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  1. Need tough love

    Thank you- I really did need to hear that about the pretzels. I was so quick to justify them bc they weren't "as bad as a cookie" or something. My surgeon would be so upset if I got sick from a pretzel! i have a little boy- and getting him to eat protein is such a struggle! I so want to SHOW him how to be healthy
  2. Need tough love

    I had my protein drink for breakfast but ate foods that were not protein heavy or nutrition dense since. i stayed under 5g of fat and sugar but did not choose protein foods. I ate foods I shouldn't ever eat again! i had 8 pretzels, the tiny twists I pack in my husbands lunch. before that I had veggie chips, about an ounce - counted out. Again low in fat and sugar but not a good choice! why have I worked so hard to get to this point- 6 weeks after surgery- to eat stuff I don't need?! i have such guilt now! It was my first day back to work and I posted elsewhere that my hormones are going crazy- I have been in tears off and on all day. please give me some tough love- I don't want to waste this surgery or this period of learning and rapid weight loss! so sad with myself. I asked my husband to get rid of the snacks when he gets home...
  3. Dehydrated? TMI

    Ok that makes me feel better! I was just thinking last night how nice it was to not get up every 20 minutes when I'm trying to fall asleep lol ill keep working on my fluids and if anything else seems wonky I'll call...
  4. Dehydrated? TMI

    This is super odd and embarrassing so I thought I'd ask here before I called my surgeons nurse! im getting in 32 oz water, one 11 oz protein shake, and about one glass of noncaff no sugar tea. So about 50 oz? Almost to goal- I keep working at it. Maybe more depending on soup and stuff. when I woke up today I stopped in the bathroom as usual and barely urinated. It didn't look dark so I didn't think about it. Well that happened again this afternoon. Went before I headed out somewhere and nothing much came out. So vague lol but you know how much you normally go ya know? I'd already had one bottle of wTer and one shake, and it wasn't you know, orange or Amber colored so I didn't worry. Until it dawned on me that maybe it was dehydration? I was super dizzy Saturday night but brushed it off. Silly? Or def call the nurse? I just went back to work today lol
  5. Hormonal mess!

    i am all over the place lately. I am so so upset half the time, or crying bc of something on tv, or mad and bitter about old things. i regret the surgery half of the time and the other half I sing its praises. Today in particular I hate my new glasses, hate my ugly fat body, and want to wake up different. Needless to say none of this is normal me. The acne alone is enough to make me nuts. i did get the iud before surgery, after having not used birth control for years. How much of this is surgery/estrogen and fat loss and how much is iud? is this normal? I'm too old to feel like I'm 12 again :-/
  6. Ttc 12-16 months

    Thank you all for your honesty! i do remember the back strain with our first- and I was a good bit younger and lighter. Oy. Anything to ease that would be good lol im keeping increased fertility and health as a motivator for good decisions only
  7. Ttc 12-16 months

    i only had my surgery 8/10/15 so this is obviously not something I'll do immediately haha but when my surgeon said 12-18 months after surgery to ttc again, is that not so much in months but when weight loss has stabilized, is that right? i ask bc I noticed there are a number of people pregnant before the 12 month mark and wondered if my surgeon was just more conservative? Like a lot of women I had secondary infertility, due to weight/pcos. Had a miscarriage a year ago after two years of trying, and the only successful clomid cycle. That miscarriage was actually the catalyst for starting the wls process. wanting another baby so badly plus the feelings resurfacing from the miscarriage, plus our only child getting older makes it so hard to think about waiting another 15 months- even though it's something I signed up for! i have the iud so thankfully I can't let my emotions make the decision. And I want to be at optimal health if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant again. But the waiting for ttc is harder than any other waiting I've done in my life :-/ just needed to chat it out
  8. Dried mouth in the morning

    I don't really know if mine is auto- bc it starts at a 9, which is my setting. If I turn the ramp on (for comfort to fall asleep) it starts at a 4 and goes up to 9 in however long I designated. When I look up the model I have it says it's an auto cpap but mine doesn't seem to operate on that function... But I've been wrong once or twice before lol
  9. Nausea ?!

    I'm almost 4weeks out from my rny and I still need the zofran about every other day- it is a godsend for me. Hopefully you can get some relief soon!
  10. Dried mouth in the morning

    I am also having severe dry mouth when I wake up, struggle to open my mouth it's so bad- and only in the last 4 days or so. I do have a cpap, and this is interesting to read...bc it only happens when I've been sleeping with it on, and I haven't had dry mouth problems before with it (though I did have other problems ugh). I'm also getting notices from my cpap computer program that I'm not having a good mouth seal anymore (started with the dry mouth), when it was fine before. I assumed I started opening my mouth at night, but wondering if I'm opening my mouth due to the pressure being too much now. It was pretty mild before, so it would be great if I can get rid of it soon! Sorry to hijack op! I agree, it might be the pain meds!
  11. Protein powder makes me sick postop

    Small update- I'm still testing and trying! Quest peanut butter protein powder seems to be the only one so far that I can get and keep down. But I'm still grabbing samples and still trying! I appreciate all the suggestions- I read all of them multiple times!
  12. Cpap hard to use after surgery

    Wearing it while awake and watching tv helped, and I am finally able to wear it all night. Thanks for the help!
  13. Hi! A week post op, trying to get my protein in with shakes, and unflavored in soups. Bought lots of samples before surgery and liked most so I bought more sample packs for after surgery. Everything was going well until yesterday, when I was suddenly repulsed by the same shakes I had been drinking for a couple days. I've tried different milks/water to mix with, different ways to mix, having my husband mix it so I could not smell it before drinking, trying it in different soups etc. I gag so badly when I sip it I have to rush to the bathroom . I feel ridiculous, like my 5 year old when I'm trying to get him to eat his vegetables :-/ How else can I get my protein in? I have a week until I can get off of full liquids. Surely I'm forgetting something I could have Thx!
  14. Cpap hard to use after surgery

    Oh that makes sense! I have had such a sore throat since surgery- so I bet you're right, it's just adding irritation. I was able to use it a bit last night so hopefully as my throat heals, the machine gets easier. Im still getting used to cpap therapy in general- so this was just an added curveball I guess haha
  15. Hi So I had my surgery on Monday, 8/10- went really well, no complications post op or in recovery. The Friday before surgery I was given my first cpap after failing my sleep study. My pressure setting is at 9, so fairly mild. I wore it Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night with no problems, kept it on all night. The night of the surgery, my husband and the respiratory therapist set up my machine and I put it on and I was only able to wear it for about an hour. I tried the next night and I couldn't even tolerate it for 5 minutes. I felt like I was being suffocated and couldn't breathe. Last night was my first night home and I couldn't keep it on at all. I tried setting the ramp up for a long time, and I couldn't even handle the lowest setting of 4. I tried to nap with it a bit ago and i couldn't breathe at all- I had to pull it off after about two minutes. I'm going to contact my home equip respiratory therapist (the DME is actually run by the hospital where I had my surgery) as soon as they're open Monday. But what could be going on? Is this at all normal? Ugh. Thanks for any help