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  1. Hi, everyone! I haven't been on lately, feeling sort of guilty! I'm a recent newly wed -- so I've been a bit busy. Anyway, as of the last month or two, I've become very, very picky about food I eat. I used to be more health aware and now I barely eat anything unless it doesn't taste delicious. For example, my husband made steak, sweet potato and zucchini. I ate 2 pieces of steak and then ate all my sweet potato because I wanted to eat the butter with it. I'm not quite sure what's going on... I just don't like food like I used to. It's good because I don't seek food for comfort b
  2. Have you tried the Yoplait Greek Yogurt Whips? They're a bit high in sugar but don't have the texture of typical greek yogurt.
  3. Hi all, Happy almost Thanksgiving! Just wanted to share my NSV... I fit into a size 12 pants at Old Navy!!!!! SO excited!!
  4. So, I don't have a co-morbitiy and had a BMI of >40 for a period of time (literally like 6 months) and was approved 1st try. I was 100% sure that I was going to be denied... I almost cried when my doctor's office called. I have Aetna Open Choice PPO, btw.
  5. Hi everyone! I haven't been on in a while... work has been insane! At my 2 month post-op visit, my cholesterol was down 30 points, my good cholesterol was up 10 points, my BMI is down from 40 to 35 and all of my vitamins are within normal range... oh, and I'm down 27 pounds. It hasn't been easy but it's been worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I was told to take Miralax right after surgery but it made me want to vomit! I mix Benefiber (the tasteless and non-caking one) in my water each day and it helps in that department and you can't even taste it!!
  7. Hi! I, too, have Aetna. You have to complete 3 whole months (so like 4) with a nutritionist. I'm not sure about the PT part but every plan is different. They want to see that you're willing to make the lifestyle changes and will not penalize you. For me, I lost weight until the last month where I actually gained weight. When I lost weight, I was actually below the 40 BMI needed. However, even though I gained weight, I gained muscle. My NUT weighed me on a Tanita scale that showed overall fat, water consumption and so forth. I was petrified I was going to be denied but it all worked out
  8. Thank you... I did... except for yesterday. I decided to weigh myself at the mile markers. Yesterday I was one month post op (!!) so I did a weigh in. But now I'm so proud that I'm meeting my goals that it's worth it.
  9. I, too, right after the hospital seemed to lose a pound a day. However, I was also very dehydrated... be careful!
  10. I feel you! I felt the same way and I found that I was eating too fast so I literally set a timer for myself. I had to wait 2 minutes between bites... and the 2 minutes feels like 20! I also drink a shake with 30g of protein in the morning (Premier) that way I'm at least half of my 60-80g goal after breakfast. For some reason, ricotta cheese and string cheese go down best for me. Meats and beans are very tough and my sleeve definitely has the hardest time with them. I also get up and move around right after I eat (or I eat standing up)... I think it helps digestion but sitting makes it feel
  11. Thank you both! Sometimes it's just nice to hear... I've worked so hard that it's infuriating not to lose weight!!!
  12. I vomited yesterday from chicken and it was a slimey, hot mess.
  13. Hi everyone! Ok, from what I've read, around week 3, it is common to have a stall. Last week I was on a kick of losing like a pound a day but I was severely dehydrated. Now that I've replenished and am hydrated, my weight went up a bit but I haven't lost any weight since last week. From what I've read this is normal but it would help to just hear it again. My NUT wants me to be on NO pastas, breads, cereals, flours, etc and just focus on the protein. I've been good about it except the occasional bit of rice here and there. I'm worried that I'm messing myself up... AH! Thanks every
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