similar so if you ever have a question or need someone to talk to then feel free to message me any time.
  16. i swear by under armour heat tech compression shirts. i wear them as undershirts under my dress clothes for work and button ups on a daily basis. They wisk away sweat and keep everything where it needs to be! i personally buy them a size smaller than i wear in a normal shirt but you'll find that is just a matter of opinion.
  17. 106 lbs down... now thats a great B-day present!!!!! Its been a long journey so far (and i have a quite a bit to go) but i feel great!!! Just wanted to share my joy! Hows everyone else out there doing? Id love to hear from all of you!
  18. Congrats on this milestone... i keep some old pics of myself on my phone as a reminder of how far i have come! You look great!
  19. how awesome for you!!! i just recently hit the 100 lb club myself... i feel great!!!! congrats on your achievement! Im proud of you!